invisibility cloaks
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How To Cloak A Crime In A Beam Of Light

The 14th member of Danny Ocean‘s team of thieves might just be a physicist, making use of an “event cloak” dreamed up by Martin McCall‘s team at Imperial College London.

That Invisible Cloak Is Still Being Worked On, Still Edging Closer To Reality

Your pervy, Harry Potter-fuelled dreams are edging closer to reality, now British scientists have used metamaterials to bend light in a different manner to previous attempts. Now, it works with a greater range of colours.

Invisible Cloak Invented... Just Not What We Had In Mind

This LA street performer, Mirror Man, has just succeeded where dozens of scientists have failed. Take that, Harry Potter! [Kuriositas via Toxel]

Invisibility Cloak Project Becomes More Realistic

Invisibility cloak project is back on! It’s from a different team of scientists that were using silver-plated nanoparticles in water though, with these latest Harry Potter enthusiasts using photonic metamaterials to change light rays.

Water Invisibility Barrier Protects Against Tsunamis

Research into invisibility cloaks, which work by bending light around 2D objects, could end up protecting offshore rigs and vulnerable coastlines from water. Scientists at the Fresnel Institute in Marseille, France said that established cloaking principles can be applied to ocean waves, and built a 10cm model to show how carefully placed concentric pillars make objects in the centre “invisible” to the sea.

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