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Rumourmodo: Is This A Refreshed iPad 3 With A Lightning Port?

We’ve already heard rumours that Tuesday’s Apple event will include not only the fabled iPad Minis, but a refreshed version of the big guy, perhaps with new internals and a lightning port. This maybe could be it, maybe. And who doesn’t love to speculate?

Apple Might Introduce A Better iPad 3 With A Lightning Adapter Next Week

We’ve seen evidence of a faster iPad 3 using the Apple A6 processor before and now 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple will announce a “refreshed version” of the full sized, 9.7-inch iPad with Retina Display at next week’s event. It looks like we might be getting a new updated iPad sooner than we thought.

Is There An Updated, Faster Version Of The iPad 3 Coming?

This is interesting. MacRumors reports that an iOS developer found a new, unknown iPad device showing up in his app analytics. Though that usually means the next version of the iPad, the unknown iPad actually had the same footprint as the current iPad 3 — but with the faster processor of the iPhone 5. Hmm…

Get The Current iPad For $50 Less

Apple is now selling refurbished current-generation iPads for as little as $488 (Australian) for the 16GB Wi-Fi version. If you want more storage or 3G, you’ll have to pay a little more, but that’s $50 off the price of a new one right there.

Apple Didn't Make An 'iPad 3', But Shanghai's Bootleggers Did

It’s no great secret or news that you can get a knockoff version of just about anything in China with just a little bit of haggling involved. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit one of Shanghai’s technology markets when I was there last week — and in doing so, come face to face with the “iPad 3”.

Apple Store Quietly Drops 4G Branding From The New iPad... Almost Everywhere

After promising to purge any mention of the 4G capabilities of the new iPad from its Australian marketing, it looks like Apple has come through. But rather than surgically make the change to just the Oz Apple Store, the company has taken a machete to all its major online fronts, lopping 4G from the US, UK, New Zealand, Canada, and Hong Kong stores, among many others.

The Upgraded iPad 2 Has Significantly Longer Battery Life Than The Latest iPad

The new iPad might have a gorgeous retina display, but a test from AnandTech shows that its predecessor gets better battery life.

Watch A New iPad 3 As It's Obliterated By Lasers

Perhaps taking inspiration from Tom Dickson’s Will It Blend?, this guy decided to throw an iPad 3 in front of a bunch of lasers, specifically the Krypton and Arctic series from Wicked Lasers. It takes a while for the beams to do their thing, but when they do, much fire is involved.

Is The New iPad Faster In Australia?

We don’t get a proper 4G experience for the new iPad in Australia, but we do get the promise of faster dual channel HSPA+ data connections. How well does this promise hold up? Gizmodo Australia hits the road to test out the real world results.

Does The New iPad Have Wi-Fi Problems?

Users are reporting new problems with the new iPad: the Wi-Fi seems to be a lot weaker than it is on the iPad 2, iPhone or MacBooks, according to numerous reports on AppleCare support thread. Could this be another antennagate? Have you experienced the same?

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