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Striking Maps Show The Devastation Of Italy's Huge Earthquakes

To help understand just how destructive earthquakes can be, researchers could spend years examining the aftermath. But displaced residents need to begin cleanup, and return to their homes, as soon as possible. So researchers at Brigham Young University came up with a way to preserve the destruction caused by an earthquake so it can be studied indefinitely.

Deadly Earthquakes Turned Central Italy Into A Terrifying Pile Of Rubble

A magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit Norcia in central Italy early this morning, followed by some 40 more aftershocks over the course of three hours. The quakes affected towns throughout the Umbria, Lazio and Marche regions. Italian wire service ANSA is currently reporting 73 dead.

Archaeologists Discover Skeletons In Ancient, Ransacked Shop Near Pompeii

Pompeii is already an archaeological gold mine, but a rare discovery this week in the ancient city has added to that collection.

Satellite Photos Show Christo's Floating Walkway As It's Being Built

This past weekend, Bulgarian-American artist Christo unveiled his latest piece — a 3km floating walkway across an Italian lake. New satellite photos show how this ambitious work of art was put together.

What The Hell Is A Giallo Movie, And Why Should You Watch One?

Last week, Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn added 1972 giallo film What Have You Done to Solange? to his production company’s list of cult-movie remakes. Deep-cut horror nerds were intrigued by the news. But more casual genre fans wondered: “WTF is a giallo, exactly?” Luckily, we’re here with all the answers.

Hilarious Tour Guide Teaches You To Speak Italian With Your Hands

Video: If you’ve seen The Sopranos or met someone from Italy you know Italians love to talk with their hands. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just a collection of randomised arm flapping and emphatic gestures! Italians have a whole vocabulary of hand movements to quickly (or quietly) convey what they mean.

Italy Wants The United Nations To Recognise Its Pizza As A Protected Landmark

Along with the Pyramids in Giza and the Colosseum, Italy has asked the United Nations to add another item to its list of protected landmarks: Pizza.

Counterfeiters Have Been Painting Expired Olives To Sell Them

A sting operation in Italy has yielded an unlikely cache of loot: Over 85,000 tonnes of freshly painted green olives that police just seized from food counterfeiters.

Despite Tim Cook's Trashtalking, Apple Will Pay Italy $348 Million In Back Taxes

Apple, like many other companies, is infamous for funelling money through its European headquarters in Ireland and benefitting from a lower tax rate. Well, Italy’s had enough of it, and Apple just agreed to pay the boot-shaped country $US348 million in back taxes. Tim Cook must be pissed.

Robotic Critters Make Excellent Rescue Dogs

DARPA’s BigDog is a four-legged robot that’s too noisy for covert ops on the battlefield. But a different beast-inspired bot from Italy could have use elsewhere: Its legs allow it to trek through tough terrain in disasters, and springs up if it gets knocked over.

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