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Conan Screwed Up His iOS 7 Upgrade By Trying To Do It On An iPhone 3GS

When iOS 7 launched, Conan showed us all how to go about installing it. But as one eagle-eyed viewer has since pointed out, he screwed up big time — by trying to install the OS on an iPhone 3GS, which doesn’t even support it.

RIP: iPhone 3GS

So long, iPhone 3GS. Apple has confirmed to AllThingsD that the 3GS will be discontinued, replaced by the iPhone 4 as Apple’s low end option. Goodbye, old friend!

These iPhone Settings Icons Work Beautifully

We’ve covered how to get direct access to iOS’ settings icons via IconSettings previously. Jeff Broderick’s icons take the same approach, but they’re much prettier.

Watch Siri Work On The Old, Old iPhone 3GS

Siri, which for some reason is only ‘officially’ available on the iPhone 4S, had previously been hacked onto the iPhone 4. Now, the terribly ancient iPhone 3GS joins in on the fun. Siri has just been hacked onto that plastic-backed 3GS.

Kaching's iPhone Case Will Let You Charge Via MicroUSB

The Commonwealth Bank wasn’t letting too many details slip about the NFC-enabled case it’ll sell to customers at yesterday’s Kaching launch. A quick hands-on shows the manufacturer, as well as how it’ll handle the issue of charging while in its case.

Why Is The iOS App Store Returning No Results?

There’s a really odd bug hitting iOS handsets at the moment that makes it difficult to search for Apps. If you’re affected, here’s how to work around it.

Give Your iPhone 3G/3GS a Brushed Finish

If you fancy giving your old iPhone 3G or 3GS a new lease on life with a brushed finish, tipster Rhett has put together a useful how-to on getting rid of the black gloss in favour of a more distinguished brushed finish.

Ultrasn0w iOS Unlocking Tool Now Works With Version 4.2.1 (3G/3GS Only)

Ultrasn0w, the iPhone Dev Team’s iOS unlocking tool, was broken recently by Apple’s “aggressive compiler optimization.” Whatever. It works again, sort of, but only for iPhone 3G and 3GS. The iPhone 4 uses a different baseband so that version will have to wait. [iPhone Dev Team via BGR]

One-Way FaceTime On Your Jailbroken iPhone 3GS With FaceIt-3GS

Your iPhone 3GS doesn’t have its dandy younger brother’s front-facing camera, but if it’s jailbroken, it can still get in on FaceTime action. Sort of. A new app will let you at least watch (and speak to) someone else’s face.

Record HD Video On Your Jailbroken iPhone 3GS

An iPhone tinkerer named Mike has successfully enabled dormant 720p video recording functionality on his iPhone 3GS. You can too if you follow the seven steps detailed over at Redmond Pie. [Redmond Pie]

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