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This Light Show In Tokyo Is Bewilderingly Pretty

Every year, the Caretta Plaza in Tokyo is adorned with an impressive light show to mark the end of another 365 days. This time, over 270,000 LEDs are being used to create an elaborate six-minute audiovisual light show that you can see in these images.

You Could Creepily Dress Your Pepper Robot Up Like A Doll

Pepper, the fast-selling humanoid robot that reads your emotions, can apparently also wear lots of cute outfits and hairstyles, like some sort of eerie, automated, joke-telling Barbie.

This Week, China Introduced Us To Robots Who Come From The Future

When it comes to futuristic androids, Asia’s got the scene on lockdown, especially China, Japan, and Korea. The World Robot Exhibition in Beijing was held from November 23 to 25. Here are some scenes from the show, as well as what our electronic, bipedal friends will look like in the near future.

A 120-Year-Old Building Damaged In Japan's 2011 Quake Is Reborn As This Beautiful Home

The Great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011 damaged over a million buildings in northeastern Japan. A century-old storehouse that barely survived has been redesigned into this gorgeous home — the Rebirth House, a symbol of both great architecture, and resilience.

The Weird, Sketchy History Of Internet Cafes

Internet cafes started as coffee shops where you could check email. But over the years, people turned them into dens for sharing pirated music, hotspots for video game addiction, and even temporary housing.

Magical Megaphone Instantly Translates Into Three Different Languages

Panasonic’s futuristic new gizmo may make airport employees’ lives a lot easier. It’s called the “Megahonyaku” (a portmanteau of “megaphone” and “translation” in Japanese), and it automatically spits out Japanese sentences into English, Chinese, or Korean.

An AI Program In Japan Just Passed A College Entrance Exam

An artificial intelligence program received such high scores on a standardised test that it’d have an 80% chance of getting into a Japanese university.

This Newly-Discovered Dwarf Planet Is The Most Distant Object In Our Solar System

V774104: That’s the name of the new dwarf planet astronomers revealed this week, and it’s three times as far away from the sun as Pluto. It’s the most distant object ever discovered in our solar system — and it could mean there are even more far-flung planets in our corner of the universe just waiting to be discovered.

Konami Developing A Metal Gear Solid-Inspired Prosthetic Arm For An Amputee Gamer

Twenty-five-year-old James Young, a passionate gamer, tragically lost his arm in an accident. Now one of the biggest video game companies around is working with roboticists and engineers to make James an amazing new limb inspired by one of his favourite series, and one of the greatest game franchises of all time.

Japan's First Ever Passenger Jet Just Took Its Maiden Flight

Japan doesn’t have a track record for manufacturing aeroplanes — but now its first ever domestic passenger jet has finally taken its maiden test flight.

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