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How To Find Airplay-Enabled Apps

Apple’s got a convenient AirPlay-Enabled Apps section in the App Store for you to browse through, in case you want to test out your new iOS 4.3 to Apple TV functionality.

Sn0wbreeze 2.3 Jailbreaks iOS 4.3 iDevices On Windows

Where there’s an iOS update, there’s a jailbreak, and today that’s the case with Sn0breeze 2.3. This jailbreak, while not perfect, works with iPhone 4, iPad, iPod touch on Windows, but only with tethered devices.

The Best Feature Of Your New iPad Is A Hidden Secret

Your new iPad—and old too, with iOS 4.3—has a new hidden feature that Apple doesn’t want you to know about: Extra multi-touch gestures that completely changes the iPad experience—for the best.

iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot Battle: Bluetooth Vs WiFi

Everyone knows that iOS 4.3 introduced the personal wifi hotspot setting. But for iPhone users who use Bluetooth tethering, is moving to WiFi a better option performance-wise? Not necessarily.

iOS 4.3 Requires Passwords For In-App Purchases

Apple’s addressed the problem of kids buying in-game items with meatspace money by adding a password requirement in iOS 4.3, even if you’ve already entered in your password within the last 15 minutes to buy the game itself. The problem? iOS 4.3 is only available for the last two generations of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, so those with older devices don’t get the fix. [Washington Post]

Wild Codemonkeys Discover A5 Processor Will Be In iPhone 5

Someone went digging through the iOS 4.3 code and discovered the same code for the A5 processor in references for both the iPad 2 and iPhone 5. I don’t think this was ever really a question, but if you need every bit of confirmation you can get, there’s some more. [Filippo Biga via Electronista]

iOS 4.3 Is Here - Check Out What's New

The newest little step forward for iOS just dropped – and while it’s nothing dramatic (or unexpected), it adds a nice little pinch of new functionality and performance. Here’s what just got a little better about your iPhone/Pad/Pod:

Which Australian Carriers Will Support iOS 4.3 Hotspots?

One of the key features of iOS 4.3 (coming this week to your iPhone and fairly soon to the iPad 2) is the ability to use your existing phone connection as a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices. But will you have to pay extra for the privilege? We checked in with the three main carriers in Australia, and the answer appears to be “no”.

You Can Only Tether 3 Things To Your iPhone 4 Over Wi-Fi

The personal hotspot feature in iOS 4.3 lets you tether only three things over Wi-Fi. If you want to go up to the advertised five devices, you’ll have to use Bluetooth and USB and pretty much quintuple-team your iPhone in a way that’s rather unseemly. [Engadget]

iOS 4.3 Jailbreak Available Now, Put Multitouch Gestures On iPhone 4

The iOS 4.3 Gold Master has already been jailbroken, meaning you can do cool things like enable the four and five finger gesture support on your iPhone 4. Just follow these instructions and these, for multitouch.

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