ABC iView Has Changed: Here's What's New

A new age dawns today. We enter the age of ABC iView: version three. Here’s what’s new in the redesigned and souped-up version of the national broadcaster’s streaming platform.

ABC iView Getting An Android App In December

Rejoice, ABC Androiders! You will be officially welcomed out of the cold and into the iView family in December with an app to call your very own.

ABC To Air Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode Live

Australia’s ABC will now officially be getting in on the global television event that is the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who, promising to show it live on ABC 1 at the same time as the rest of the world.

You Won't Believe How Hardcore Stephen Conroy Is For Doctor Who

Remember Stephen Conroy? He’s a former Communications Minister, occasional internet censorship proponent and avid Whovian. We already know that he tracks the exploits of The Doctor closer than anyone else in government, but his nerdiness actually saw him pressuring the head of the ABC over the future of the series.

Every Aussie Social TV App To Enhance Your Viewing Pleasure

TV ratings season is about to be upon us and Australia’s TV networks are rolling out the big guns when it comes to programming. This year it’s all a little different, however, because every network has some form of second screen app, social app or catch-up app to get you closer to the action.

ABC Confirms No Early iView For Doctor Who


Foxtel Still Doesn't Understand The Meaning Of The Word 'Fast'

In 2012 we saw the ABC redefine the very meaning of the phrase “fast track” when it came to content, by bringing the new season of Doctor Who from the BBC in the UK to our shores within the space of an hour. Despite incredible feats like this, Foxtel — Australia’s premier pay TV network — still doesn’t seem to get it, forcing Aussies to wait seven days before being able to see the latest season of Top Gear UK.

Did You Get Up This Morning To Watch The Latest Doctor Who On iView?

Well, here it is. It was the story of last week at Gizmodo Australia, with many readers declaring the ABC’s efforts to screen the popular sci-fi series within an hour of its UK showing enough to dissuade them from seeking it via torrents. So, how many of you ultimately got up at five in the morning today to watch it?

Why Doctor Who On ABC iView Won't Matter

Today we got some fabulous news. News we’ve been looking forward to for months. The tipping point: the ABC decided to stream a major show online before it sent it out over the airwaves on traditional channels. It’s a huge win for fans of cult sci-fi mainstay Doctor Who, and it’s going to go a long way to solving the piracy problem when it comes to importing television, but it’s still not going to solve the problem that is Australians pirating the show. Here’s why.