Monster Machines: Iran's New Uranium Production Facility

Taking a page from the North Korean Handbook for Successful International Diplomacy, Iran has recently announced that it is inaugurating a new addition to its Ardakan Yellowcake Production Plant. The facility will handle the processing of the 60 some-odd tonnes of uranium excavated from the nearby Saghand uranium mine after the latest international round of unsuccessful nuclear negotiations. Because this isn’t going to inflame tensions or anything.

An Iranian Scientist Has Invented A Time Machine (So He Says)

Ali Razeghi, an Iranian scientist who is the managing director of Iran’s Centre for Strategic Inventions, has done something only the great Doc Brown has done: he’s created a time machine. But unlike Doc’s DeLorean, Razeghi’s “The Aryayek Time travelling Machine” can only take you to the future. What are we waiting for? Let’s go!

A Visual Breakdown Of How Iran Censors The Internet

What does a hierarchy of online censorship look like? In Iran, a lot like this. Design studio Hyperakt worked with the Iran Media Program to make this graphic of all the ways Iran suppresses information on the internet.

Iran's Blocking VPNs To Tighten Its Stranglehold On The Internet

Iran and the internet don’t exactly get along. Between trying to shut down all Google services and replacing YouTube with a state-sponsored clone, Iran has been making moves to make its intranet the place to be. By blocking everything else. Until now, tech-savvy and internet-loving Iranians have been able to use VPNs to get out into the internet wilds, but no longer.

Iran Photoshops New Fighter Jet To Make It Look Like It's Flying

Oh, Iran. Your Qaher 313 stealth fighter jet sure looks intimidating, but it will never get off the ground. So why do you insist on tricking everybody into thinking that the beast can fly? Iran has photoshopped the Qaher 313 onto a stock image of Mount Damavand to make it look like its flying.

Iran Is Mass Producing Knock-Offs Of The US Drone It 'Downed'

Iranian state television reports that the country’s military has not only successfully decrypted surveillance video from the US military’s Scan Eagle drone “captured” last December but have reverse engineered the avionics and are now rolling out a domestically-produced version of its own.

Iran Shows Decoded Video From Captured American Drone

If this is what it looks like, this is bad for everyone who isn’t Iran: after claiming the capture of a downed, super-advanced American drone in 2011, we now have what looks like decoded video straight from its brain.

Why Iran's New Indigenous Stealth Fighter Will Never Get Off The Ground

On February 1, 2013, Iran unveiled its indigenous fighter jet named “Qaher 313″. The prototype of the Q-313 (or F-313 according to the stencils applied to the aircraft), was presented to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and publicly displayed as part of the Ten-Day Dawn ceremonies held in Iran to celebrate the 1979 victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Iranian President Wants To 'Sacrifice' Himself In Space For Iran

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has a serious resume: nuclear fearmonger, snazzy dresser, Israel-denier, and soon, maybe, his country’s first astronaut.

Iran Just Sent A Monkey Into Space

Sky News is reporting that Iran just took a major step towards its goal of achieving manned space flight — by firing a monkey into space.