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Perfect Invisibility Cloaks May Actually Be Physically Impossible

We would all love to own an invisibility cloak. But new research suggests that if they do ever exist they won’t be perfect: They will be more like Predator, less like Harry Potter.

Meanwhile In The Future: Now You Can Buy An Invisibility Cloak

Scientists now have a way to method of cloaking something very small, making it effectively invisible. But what if scientists and engineers created a much larger version? What if we all had access to invisibility cloaks?

Science Just Developed A Portable Cloaking Device 

If you’re a non-magical being, you might think your chances of becoming invisible are slim to nil. But don’t jump to conclusions just yet: Researchers are now claiming to have developed a portable system that can make small objects, like your keys or pet lizard, disappear from sight.

New Glasses Make You Invisible To Facial Recognition Software

AVG is a name well-known in the Windows world for its decent and free anti-virus software, but the company is apparently looking to expand outside of just software and protect people’s privacy in the real world now. At Mobile World Congress, AVG is demoing a concept pair of glasses that both foil facial recognition software, and make it difficult for someone to snap a photo of your face.

Scientists Make Objects 'Invisible' With A Tricky Optical Illusion

Invisibility is perhaps the most ubiquitous of sci-fi dreams: Spy movies, video games, and classic cartoons all tantalise us with this trick. Researchers at the University of Rochester still haven’t unlocked the secret to that elusive invisibility cloak either, I’m afraid. But they made a very cool optical illusion that looks the part.

Invisibility Cloaks Closer To Reality Thanks To 'Digital Metamaterials'

The concept of “digital metamaterials” – a simple way of designing metamaterials with bizarre optical properties that could hasten the development of devices such as invisibility cloaks and superlenses – is reported in a paper published in Nature Materials.

Mathematician Designs Time Cloak That Uses Just Light And Mirrors

You know what the futurists are always saying: time cloaks are so cool, but they’re so complicated. And it’s true! What were you expecting from a device that literally hides moments in time? A mathematician has just shown, however, it doesn’t have to be quite so hard after all.

A Time Cloak Made From Lasers Can Erase Data From History

Time cloaks are so much cooler than invisibility cloaks because they use freaking time to hide things, not silly dumb vision tricks. This new method of using a time cloak is the first that can cloak data at rapid rates. It might change security altogether.

Backing Up Is A Lot Easier When Your Car's Back Seat Is Invisible

The last time Keio University was in the news it was for a prototype wearable cloaking device developed by a team of researchers at the school. A decade later you still can’t go out and buy one, but the research has inspired another brilliant use for the technology — invisible car interiors that let you see everything outside when backing up.

Mercedes Makes An Invisible Minivan

Mercedes claims that its new fuel cell technology results in vehicles with no omissions, so it’s as if they’re invisible to the environment. And to drive this fact home, literally, they created a vehicle that was invisible to everything else.

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