Change Video Thumbnails In Windows For A Neater Media Library

If you have a lot of video content stored on your PC then the default thumbnails can leave folders looking disorganised and make sorting through your movies and TV shows more difficult. With a simple hack, you can set the thumbnails for each video yourself to show the official DVD cover, movie poster or any other standard-sized image.

The TV Casting Wonder App Allcast Is Finally Here For iOS

Allcast has been making content-sharing to televisions a breeze for Android users for more than a year now. Finally, that glorious swipe-to-share app is available for iPhones and iPads.

Apple Offers 14 Day iTunes App Refunds (But Not In Australia)

Apple’s quietly adjusted the Terms and Conditions for iTunes sales, allowing for a fourteen day refund window… but only in Europe. Don’t hold your breath for the same kind of deal down under.

Here's Apple's Best Of 2014 For Australia

Every year, Apple comes out and names its “Best Of 2014″. The music, movies, TV shows and apps it thinks rose above the competition for a particular year. The list has now been localised for Australia. Here’s what took out top honours in 2014.

FingerKey Lets You Log In To Your Mac With TouchID

Apple loves giving its new gadgets TouchID. Apple loves it so much, sometimes it’s the only thing it adds, but Macs have yet to receive any TouchID love. That’s where FingerKey steps in.

There's Now A Game You Can Play Right In iOS 8's Notification Center

Now that Apple has finally introduced widgets for iOS 8′s Notification Center, we’re starting to see some great ways to quickly access important info on our iPhones. But a few clever developers are pushing those widgets beyond just notifications. A new iOS game called Overglide can actually be played directly from your iPhone or iPad’s Notification Screen, without even having to unlock your device.

Report: Beats Music Will Fold Into iTunes As Music Sales Plummet 

The Wall Street Journal reports digital music sales in Apple’s iTunes will be down 13 to 14 per cent in 2014. That’s a huge hit to the recording industry’s brightest spot.

Clickhole Congratulates You On Your Terms Of Service Speed-Reading

How many times have you clicked “Agree” to the thousands upon thousands of words in iTunes terms of service agreements after just a few seconds? Twenty times? Fifty? Man — that is some world class speed-reading.

Report: Redesigned iTunes Store Will Be As Flat As iOS 8

As well as a bunch of new iPads and the launch of OS X Yosemite, Apple is likely to roll out an updated version of its iTunes storefront this week, according to Apple Insider. Check out an early look in these screenshots.

5 Smart Playlists That Make iTunes Worth Using

One of the few advantages iTunes (and Winamp and Windows Media Player) has over Spotify, Rdio and other streaming services is support for smart playlists. Thanks to the wealth of metadata stored by Apple’s digital content behemoth, you can juggle your tracks around in all kinds of ways.