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We're Running Out Of Internet

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally going to run out of internet. Back in 2011, we warned that this web reckoning was upon us, and now we have a more substantial timeframe. According to The Wall Street Journal, we’ll be fresh out of IP addresses in the next few months.

China's Internet Architecture Gives The Rest Of Us A Run For Our Money

In a lot of ways, China’s internet isn’t the sort of internet you want to be using. It’s ridiculously censored, for example. But in other ways, it’s way better than the stuff we have over here. According to a recent report from the New England Complex Systems Institute, China’s ‘net infrastructure is head and shoulders above what we’ve got here in the west.

Happy 30th Birthday, Internet!

Oh, Internet. What can we say about such a loyal and knowledgable friend that has been with us for such a long time? What did we ever do before you were in our lives? Read books, I presume. Blerch. Anyway, it’s the 30th birthday of the internet we know and love today. INTERNET PARTY IN HERE!

FBI: IPv6 Could Shield Criminals From Police

The new internet — or at least, the new IP protocol that allows the internet to work — rolled out earlier this month. Shiny and new, it’s the future of our online lives. But US law enforcement agencies are worried that it could be abused in intriguing new ways by online criminals.

The New Internet Starts Now

A whole new version of the internet is about to take over. Internet Protocol version 6 is here to save us from the dwindling number of IPv4 addresses. If everything seems the same as before, rejoice!. That means everything went to plan.

Telstra Starts Deploying IPv6 Addresses (But Not Directly For You)

A brief release this afternoon from Telstra notes that it’s now deploying IPv6 addresses. Hurrah! We don’t have to run out of addresses any more! Except that… hmm… it’s only for enterprise, government and wholesale customers for now. It could mean big things if your internet service comes through a Telstra reseller, though.[Telstra]

Test Your Browser's IPv6 Readiness With A Simple Web Page

In preparation for World IPv6 Day, Google’s set up a simple test page to allow users to check whether or not their current browsers, systems and networks are set up to handle the impending changeover.

All Our Lightbulbs Will Have IP Addresses

When we remarked that home automation technology was a reason we needed iPv6 technology, we weren’t kidding. If Netherlands-based NXP has it their way, we’ll all be using networked LED lightbulbs, each with their own IPv6 address.

Mobile Phones Will Drive The Transition To IPv6

The era of IPv6 is almost upon us. And in an interview with Gus over at Lifehacker, Tesla driver and Internode top dog Simon Hackett explains how it will be mobile phone use that will drive the move to IPv6 more than anything else:

Ask LH: What Does The IPv6 Transition Mean To Me?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve heard that we’re running out of IP addresses and we need to switch to a new system called IPv6, but I don’t understand any of it. What does this all mean for the internet and for me? Signed, Infinitely Perplexed

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