Slightly Radioactive Drone Spotted On Japanese Prime Minister's Roof

There are plenty of things you might welcome on your roof: squirrels, tasteful weathervanes, Santa. But a radioactive drone probably isn’t one of them. Disturbingly, that’s exactly what was found atop Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Tokyo office Wednesday morning.

Meet The Humanoid Robot Greeting Retail Customers In Japan

The future is on display today in Japan, where retail workers will work alongside a talking humanoid robot to welcome customers at a major department store.

This Is How Robots Are Mapping Radiation At Fukushima

Deep within the abandoned shell of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, it’s too dangerous for humans to investigate — so it’s being inspected by robots instead.

The Beautiful Ancient Art Of Making Sake

Yoshida Brewery in northern Japan is a 144-year-old family brewery that makes sake the old-fashioned way. That is, they make sake in a way that preserves a 2000-year-old tradition. Erik Shirai made a beautiful short of the people at Yoshida and the process of making sake in his film The Birth of Sake, and it looks like it will be an incredible watch.

The Weirdest (And Coolest) Ceremonial First Pitch I've Ever SeenĀ 

Video: When Genki Sudo and his dance troupe World Order were invited to throw the ceremonial first pitch at a Japanese baseball game in Japan the crowd expected to see one of his famous robotic choreographies, and he didn’t disappoint them — well, maybe the actual throw could have been much better.

This Is Probably The Most High-Tech Cemetery In The World

The Ruriden columbarium, operated by the Koukokuji Buddhist Temple in Tokyo, is as futuristic as the capital of Japan itself. Believe it or not, this is a cemetery.

This Video Is Proof That Tokyo Is The Most Unique City In The World

Video: Japan can be both mystical and effortlessly modern but what makes the country so special is how unique it is. The chaos and quirks and creativity and energy of Tokyo all combine to create a city filled with things that exist no where else. Tokyo is an original and this video by Takuya Hosogane does a fantastic job in capturing that.

Black Bun Fried Frog Burger Looks Scary But Is Probably Delicious

Dayshot: Fried frogs can look frighteningly like failed science experiments and imagining eating them might conjure gooey liquid slime down your throat but they’re actually quite enjoyable to eat. Taste like chicken! So even though this black bun burger looks like it has disgustingly trapped a gross frog, I’m sure it tastes just fine.

These Guys Making Japanese Rice Paste Are Freaking Nuts

Video: I love mochi — the Japanese cakes made from rice that gets smashed into a gooey, elastic paste. I like all shapes and types, savoury or sweet, is one of my favourite things to eat. I know how it is made it but I never saw them doing them by hand. Crazy.

The Latest Fukushima Leak Was Unreported For Almost A Year

More reports, more mystery leaks, more questions about how little we really know about the incredible complexity of cleaning up a broken nuclear plant.