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Find My iPhone Leads Cops To Robbery Suspects

Find My iPhone to the rescue again! Pittsburgh Police nabbed three robbery suspects over the weekend, after the man they allegedly robbed used the MobileMe online service to point police to their location.

iDisk iPhone App Lightning Review: Halfway There

Apple’s free iDisk app has potential to make that $US60 a year for MobileMe even more worthwhile, but for now it’s little more than a fancy file viewer with mediocre management capabilities.

Apple's Chickenshit Approval Process Has Gone Too Far

The App Store approval process has always been mysterious, slightly ridiculous and mildly infuriating. But with the summary execution of Google Latitude as well as every Google Voice app, it’s finally gone too far.

Google Now Finds Stuff Nearby Using Your Location In Mobile Safari

With iPhone 3.0, websites can snag your location in Safari. Now if you search for something in Google and let it see your location, it’ll show you stuff nearby that matches, like coffeeshops here. It’s just the beginning, surely. [Google]

iPhone 3.0 Software Sending Group SMS Messages As MMS

Considering the iPhone had email, MMS wasn’t really at the top of my “must-have feature” list for the 3.0 software update, but when it was announced anyway, I shrugged my shoulders with indifference. Only now that indifference has become annoyance with the discovery that the iPhone now refuses to send group SMS messages, instead forcing you to send them as group MMS.

ITwitter: The First IPhone Twitter App With Push, Sorta

Beating established Twitter apps like Tweetie to the punch (push?), iTwitter is the first one to deliver push notifications. But push only works if the person @replying or DMing you is using iTwitter too. It’s free, though. [ReadWriteWeb]

Push Gmail For The iPhone, Finally (It's Not What You Think)

My biggest disappointment with iPhone 3.0 is there’s still no push Gmail. (Probably due some to contractual BS, but whatever.) GPush is a 99-cent app that almost fixes it by sending you push notifications whenever you get a new message.

Prowl Pushes Growl Notifications To Your IPhone

Best non-IM use of iPhone 3.0’s push notifications yet: Prowl is a $US3 app that pushes Growl notifications from your Mac to your phone. Growl‘s a global notifier that plugs into everything from BitTorrent apps to iTunes to Mail.

Step By Step Guide To Jailbreak And Unlock IPhone 3.0

There’s no need to be intimidated. I’m here to hold your hand every step of the way while you jailbreak or unlock your original iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod Touch, and it’s really not much of a hassle at all.

IPhone AIM App With Push Notifications Is Live

There are two versions of the AIM app in the App Store right now. The free one, with ads, and the $US2.99 one, with no ads. They both have push notifications.

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