Tony Abbott Wants To Make Your Gadgets And Cars Cheaper [Updated]

Free-trade agreements are getting a bit of a bad wrap lately what with the overbearing Trans-Pacific Partnership looming ominously on the horizon. But Prime Minister Tony Abbott is championing a free-trade agreement with Japan that could make gadgets and cars made in the country cheaper for us Aussies to buy.

A Tiny Pharmacy Between Two Hulking Buildings

The architects of this tiny pharmacy in downtown Osaka didn’t have much to work with — just a skinny alleyway between two hulking buildings. But the resulting structure is so cool, it almost looks as though it was there first. You’d be surprised how far back it goes too, so click through for an aerial shot.

Fukushima Could Make Japan A Leader In Nuclear Cleanup Tech

The idea that a nuclear disaster could actually drive innovation is definitely a new way to look at Japan’s ongoing Fukushima debacle. But a new report from the AP does just that, suggesting that the long-term cleanup effort that Japan now faces will make it a world leader in decommissioning nuclear plants.

13 Gorgeous Travel Posters From 1930s Japan

These extremely rare, previously unseen travel posters make me want to travel back in time and visit a Japan of another era. These beautiful graphics were recently rediscovered, and they will auctioned off at the Vintage Movie Posters Signature Auction this month.

These Amazing Illustrations Are Like Google Maps For 1900s Japan

Many decades before satellites even existed, a Japanese cartographer named Hatsusaburo Yoshida was drawing cities as though he was floating thousands of feet above them. His vivid, colourful drawings are almost 100 years old now — but they’re just as exciting as they were in 1914.

Japan Makes Awesome Anime Of Its Latest Rocket Launch With NASA

Today the NASA and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) launched a Japanese H-IIA rocket with the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Core Observatory onboard. The joint mission will collect data to map global rainfall and snowfall every three hours. And there is an awesome anime about that. Because Japan.

This Video Shows How Japan Is A Mystical World Set In Modern Times

This video, shot and made by Scott Gold, plays like a dream. It depicts Scott and his wife’s trip to Japan in January but to me, it shows how Japan is maintaining its illustrious history and mystical culture amidst the fast paced, beep beep, every person cross the intersection right now modern world.

The Time The US Invaded A Japanese Submarine Base... In Alaska?

An absolutely fascinating but little-known story — described as a “forgotten theatre” by the US Navy itself — is the tale of Kiska and Attu, Alaska: two remote Aleutian islands where the Japanese military established a submarine base during World War II.

Game Of Thrones Set In Beautiful, Feudal-Era Japan Is A Beautiful Re-Imagining

Game of Thrones is one of the most beautiful shows on television because of its expansive sets, elaborate costumes (and lack thereof), obsession with detail, intimidating weather and anything dealing with the world of Westeros. It’s such a magnificent place that even if the characters disappeared I could watch the golden glow of King’s Landing and the snowy Northern truth clash. But what if Game of Thrones was set somewhere else? Could it be… more beautiful? If it was set in feudal Japan, it just might be.

Japan's Launching A Giant Net Into Orbit To Scoop Up Space Junk

Something must be done to deal with the estimated 100 million bits of man-made space junk circling the planet, and Japan is taking the lead. But can we do? Shoot it with a laser? Invent Wall-E-like robots to collect it? Nah… let’s just blast a big net into space.