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Iomega SuperHero Backup And Charger: More Blob Than Flash

Multitasking. It’s a wonderful thing, especially when you’re talking hardware that can scratch two itches at once. Which is why the Iomega SuperHero is worth getting excited about: It’s a charging station, sure, but its SD card tailpipe means that it also backs up all those important files you keep on your iPhone. Wait, did I say all? I meant some – and only if you’re really, really patient.

Iomega SuperHero Backs Up Your iPhone While Charging It

Hyperbolic name aside, the Iomega SuperHero actually could save the day—or at least your photos and contacts. It’s an iPhone dock that syncs your info, saving you the trouble of plugging into your computer every night.

Expensive Yet Fast Describes Iomega's USB 3.0 SSD Flash Drives

USB 3.0 is fast. Faster than standard 7200RPM disks can handle. So how do you make external storage faster to better fill up the transfer pipe? By putting an SSD inside.

Iomega's Portable USB 3.0 Drives Cost The Same As USB 2.0

USB 3.0 adoption’s been slow in a very chicken-and-egg way. Manufacturers don’t want to increase costs without consumer interest, and there’s little consumer interest without computers being able to use it. Iomega’s solving the consumer half of the problem.

Skin Your Hard Drive, So You Can Pick It Out Of A Lineup

No one ever accused external storage of being titillating. But Iomega’s Skin line of portable hard drives is trying to bring sexy back to where it never was in the first place.

Iomega iConnect Is A Scalable NAS Solution On The Cheap

Looking for a cheap, easy NAS solution that also lets you access your data away from home? Iomega’s $US100 iConnect might be the gizmo for you.

Iomega Joins 1080p Infinite-Format Fray

The world was rocked by the infinite format war, but hardware makers answered with HD media players that can read damn near everything. Iomega’s newest ScreenPlay Director players decode a vast array of 1080p video – and serves CinemaNow movies.

My Tech Buyer's Guide From 2000 Is Pretty Hilarious

Nine years ago, as a young tech reporter at Time Magazine, I co-wrote a buyer’s guide with the latest and greatest gear known to man. Today, it sounds ridiculous.

Iomega Ix2-200 NAS Review (It Does All This?)

Iomega’s Ix2-200 NAS shows that you don’t need to run Microsoft’s Windows Home Server to take care of everything a home, or even a small business, needs for its network storage. It’s just surprising that it’s this cheap.

Iomega's StorCenter Ix2-200 NAS Has Bluetooth, Time Machine

Iomega’s on to something with the StorCenter ix2-200: built-in torrent and Time Machine support, Bluetooth-based uploads from phones, remote access, and lotsa spiffy features wrapped up in an earth-friendly green gadget. Together with the $US270 price point, that’s appealing all-around.

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