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A 3D-Printing Soap Suds Pen Takes Bubble Baths To The Next Level

Replacing desktop 3D printers with hand-held 3D-printing pens never quite lived up to the promise of letting users turn sketches into real-life objects. And that’s partly because 3D-printing pens aren’t as forgiving as this 3D Foam Pen that swaps melted plastic for soap suds.

I Had My Technology Blessed At An Ancient Japanese Shrine

The 1,286 year old Kanda Shrine, commonly known as Kanda Myojin, enshrines the guardian deities for 108 Tokyo neighbourhoods. Prayers to the dieties enshrined at Kanda Myojin are made for prosperity and success in business and protection against accidents and disasters. Even for your technology.

So did I take the opportunity to have my beloved electronics blessed by an ancient temple whilst visiting Japan, I hear you ask? Um, yes. Of course I did.

Why Did Japanese People Stop Performing Seppuku?

Seppuku, a highly ritualized form of suicide that involved cutting one’s own stomach, was once part of the bushido samurai code, and considered an honorable way to die and, until the 20th century, was quite common. So what happened? Why did this practice die out?

Pounding Rice For Mochi Requires Equal Parts Bravery And Skill

Video: Creating Mochi, a chewy Japanese dessert made from sticky mochigome rice, requires the ingredients to be first thoroughly pounded into a thick paste. You can use a machine to do it, or like these Japanese chefs, you can risk a broken finger by pounding it manually in a flawlessly choreographed routine.

Our First Solid Details About Japan's Next Godzilla Movie

Sure, we might have seen Shin Godzilla in action already, but even then, we didn’t actually know all that much about the King of the Monsters’ latest film. But now the first few details about Japan’s newest Godzilla film have arrived, including the fact that it’s a full reboot of the kaiju franchise.

There's An Actual Baby Named Naruto And Now Anime Is Real

Naruto Scott Murphy was born earlier this month at 5:23am in Titusville, Florida, to parents Devon Scott Murphy and Deedra Lee Newsome. The baby, whose legal name — and I cannot stress this enough — is Naruto, was of normal health, aside of course from the giant, mythical nine-tailed fox sealed inside him.

Japan's New Godzilla Looks Monstrously Beautiful In This New Art Book

The one thing that stands out about the new King of the Monsters on display in Shin Godzilla is how goddamn weird it looks. It’s recognisably Godzilla, but all gnarled and messed up in a way that looks quite unlike any take on Godzilla we’ve seen before. Which is why it’s always so fascinating to see, even in artwork.

This Train Ride Through Tokyo Is Totally Hitting The Hyperdrive

Video: Vroom. This video of Tokyo called Tokyo Aglow by Justin Tierney shows the city by rail and by road, offering an especially hypnotising take on an already electric city. The video accelerates the trains to hyper speed, and the effect bends the lights into what looks more like a trip through a space tunnel than a normal train ride.

Seeing Tokyo At Night From Above Makes It Look Like A City For The Machines

Video: It’s not the best way to capture the uniqueness of a city like Tokyo — all the way up in the sky, and away from the energy — but these aerial views are nice, because they show off the massive sprawl and the lighting of city life at night. There are just so many damn buildings everywhere. And it’s so crowded. And being so far removed from the life in the city, it almost looks like a city for the machines.

Just In Case You Wanted C3PO's Head To Cool Your Drink

This is actually a thing. A very #OnlyInJapan thing, but a thing nonetheless.

Here it is: A full scale replica of everyone’s 3rd favourite droid (BB-8 officially takes top billing with R2D2 now — it is known) that keeps your cans icy cold.

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