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Daniel Craig Would No Longer Rather Slit His Wrists Than Play James Bond Again

Is it a true change of heart or is he just psyching himself up to say yes to the dump truck of money the franchise gives him?

More Details On A Fallen Hero's Return To Arrow

A familiar Star Wars actor is confirmed for Episode VIII. Daniel Craig’s future with the Bond franchise is still up in the air. The men behind Game of Thrones probably won’t return if HBO makes a spinoff. Plus, a look at a weird new Russian alien invasion movie, and new images from Guillermo Del Toro’s new animated series. Spoilers!

Report: Sony Really Wants Daniel Craig To Continue Playing James Bond

If rumours are true, Sony Pictures may have backed up the proverbial dump truck of cash to Daniel Craig’s house. According to Radar Online, the company has offered the actor $US150 million ($197.7 million) to play James Bond two more times.

13 Movies That Went Disastrously Over Budget

When you look at history, there are a lot of sad cautionary tales about films that spent way too much. Here are 13 movies that went disastrously over budget.

Which Other DC Character Could Jim Gordon Evolve Into On Gotham?

Some of Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s undisclosed roles are finally disclosed. Idris Elba denies all those James Bond rumours. The Aquaman movie finds itself a writer (again). Plus, John Barrowman talks up a potential Torchwood return, and new looks at Outcast and Once Upon a Time. To me, my spoilers!

James Gunn Addresses Those Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Cameo Rumours

Tom Hiddleston talks about James Bond. Norman Reedus continues to hype up The Walking Dead‘s return. The Star Trek TV show adds a franchise veteran to its writing team. Stephen Amell teases the CW/DC TV universe’s four-way crossover. Plus, Paul McGann wants to return to Doctor Who. Spoilers now!

Here's When You Can Expect To Return To Twin Peaks

More rumours about the next Bond director might shore up those recent casting rumours. The Predator‘s co-writer compares the new film to Aliens. Comics writer Mark Millar’s latest movie project gets some writers. Plus a new look at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child‘s Malfoys, and new images from Game of Thrones. To me, my spoilers!

Sam Mendes Won't Direct Another James Bond Film

After directing two instalments of the franchise back to back, Sam Mendes is stepping back from James Bond. The director of Skyfall and Spectre confirmed his departure earlier today at the Hay festival, according to the Guardian.

Could A Future X-Men Film Bring The Original Cast Back?

Bryan Singer reveals a disappointing secret from X-Men Apocalypse. The Walking Dead begins casting a big character from the comics. Another actor has already met with James Bond producers about the role. Plus, new pictures from the set of Power Rangers and more footage from Independence Day: Resurgence. Spoilers now!

Daniel Craig Might Finally Be Done With James Bond

The rumours have been swirling for ages — and even Craig himself has been hilariously vocal about it — but after a decade of killing under licence, Daniel Craig may be done with James Bond. (That is, if highly speculatory reports are to be believed.)

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