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This iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Case Promises To Resurrect The Headphone Jack

“Bring back the audio jack.” That’s the tagline used by a line of phone cases for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus that promises restores the 3.5mm headphone jack that Apple removed from the new handsets. The creators of the Fuze Cases also claim their product can double the phones’ battery life. Read on to find out more.

iPhone Smart Battery Case Review: I Can't Believe I Don't Hate It

My initial reaction to Apple’s expensive new iPhone battery case was in step with the everyone else’s: It looks like it has a tumour. But what I discovered after using it for a full day is it’s actually surprisingly great.

Behold Mophie's Mil-Spec Waterproof Battery Case For The iPhone

Mophie has long made some of the best backup batteries and battery cases you can get. The company’s upgrading its line of Juice Pack cases for the iPhone with a new model that’s waterproof. Not even a toilet can conquer your iPhone now.

Are There Any Non-Terrible iPhone 6 Cases?

Smartphone cases are the devil’s handiwork. We know that. But that still doesn’t change the fact that, until our phones magically become 100 per cent scratch proof, we’re more or less forced to wrap our phones in the wretched things. We’ve already looked at the iPhone 6 Plus, and now it’s time to outfit the smaller model. Have you seen any decent iPhone 6 cases out there?

FLIR ONE Camera Review: Yep, iPhone Predator-Vision Is Awesome

Do you want to have Predator heat vision? Heck yeah you do. And now you can! On your phone. And if you can forget about the price, it’s one of the most fun things you can do with an iPhone case.

This Might Be The Worst Idea For An iPhone Case Ever

I’m not saying you shouldn’t rock an Attack on Titan mobile phone case in the shape of the 3D Manoeuvring Device’s controller from the show. By all means, let your otaku flag fly. All I’m saying is don’t pull this thing out on the train if you don’t want get arrested and/or shot. Because it looks exactly like an IED detonator.

Mophie Space Pack Review: All The iPhone Storage You Need (Plus Bulk)

Mophie invented the battery-charging iPhone case aeons ago, saving legions of email addicts from midday phone death. With its new Space Pack case, Mophie hopes to once again give iPhone users something they have never had before: extra storage space.

This Slim iPhone Case Works Like A Real-Life Tricorder

You’ve seen the iPhone accessory that can check your blood pressure, as well as the one that can monitor your heart rate. There’s even one that can turn your phone into an electrocardiogram (ECG). But, now, there’s an iPhone case that can do all of that — and more. Meet Wello.

This Anvil Case For Your iPhone Just Needs Casters And Band Stickers

Go backstage at any rock club in the world and you’re going to find heaps of anonymous-looking black boxes holding all of the equipment that bands travel with. Now you can get that legendary protection for your phone.

Apple's iPhone 5c Case Looks Like A Cheese Grater Made For Toddlers

Apple’s new mid-range phone is getting a “cool line of custom cases just for the 5c” that show off contrasting colours with 42 circular cutouts. 42. Cutouts.

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