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People Are Already Trying To Put Headphone Jacks Back In The iPhone 7

The headphone jack had to die, and Apple fans have known the 7 was going to ditch the 3.5mm port well in advance of the official announcement. That hasn’t stopped lots of people from being mad about it — and a few others from finding a quick and dirty solution.

Are There Any Non-Terrible iPhone 6 Plus Cases?

Obviously, discounting the master stroke you see above, there are a lot of pretty horrible cases out there. In fact, some would even go so far as to say that the entire genre is inherently flawed. But in reality iPhones scratch far too easy — having a case is a necessary evil. Which is why we ask you, dear readers, is there anything halfway decent out there to cover our coming crop of new toys?

This Case Transforms The Space Around Your iPhone Into A Trackpad

The future of gesture control could be snapped right onto your existing smartphone. That’s the concept behind Fuffr, an iPhone case that turns the empty space around your phone into a Leap Motion-style gestural interface.

Jerry Seinfeld: If You Have An iPhone Case, Why Don't You Wear A Helmet?

We like our iPhones naked. Let it hang out, people! Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Gates’s former commercial best friend, says as much in this video: if you have a case on your iPhone, why don’t you have a helmet on your head?

Quad Lock Case Kickstarting Secure Mounting For Your iPhone

If you’re looking for a completely secure mounting solution for your iPhone, you may want to get behind this Aussie Kickstarter campaign. The Quad Lock Case, developed by the Aussie entrepreneurs behind the Opena case we saw a few months back, looks to offer an innovative way to connect your iPhone to just about anything.

Quick! Buy This Dude's Game Boy IPhone 4 Case Before Nintendo Slaps Him With A C & D

Any iPhone-packing gamer out there will have a tough time resisting this Game Boy iPhone 4 case. I don’t even own an iPhone and I’m considering it.

Let's Try To Guess How Much This Fancy iPhone Case Will Wind Up Costing

This is an iPhone case designed by fancy-pants watchmaker De Bethune. It’s made of full-grain alligator leather and has a pocket watch with a DB 1024 movement built in. What the hell?

Visa Launches 4 Week Mobile NFC Payment Trial

All signs are pointing towards Near Field Communications, or NFC for the uninitiated, being the next big thing in mobile phones. The tech has received a new push this week, with Visa partnering with ANZ to launch a four week trial of NFC phone payments using a special iPhone case and application.

This Is The First And Only iPhone 4 Case To Meet Military Specifications

If you want to protect your shiny iPhone 4 from the harshest conditions known to man, you may not have a better option than the Ballistic HC.

Turn Your iPhone 4 Into A Video-Watching Monster With This Kickstand Battery Case

The iPhone isn’t ideal for watching videos for a long period, it drains battery and is uncomfortable. The iKit Nu Charge’s built-in battery and kickstand fix that.

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