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Watch This Guy Prepare A Tiny Japanese Feast In A Miniature Kitchen

Miniature Channel is a Japanese YouTube channel devoted to cook edible food using cute miniature kitchen supplies. There are many videos, they make curry, tajine, eggs and bacon, and of course Japanese food. Here are some of their best Japanese miniature dishes.

Japanese Bar Turns Passed Out Drunk People Into Living Billboards

Video: Poking fun at passed-out drunk people is a global thing, but Japanese bar chain Yaocho took the joke to a different level. The sleeping drunks were framed inside a square of white tape and turned into a PSA billboard with the hashtag #nomisugi — too drunk — written on it.

Japanese Synchronised Walking Is A Thing, And It's Completely Nuts

For the same baffling reasons they do many other things, the Japanese have been competing in synchronised team precision walking since 1966. They call it Shuudan Koudou and, as you can imagine, they do it perfectly well and it looks perfectly crazy.

Siri Will Soon Handle Japanese, She Even Admits It

Go ahead and ask Siri what languages she speaks. Unlike a few weeks ago, her reply will now include Japanese. We mentioned that extra languages were going to be coming to the app soon — looks like Japanese will be the first to arrive. [9to5Mac]

Watch Time Pass With An LED-Illuminated Circle Of Blocks

No, it won’t make time go faster, but telling time with a series of connected LED-illuminated blocks does make counting the minutes a bit more enjoyable.

Every House Should Come Equipped With A Towel-Folding Robot

Handy robots are like the cute puppies of the world. No-one wants a stationery ‘bot, as much as they don’t want one of these. *shudder* Surely the golden retriever of the robot world is one that actually does household chores.

Watch This Car Drive Into Japan's Eerily Quiet Nuclear Evacuation Zone

This reporter films his journey into the evacuation zone around Japan’s troubled Fukushima nuclear plant. Normally crowded streets are empty but for a pack of dogs and a few flat-bed trucks carrying unknown cargo. A Geiger counter measures extremely high radiation.

Japanese Toilets Have Crazy Video Games To Play While Peeing

Sega has installed toilet games in bars and arcades across Tokyo. It’s called Toylet and games include measuring volume of urine, measuring power of stream, wiping a wall clean of graffiti and even controlling wind to lift a girl’s skirt up.

A View Of Tangled Telephone Wires In Japan

Andreas Gefeller, a photographer, took a series of pictures that show the ridiculously tangled telephone wires on the streets of Japan. It’s jarring how chaotic the wires look when they’re all you focus on.

A Smart Place To Put The Elevator Button

I’ve never thought about this before, but when your hands are tied up and you need to hit the button to call the elevator, isn’t it smarter to kick the button instead of elbowing it? Those clever Japanese!

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