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This App Gives You Easy Access To Your Best Reaction GIFs Anytime

There is a perfect GIF for every moment, but spend too much time hunting for it, and the moment is lost. That’s why you need GIFwrapped — an iOS app that lets you sync and share your favourite animated GIFs across all your devices.

How To Get 50GB Free Storage Right Now On iOS

As it’s done in the past with Android, Box is offering 50GB of free storage for new iPhone and iPad users following its latest iOS redesign.

CanOpener Improves iPhone Sound Quality For Under $5 Using Actual Science

Well, we might have just found the grandaddy of all audiophile music apps, perfect for the most important music snob in your life: you.

The New Instapaper: Reading Later In iOS 7 Will Be Sleeker And Simpler

A few months back, Instapaper was acquired by Betaworks, better known as the folks who bought Digg and rescued it from a hell of disuse. Tomorrow, the company is launching an overhauled version of Instapaper to coincide with Apple’s iOS 7 launch. Here’s a look at the new, flatter, easier-to-use Instapaper.

Google Maps Mobile Apps Will Now Be Polluted With Ads (Sad Face)

Google Maps app on your smartphone is one of those wonderful things that makes owning the gadget an absolute joy. Instant, essential knowledge. Today, Google announced that it would be robbing its iOS and Android apps of their purity by allowing advertisers to advertise against your searches.

What Your Favorite iPhone Apps Might Look Like In iOS 7

iOS 7 is putting every current iPhone app on notice. The visual changes to iOS 7′s core functionality is so dramatic that it will make every other app look outdated. Like stayed out in the baking Sun in the middle of Summer for three weeks old. Your eyes won’t be able to look at it.

You Can Download VLC For iPhone And iPad Now

Hey now! VLC, the bestest fastest sweetest codec-iest easiest to usiest and every positive -est adjective there is video player around, is now available (again) on iOS. If you’re looking to play videos on your iPhone and iPad, VLC is probably going to be your best bet.

Google Maps Now Works With The iPad And Has Better Navigation

All you iPad users can now banish Apple Maps into that folder you never open because Google Maps 2.0 has been released and adds support for the iPad and iPad Mini.[App Store via 9to5Mac]

Teach Kids The Alphabet And Remind Them About Paper

It seems kind of ridiculous to integrate an iDevice into crayon and paper drawing time. Some things are sacred. But for kids who are addicted to all of the screens in their lives DRAWNIMAL might be a useful transition.

MotoGP Live Experience 2013: Full Throttle Racing Is Back!

We might not cover sports all that much on Gizmodo but when we do, we go with the best. This weekend sees the return of MotoGP, the premiere class of motorcycle racing — think of it as the two-wheeled equivalent of F1. The opening race in Qatar also marks the return to Yamaha for seven-time premier champion Valentino Rossi. Oh, and the debut of that hotshot Spanish rookie Marc Márquez.