This Video Is Proof That Tokyo Is The Most Unique City In The World

Video: Japan can be both mystical and effortlessly modern but what makes the country so special is how unique it is. The chaos and quirks and creativity and energy of Tokyo all combine to create a city filled with things that exist no where else. Tokyo is an original and this video by Takuya Hosogane does a fantastic job in capturing that.

Black Bun Fried Frog Burger Looks Scary But Is Probably Delicious

Dayshot: Fried frogs can look frighteningly like failed science experiments and imagining eating them might conjure gooey liquid slime down your throat but they’re actually quite enjoyable to eat. Taste like chicken! So even though this black bun burger looks like it has disgustingly trapped a gross frog, I’m sure it tastes just fine.

These Guys Making Japanese Rice Paste Are Freaking Nuts

Video: I love mochi — the Japanese cakes made from rice that gets smashed into a gooey, elastic paste. I like all shapes and types, savoury or sweet, is one of my favourite things to eat. I know how it is made it but I never saw them doing them by hand. Crazy.

The Latest Fukushima Leak Was Unreported For Almost A Year

More reports, more mystery leaks, more questions about how little we really know about the incredible complexity of cleaning up a broken nuclear plant.

4G LTE-A Speeds Explained With 'Cooking Detonation Velocity Dumplings'

Japan’s mobile service provider DoCoMo has a way of explaining technology so anyone can understand, especially if you like dumplings. (And seriously, who doesn’t?) I can’t say for sure what’s happening in this video, but I do know that DoCoMo’s “premium” 4G can reach around 225Mb/s, by combining pork mince and cabbage… wait, that’s not right.

Japan Is Holding Actual Funerals For Sony's Robotic AIBO Dogs

When a decades old toy breaks down and stops working with no hope of repair, you usually just toss it or find some way to recycle the parts. But what if you’re as attached to that toy as you were a pet? In Japan, people are giving Sony’s robot AIBO dog actual funerals to say goodbye to their faithful, electronic companions.

Nobody Would Have Believed This Photo 70 Years Ago

Looking at this picture, it is hard to believe that the United States and Australia were in a bloody no quarter war against Japan only 70 years ago: Spot the Mitsubishi F-2 escorting a Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, the direct heir of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress bombers that obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

This Japanese Robot Feeds You Tomatoes While You Run

OK, it’s not exactly a robot — but I bet it’s still the craziest thing you’ve seen all day. Japanese juice and ketchup company Kagome built a freaking wearable tomato dispenser for a runner at the Japan Marathon this weekend.

Colour-Changing Rubber Sheets Show Areas Of Extreme Stress When Stretched

Researchers at Japan’s National Institute for Materials Science — or NIMS for short — have taken some inspiration from insects like beetles and butterflies to create a stretchable rubber-like material that changes colour under stress. As the material is stretched, it moves through a spectrum of shimmering colours that can be used to visually identify how much stress is being applied, and when it might be near its breaking point.

When You're Not Cleaning, This Self-Standing Vac Is Also An Air Purifier

What do you do with your vacuum in-between visits from your parents? Does it just sit in a utility closet until you need to do a mad-dash cleaning the day before company arrives? That seems like a waste, and Mitsubishi apparently agrees because the company has created a stick vac that does double-duty as an air purifier while it’s not being used to clean floors.