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Now's The Perfect Time To Harass Your Friends For Google Inbox Invites

Google still hasn’t opened its new Inbox mail service for everyone, and it’s not doing another invite free-for-all, but it is gifting all existing users 10 addition invites over the holidays. Time to start hitting up your friends.

Google+ Invites Halted Due To “Insane Demand”

That’s the word from Vic Gundotra, the project’s team lead at Google. And judging by the over 1000 requests we had today, I can see why! But it sounds like we were able to sneak a bunch of you in. If you’re already using Google+, tell us what you think.

Want a Google+ Invite? Join the Gizmodo Circle Jerk

So Google+ is live, but for the moment, you’ll need either an existing user to share a post with you, or score your own invite directly. UPDATE: Google has “shut down the invite mechanism for the night” .

Tug The Film Out Of Its Canister To Reveal The Wedding Invitation

What better invites for two photographers to send out for their own wedding, I do not know. 40 of the rolls were repurposed, with the film nub pulling out to reveal all the deets. [AmbientStudios via DailyWhat via Treehugger]

Hulu Plus Preview Invites Now Arriving

We’ve received a few tips now from readers who have received their Hulu Plus preview invites. Hulu is asking for feedback, and so are we: How’s it all going for you, should you be one of the lucky few?

Borders Australia Launching Its eReader May 19

Finally a large Australian bookstore is getting behind the ebook format (and hopefully not just leaving it to die). An invite just landed in my inbox announcing the launch of Borders’ eBooks and eReader offering, which is “set to change the way we read in Australia forever”.

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