Italy Wants To Turn Its Old Bridges Into Inverted Skyscrapers

Southern Italy is dotted with hulking aqueducts that went out of service years ago. In an attempt to find a new use for the structures in lieu of tearing it down, the government held a competition. One of the winning designs will blow your mind.

The Most Haunted Place In The World Is For Sale

Like ghosts? Then you’ll love Poveglia, a small, deserted island in the Venetian lagoon that’s going on the auction block next month. It’s been called “the island of madness”, “Hell” and “the most haunted place on Earth”. You’d just love it to pieces.

The Mob Is Secretly Dumping Nuclear Waste Across Italy And Africa

Organised crime is famously good at exploiting time-sensitive industries like construction, fishing, and — of course — garbage removal. But revelations about millions of tons of toxic waste buried haphazardly and illegally by the mob are causing an uproar in southern Italy, where cancer rates are nearly 50 per cent higher than the average in certain areas.

Giant Boulder Destroys Building In Italy

Capricious Mother Nature destroyed a building with a giant boulder in northern Italy, with an even bigger boulder missing a three-storey farm house by a just centimetres, stopping right at its main entrance.

A Hand-Built Amusement Park In The Middle Of The Italian Forest

A documentary called Ai Pioppi, released by Fabrica, directed (and scored) by Coleman Guyon and written by Luiz Romero, documents the incredible story of Bruno, an Italian restaurateur who, in his spare time, is hand-building an entire amusement park in the woods.

Australians Help Preserve The Tower Of Pisa With Detailed 3D Scan

A team of Australian researchers recently climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa with a 3D scanner and came back with the most detailed map of the building ever. At first you might think that the beautiful results were meant for a museum, but this detailed scan will help scientists protect it from ruin.

A Century-Old Roman Palazzo Grows A Faceted Glass-And-Steel Parasite

We’ve talked about top-down demolition, where buildings are deconstructed one floor at a time, ending at the ground. But a newly completed building in Rome, by Italian studio Fuksas, puts a twist on the concept: the old building’s facade was perfectly preserved.

Venice's Beachfront Balconies Look Like Boxes Of Candy

“Behind the Edge” is an eye-popping series by photographer Luigui Bonaventura, who shoots the brightly-hued balconies of hotels in Jesolo Beach, a small coastal town outside of Venice. The pastel facades look like meticulously arranged boxes of salt water taffy.

Don't Mistake This Ski Resort For The Actual Mountain

The Slow Horse is a hotel in a tiny ski town, which is fitting. It mimics its mountainous Northern Italy setting so closely it wouldn’t belong anywhere else.

Monster Machines: Plane Converted Into The World's Most Stylish UAV

Dubbed the P.1HH HammerHead, this UAV is the result of a collaboration between Piaggio Aero and Selex ES based on the P-180 Avanti II, a twin-engine turboprop. The Avanti II is primarily utilised as a business jet with a 1400nM range, though a “Special Mission” piloted derivative is also available for both emergency response and military operations.