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New iPad Apps: The Converted, Blackbar, ReadQuick

The last weekend of winter is nearly here! Here are the best iPad apps of the week. Dig in!

New iPad Apps: YouTube, Quick Graph

It’s been a long week, you deserve to take it easy for the next few days. Which is why we’ve rounded up the iPad apps that will do all the dirty work (e.g. “thinking”) for you, leaving you free to kick back and let your mind wander.

New iPhone and iPad Apps: Imgur, Ikea And More

From simple image hosting to new Kindle iOS updates and ikea augmented reality. We’ve got you covered.

iPad Apps Of The Week: VLC, Origami, And More

You’re a musician, a media junkie, and an all-around family man/lady — in other words, you’ve got a lot to juggle. So here are some apps to easily squeeze into your life and take some of the pressure off. Go on, champ, you deserve it.

iPad Apps Of The Week: Guide, WunderMap, And More

The iPad offerings were all over the place, jumping from intensive weather details to a news-reading puppy to enough emoji to ensure that you never have to use words for feelings ever again. But then again, that’s what life is all about, after all — anthropomorphized dogs and avoiding face-to-face human interactions at all costs. Or something like that.

New iPad Apps: NoteSuite, Morning, And More

For whatever reason, this week saw more awesome iPad apps coming to our attention than we’ve seen in a while. And what’s more, a lot of them are only for iPad — iPhone needs be damned. So if you’re someone who’s Pad is king, you’re going to like what we’ve got in store this week.

New iPad Apps: Slooh, Filedrop, And More

What better way to make your Monday more interesting than with new iPad apps?

New iPad Apps: Musyc, iHeart Locket, And More

This week’s iPad apps are all about creativity on your terms. Whether it’s a song in your heart, in your fingers, of one you just want to keep all to yourself, we’ve got you covered.

New iPad Apps: Mailbox, Forecast.io, And More

Monday is finally over, so how do you celebrate? Well, how about having a few iPad apps that help you stay connected and ready for whatever the rest of the week has to throw at you — just in case. Lucky for you, we’ve got them right here.

New iPad Apps: IFontMaker, The Doors App, And More

What’s the point of owning an iPad if you’re not going to let yourself get a little artsy with it? Good thing we’ve got plenty of apps down here to let your creativity roam wild. Plus a little inspiration if you need it, as well.

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