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A familiar Star Wars actor is confirmed for Episode VIII. Daniel Craig's future with the Bond franchise is still up in the air. The men behind Game of Thrones probably won't return if HBO makes a spinoff. Plus, a look at a weird new Russian alien invasion movie, and new images from Guillermo Del Toro's new animated series. Spoilers!


More rumours about the next Bond director might shore up those recent casting rumours. The Predator's co-writer compares the new film to Aliens. Comics writer Mark Millar's latest movie project gets some writers. Plus a new look at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child's Malfoys, and new images from Game of Thrones. To me, my spoilers!


Bryan Singer reveals a disappointing secret from X-Men Apocalypse. The Walking Dead begins casting a big character from the comics. Another actor has already met with James Bond producers about the role. Plus, new pictures from the set of Power Rangers and more footage from Independence Day: Resurgence. Spoilers now!


The rumours have been swirling for ages — and even Craig himself has been hilariously vocal about it — but after a decade of killing under licence, Daniel Craig may be done with James Bond. (That is, if highly speculatory reports are to be believed.)


So you think you know everything about James Bond? No? Well, that's fair enough. Even if you were Ian Fleming himself I'd have questions, the first being "How did you get out of your coffin?" Anyway, let's move away from the necromancy, to the romance of Bond, James Bond... and a bunch of things you probably didn't know about the pop culture icon.


No, Daniel Craig did not do all his stunts. On Spectre, a professional car stunt team choreographed every corner and drift and jump. British-born ex-rally driver Mark Higgins drove the Aston Martin DB10 in Spectre's night-time chase scenes in the heart of Rome, which end in a massive jump into the Tiber river.


And while you're at it, don't expect an Einstein and Miller X-Files spinoff. There's more talk that Daniel Craig is done with James Bond. Powerless adds three more stars to its cast. Plus Rhet Rheese offers an update on Zombieland 2, and Krysten Ritter hopes Jessica Jones might appear in Infinity War. Spoilers!


£2,434,500. That's what the only public sale of the Aston Martin DB10 driven by Daniel Craig's James Bond in Spectre sold for, at an auction at Christie's in London overnight. That money, nearly $5 million, goes straight to Médecins Sans Frontières, and the DB10 goes straight into the garage of one lucky car collector.