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RENNtech Mercedes C63 AMG SPEC.R and Its Radar Jamming System Get a Test Drive

Jalopnik had the honour of test driving the RENNtech Mercedes C63 AMG SPEC.R. It’s a beautiful car, but one of the most interesting features is the radar jamming system built into the rear-view mirror.

Laser Star Allegedly Turns Your Clunker Into Invisible Asphalt Phantom

The Laser Star is new to the States, but it’s already made a name for itself in Europe as a cheap, effective way to jam police speed trap lasers. These demonstrations from Laser Jammer Tests show why. No fewer than four police-issue laser detectors were foiled by the Laser Star without so much as a hiccup. Regardless of your views on this kind of tech, it’s still amazingly cool how the Audi S4 in the videos is effectively invisible to the laser detectors. And when you aren’t fighting the man, Laser Star’s sensors help park the car too. Personally, I can’t wait to get one and recreate my favourite Vin Diesel scenes from The Fast and the Furious.

Phone Jammer Disguised as a Pack of Cigarettes

Flip the lid on this pack of Marlboro Lights, press the black button and all mobile phones in a 60-foot radius will go dead. Given how hard I am finding it to give up the weed, however, I would prefer a phone that stopped me from smoking. The price of silence? $950. [Red Ferret via Advanced Intelligence]

Palm-Sized Mobile Jammer Gives Public Gabbers the Smackdown

This is not the first cellphone jammer on the market and won’t be the last, but this $166 model is small enough to discreetly carry anywhere. It’s powerful enough for personal use, slam-dunking GSM calls within about a 30-foot radius. That might be just the range of earshot in a movie theater, unless there’s yelling involved. But there usually is. Don’t get caught, this can’t be legal. [Brando]

Personal Phone Signal Blocker Delivers Electronic TFSU

Fed up with clueless cellphone gabbing in public? Put an immediate stop to it with this Personal Cellphone Signal Blocker. Running on a portable battery that lasts three to four hours, this 6-ounce pocketable jammer (4″x1.85″x.71″) disrupts signals from GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS and 3G networks, and its manufacturer says it can do this miracle within a radius of…uh oh, get this: 2 to 40 feet.

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