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Matt Ryan Really Regrets Not Getting Naked In Constantine

Few people love playing a role as much as Matt Ryan loves playing Constantine. He played him on the short-lived NBC show Constantine, he showed up as him again in Arrow and now he’s voicing the character in DC’s animated movie Justice League Dark.

Interview: James Wan Is The Man Who Made Horror Personal Again

James Wan is known as a master of the horror genre: his films have started a number of popular franchises including Saw and Insidious, but there’s one that’s closer to his heart, that he said he would only come back to if he felt he could make a worthy sequel — The Conjuring.

The Conjuring 2 hits cinemas this week, so we sat down to talk with James Wan about practical effects, romance in horror movies and being inspired by Nicholas Cage films.

The New Ghostbusters Trailer Is Here, And Everything Looks Perfect

After decades of waiting for a new Ghostbusters movie, here’s your first footage from one. To celebrate the launch of this awesome trailer, we talked with director Paul Feig, producer Ivan Reitman and writer Katie Dippold, and they told us why this trailer reintroduces so many of the things we love.

Eustace Conway, On Being A Man

Eustace Conway is a naturalist, author and appears on the History Channel’s “Mountain Men.” He was also the subject of the book “The Last American Man,” so his thoughts on manhood in modern day America may be relevant.

How Leatherman President Ben Rivera Designs Your Multitools

You likely have one of Ben Rivera’s products in your pocket or on your keychain right now. If not, he’s hoping to put one there. This is where Leatherman came from and where it’s going with new, wearable tools like the Tread.

So You Want To Launch Your Own Outerwear Brand

10 years ago, Alan Yiu watched as clients of his family’s Vancouver garment factory sent their business to China. So, he launched his own outerwear brand — Westcomb. This is how he did it and what he learned along the way.

How To Save The Planet: An Interview With Two Iconic Scientists

What happens when two iconic scientists talk about saving our planet? Read on to find out what happened when E O Wilson and Sean Carroll — two giants in their field — sat down to discuss just that.

Interview: RZA Wants To Buoy The Music Industry -- With A Speaker?

Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA started working with speaker manufacturer Boombotix in mid-2014, and he says he wanted make more than just another branded product. “I just had a bigger idea than sticking my logo on something,” he told me at CES in Las Vegas. “I thought we could make this great product a little greater.” His idea? Load it with exclusive music.

Steve Jobs Imagined A National Broadband Network In A 1985 Interview

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Steve Jobs was once quite a visionary. His legacy has arguably been tarnished by stories of his need for total control, the bizarre antics at the end of his life, not to mention a shitty biopic starring Ashton Kutcher which hopefully won’t be the last word on the man. But when you look back at the early days of Apple, you’re reminded of his tremendous ability to peer into the future.

Why The Woman Who Found Snowden Doesn't Want More Whistleblowers

A few days ago, I found myself in a crowded Manhattan office watching Laura Poitras sign posters for her new documentary. Each signature appeared above the film’s title — Citizenfour — and below the film’s subject — Edward Snowden. She didn’t think she had time, but her handler insisted. It’s taken me a while, but only now do I realise what a powerful metaphor that moment was. In a way, it revealed what Poitras thinks about the future of whistleblowers: We shouldn’t need them any more.

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