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A Leather iPhone Sleeve That Does More Than Just Look Good

If you absolutely have to put your iPhone in a case of some sort, Hard Graft’s Draw case provides more than just peace of mind. Made from stitched leather lined with a soft felt interior, the case includes a long drawstring cord that does double-duty: It keeps the case securely sealed shut when your iPhone’s inside, but also serves to prop it up in landscape or portrait orientations.

An Emergency Lightning Cable That's No Bigger Than Your House Key

The makers of the ChargeCard — that wallet-friendly credit card-sized sync cable for smartphones — are back with a new product called the ChargeKey that’s instead designed to hang out on your keychain.

Apple iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C Live Blog: Follow All The News As It Happened

The next iPhones are finally upon us, and Gizmodo Australia was be up bright and early to bring you all the news as it broke from Cupertino. By early, I mean freaking 3am AEST. Meet the colourful iPhone 5C and the futuristic iPhone 5S!

A Lightning Cable's Always Close At Hand With This iPhone 5 Case

There’s rarely a time when your smartphone couldn’t use a bit of a charge. And to save you from always having to carry a cable in your back pocket, South Korea’s LAB.C has cooked up an iPhone 5 case with a short, flexible Lightning adaptor on the back.

WSJ: Apple Is Testing Out iPhone Screens As Big As Six Inches

According to a report for the Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently testing iPhone screen sizes as big as six inches. But don’t get too freaked out — they won’t be coming at the event next week.

iPhone 5C Already Involved In Labour Violations Scandal

A little less than a week before it’s supposed to be unveiled to the public, the iPhone 5C is attracting attention from human rights groups for possible labour violations. While it feels like deja vu after the many Foxconn scandals, there’s an important difference this time. The factory is American-owned.

How To Get Rid Of Dirt Inside Your iPhone 5 Camera With Some Simple Surgery

Look closely at the camera lens of your iPhone 5. See that build-up of dirt and grime behind the glass? Ew! It might seem like the gunk is going to build up forever, inaccessible and making your photos progressively worse. But there is hope.

The Best iPhone 5 Cases To Fit Any Need

Not all of us are iPhone nudists. Some of us prefer to clothe our gadgets in a case. But there are probably more cases out there than there are actual iPhones, and we all have unique priorities, whether it be screen protection, style or saving money. Here are the best iPhone 5 cases that live up to your specific needs.

A Notebook Perfectly Sized To Hug Your iPhone 5

You can have every last note-taking, scrapbooking, idea-saving app installed on your iPhone 5, but it still won’t replace the usefulness of always having a pen and paper handy. And ensuring that at least half of that duo is readily available, the Idealnotes are soft-covered Moleskine knock-offs designed to live with your iPhone 5 in perfect harmony.

Lego Adaptor Turns Your iPhone Into A Touchscreen Brick

There are already a few case options that will turn your iPhone into a platform for your Lego creations. But we much prefer this simpler and more elegant solution: a tiny adaptor that plugs into your iPhone’s Lightning port, making it compatible with your mountains of plastic bricks.