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A Year Later, Fukushima's Radiation Is Still Fatal

What a difference a year makes: none. Reactor #2 at Fukushima Daichi is still leaking enough radiation to kill you.

Six More Fukushima Workers Overexposed To Radiation

TEPCO’s reported another six members of their emergency crew working in the perilous reactor room have soaked in radiation up to almost 500 millisieverts – nearly double the “allowable” amount, and the equivalent of 5000 chest x-rays. [Kyodo News]

Japanese Energy Crisis Forces Businessmen Into Horrible Hawaiian Shirts

With Fukushima offline, Japan’s in the midst of a serious energy crunch. To help turn down the juice suckage, the government is pushing Japanese salarymen to dress down. Way down. Cool (as in temperature, and nothing else) Hawaiian shirts: in!

Why Earthquakes Are So Hard To Predict

In an article originally published March 14th, New Scientist explains why earthquakes are so hard to predict, how seismologists have tried to foretell quakes in the past, and what promising approaches may lead to successful prediction in the future.

Japan Hit By Another Powerful Quake

A second earthquake—magnitude 7.4—has hit northeastern Japan, prompting a tsunami warning. The quake, strong enough to move buildings in Tokyo, hit 125km north of the devastated Fukushima plant, where officials are now checking for further damage. [BBC]

TEPCO Pulls Off Explosion-Averting Operation At Fukushima

Some rare good news: TEPCO reports their efforts to prevent another hydrogen explosion at Fukushima by pumping reactor No. 1 full of nitrogen is a success. How long this measure will hold off another dangerous buildup is unclear. [Kyodo News]

Japan's Rescue Robot Brigade Takes To Fukushima

In an environment as inhospitable as Japan’s wasted Fukushima nuclear plant, there’s no feasible way for humans to partake in salvage efforts. Which is why Japan has called on the services of 23 brave rescue robots to enter the heart of darkness.

Watch This Car Drive Into Japan's Eerily Quiet Nuclear Evacuation Zone

This reporter films his journey into the evacuation zone around Japan’s troubled Fukushima nuclear plant. Normally crowded streets are empty but for a pack of dogs and a few flat-bed trucks carrying unknown cargo. A Geiger counter measures extremely high radiation.

Japan Tells People Not To Drink Tap Water In Fukushima Prefecture

Japan’s Healthy Ministry has advised villagers near the nuclear plant to not drink the tap water because of radioactive iodine. Ministry spokesman Takayuki Matsuda said that radioactive iodine three times the normal level was found in water 30km away from the nuclear plant. The contaminated water is only one twenty-sixth of a chest X-ray and poses no danger, but it’s better to be safe at this point. [Washington Post]

Watch Giant Tsunami Wave Approach A Japanese Ship

In footage guaranteed to make your stomach drop, watch the tsunami wave approaching from the bridge of a Japanese ship. Although it is hard to believe, speeding straight into the 30+ foot wave is the safest way to approach a tsunami at sea.

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