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Amazon Launches On-Demand Sommelier Service In Japan

Wine is slowly becoming popular booze in Japan — it’s even closing in on sake in terms of consumption. So Amazon Japan’s starting a new service to meet the need: On-demand sommeliers who booze hounds can call for wine-buying tips.

Sakurajima Volcano Erupts In A Spectacular Display Of Lightning And Lava

Earlier today, a volcano near the city of Kagoshima in Japan erupted, spewing lava and hurtling rocks nearly 3km away. The volcano is just 48km from the Sendai nuclear plant, but officials says there’s no immediate cause for concern.

The History Of Japan Explained In The Best Way Possible

Video: If we cancelled history classes in high schools across the world and replaced them with YouTube videos about history, kids would learn so much more. I just sat through this wonderful 10-minute video on the history of Japan by Bill Wurtz without even skipping ahead because it was so riveting, funny and fast paced. In fact, the video (as silly as it was) was so well done that it actually makes you want to learn more about the history of Japan (which you would do through Wikipedia rather than textbooks, of course).

Now Japan Has A Stealth Fighter Too

This is the X-2, Japan’s first domestically produced stealth fighter. Despite its not-so-stealthy paint job, it’s said to effectively avoid the gaze of enemy radar systems.

3D Cameras Will Help Tokyo Cops Take Futuristic Mugshots In Scary Detail

Soon, police stations could have a lot more dirt on you than just your fingerprints. Cops could soon be taking 3D mugshots that will give them unprecedented details of your face, and they will store it in a creepy nanny state database to help nail crooks.

Sensors Thinner Than Plastic Wrap Could Detect Breast Cancer

To beat cancer, early detection is crucial. Now, a team of Japanese and American scientists has revealed extremely thin sensors that could one day be built into skin-tight, tumour-detecting gloves for doctors, who can then share digitised findings with other physicians.

Leaked Snapchat Code Hints At New Voice And Video Chat Features

Snapchat’s in for a serious makeover, if these screenshots discovered in the mobile app’s existing code are to be believed.

McDonald's Is Selling Chocolate-Covered French Fries In Japan

Japan is a land of many weird things, and as such, its fast food creations tend to be dependably curious. The newest menu item at Japanese McDonald’s, for instance, involves French fries covered with multiple types of chocolate. They’re called “McChocolate Potatoes”.

Nothing Could Be More Relaxing Than A Zen Garden Puzzle That Becomes A Zen Garden

There are as many ways for people to relax as there are for them to get stressed. Some like to spend countless hours assembling puzzles, while others prefer the meticulousness of maintaining a beautiful zen garden. But imagine how relaxed you’d be doing both of those hobbies at the same time.

These Smart Glasses Are So Dumb They Make Google Glass Look Genius

Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and home to some of the most innovative companies that have ever existed. But today was not its finest day.

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