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Neurosurgeon Critiques Latest Bond Film's Grasp Of Brain Surgery

The James Bond franchise is entertaining and lucrative, but it’s not a very good way to learn about anatomy. That’s the conclusion of a neurosurgeon, who noticed that Spectre, the latest film in the franchise, fails rather spectacularly in its depiction of practical neurosurgery.

Watch The Truly Extreme Stunts And Tricks That This Helicopter Does

Video: The opening sequence of the latest James Bond movie Spectre involves explosions, a chase scene, a well tailored suit and a fight scene inside a totally insane helicopter ride. This behind the scenes footage shows how batshit some of those tricks and maneuvers were. The helicopter purposely dives itself into a group of people on the ground, almost crashes into them, and then soars up at the very last second for added dramatic effect. I would have fainted if I was there.

18 Things You Might Not Know About James Bond

Men want to be him (or kill him), women want to sleep with him (or kill him) – it’s none other than the international secret agent himself, James Bond.

Every James Bond Gadget In A Single 16-Minute Video

Video: After the all important tuxedo, martini and gun, if there’s one thing James Bond never travels without, it’s a good gadget. This super-cut show every gizmo that Bond has ever used.

CEO's Swiss Alps Estate Is A Dope James Bond Villain Hideout

Want to spend a few minutes living vicariously through a multimillionaire whose 007-inspired villa feels like the awesome digs of a real-life Spectre villain? Then scope out VisaJet CEO Thomas Flore’s Swiss villa, which appears in the new issue of T magazine from the New York Times.

All Of James Bond's Travel Destinations On A Single Interactive Map

James Bond gets about at bit, in more ways than one. This interactive map shows where the spy has travelled to across all the movies in the franchise to date. He must’ve used a stack of (fake) passports.

My Afternoon With James Bond's Amazing Spy Vehicles

I grew up with James Bond. That’s not really an exaggeration. I remember proudly telling my babysitter I’d been watching the films for years. My favourite parts: the chase scenes. So when I went to London last month and discovered Bond in Motion, a museum exhibit filled with actual Bond vehicles, I drooled a bit. And then I started snapping pictures. 56k warning: images ahead!

How Many People Have All The James Bond Killed In All The Movies?

A tuxedo, a martini, and a gun. Good looks, charm, and always so impossibly cool. That’s James Bond. Also James Bond: a dude who totally abuses his licence to kill and offs a lot of people in his movies. Auralnauts did their always fun kill count and showed all the deaths that all the James Bond have caused.

Stan Has Every Bond Film Ever! Here Are Their Top 10 Picks

The longest running action film franchise ever, we’ve been thrilled by the antics of Agent 007 for 53 years. Now you can catch Mr Bond, James Bond anytime, anywhere on Stan.

Everyone has their own top 10 Bond films. Here Stan’s resident Bond expert’s picks — what are yours?

Everyone Thinks Sam Smith's New Bond Tune Is Rubbish

We’re just weeks away from the release of the latest James Bond epic Spectre, and now we know what the theme music will be. This time around the film-makers have opted to commission Sam Smith (the singer, not the beer as everyone knows that Bond drinks Martinis), and he’s come up with a track titled “Writing’s On The Wall”.

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