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A Beginner's Guide To Portable Bluetooth Speakers For Your Phone Or Tablet

Gizmodo Video Guide: Bluetooth speakers provide richer sound than your phone, so they’re perfect for parties at home or hanging out at the beach. And with brands like Beats, UE Boom and Jabra all competing for your dollars, there’s lots of attractive speakers to choose from.

Check Out Jabra's Sweet-Sounding Multitouch Headphones

Jabra has announced a new line of headphones that make a solid case for leaving your phone in your pocket. The bluetooth Jabra Revo Wireless headphones let you control your music with just a tap to the ear.

Jabra Solemate Review: This Fresh-Looking Bluetooth Speaker Won't Party

Jabra’s new Solemate Bluetooth speaker looks like the fancy sneakers your favourite rappers wear. But does it sound good and — more importantly — can it party?

Craig Alexander: The Technology Behind An Ironman

The public vision of any triathlete is that it’s all bulging muscles, seriously hardcore events, sunshine and the occasional dip into a pool of Nutri-Grain for poorly-defined reasons. As world champion Craig Alexander explained yesterday, there’s quite a bit of technology that goes into it as well.

The Best Bluetooth Headset

You know those jerks that walk around with little satellites coming out of their ears, feeling all superior? Well, you could be one of them! And why not be be the most superior one, with the most superior headset?

Jabra Supreme: If You Can't Follow The Converstion, Get Your Hearing Checked

Active Noise Cancellation technology is a wonderful thing — assuming you could afford the high-end stereo headphones they’re normally found on. But now, that same crystal-clear sound is coming to Bluetooth headsets with the Jabra Supreme.

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone Bumps Surround Sound

The Jabra Freeway Speakerphone is the first of its Bluetooth speakerphone brethren to use a three speaker-system to pump out Virtual Surround Sound via Bluetooth. It’s smart too, the Freeway automatically turns on when a car door is open and pairs itself with the driver’s phone.

Jabra Stone 2 And Jabra Freeway Speakerphone Launching This Month

If you like the idea of a Bluetooth headset but hate the idea of having a boom mic strecthing out across your jawline, the sequel to the popular Jabra Stone earpiece, the Stone 2, is set to launch in Australia this month.

Jabra Stone2: The Least Stupid-Looking Bluetooth Headset Is A Little Smarter

If you’ve got an almost elegant Bluetooth headset that feels as un-silly as the Stone, how do you change it for the inevitable sequel? Make it smarter.

Jabra Stone Now Available In Australia

Not that Bluetooth headphones are exciting or anything anymore, but the Jabra Stone – which the US guys reviewed back in October – is unique enough to be interesting. And it’s now available in Australia through JB HiFi.

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