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iPhone 3G Hacked With Android 2.3 Runs Gingerbread Before Your Androidphone

From the same OpeniBoot software that saw other variations of Android running on the iPhone, comes Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), shown on the iPhone 3G. The video is a bit jerky, but it’s proof that Gingerbread can be dual-booted.

Give Your iPhone 3G/3GS a Brushed Finish

If you fancy giving your old iPhone 3G or 3GS a new lease on life with a brushed finish, tipster Rhett has put together a useful how-to on getting rid of the black gloss in favour of a more distinguished brushed finish.

iPhone 3G Slowdown Could Be Fixed With iOS 4.2 Update

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According to this video made by TiPb, all iPhone 3G users who suffered slowdowns because the iOS 4 upgrade may see their iPhone’s performance considerably boosted after they install the incoming iOS 4.2.

iPhone 3G Brickgate's Only Good Point: We Need Easy Downgrades

Biana Wofford is accusing Apple of using the iOS 4 upgrade to maliciously cripple the iPhone 3G, boosting sales of the iPhone 4. I don’t believe that’s true, but the lawsuit makes one excellent point: Apple should enable easy iOS downgrades.

Telstra Unlocking iPhones For Free

One of the most frustrating things about buying phones in recent years is that even when you buy it on a contract, the phone itself is still generally locked to the carrier you’ve signed with, and to unlock the phone you need to pay the carrier a heap of cash. Telstra has just eased some of that pain for iPhone users, killing off the unlock fee for locked iPhones.

Jailbroken iPhone 3G/3GS Could Soon Have HDR Photos

Speaking of Cydia, if you want to get those ultra cool HDR photos on your iPhone 3G or 3GS, jailbreak them and be all patient as you wait for Will Strafach’s HDR tweak to arrive.

Apple: Game Center Not Coming To iPhone 3G

Apple’s new Game Center page lists the iOS devices that will let you get involved in this whole playing games with other people thing that’s happening soon. Second-generation iPod Touch owners: you’re in luck! iPhone 3G owners: you’re not!

iPhone 3G Speed Test: iOS 4.0 Versus iOS 4.1

iOS 4.0 was so slow on our 3G, we promptly downgraded after updating. Earlier this week, Apple announced, among other things, that iOS 4.1 fixed performance on the iPhone 3G. We put their claim to the test.

iPhone 4 Jailbreak Now Available: One Click, No Computer Required

JailbreakMe 2.0, a browser-based jailbreak app for iPhones and iPads, has just gone live and pretty much opens up any iOS device you have handy, all the way back to the iPhone 3G.

Apple Investigating iOS 4 On iPhone 3G Woes

Those of you who’ve seen your iPhone 3G’s performance significantly suffer after upgrading to iOS 4 will be pleased to know that Apple is aware of the problem and is looking into it, according to one their spokeswomen. [Wall Street Journal]

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