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The Birth, Death, And Resurrection Of True Movie Poster Art

A great movie poster can be better than the movie itself. With one single glance, it can sell an impossible promise and offer unlimited possibility. However, in the past few decades, the idea of the illustrated, artistic, idealistic movie poster has more or less gone away. Now, a new documentary called 24 x 36: A Movie About Movie Posters explores why that happened and poses a solution to the problem.

Creator Dave Filoni Explains How 'The Fire Of The Jedi' Is Going Out In Star Wars Rebels' New Season

For the past two seasons, Rebels has been like almost every other Star Wars story: A young person trying to learn the Force, an older mentor, a group of good guys fighting an evil regime and bad guys with red lightsabers. With season three, though, executive producer Dave Filoni is trying something different — and in doing so, he’s begun to complete the circle.

Looking Back On What Made The Injustice Comic Work, With Brian Buccellato

Injustice, a video game tie-in series that secretly became DC Comic’s wildest, greatest take on an evil Superman, has finally come to a close. As the last chapters have gone live this week, we sat down with series writer Brian Buccellato to discuss his time on Injustice, and where the comic’s universe could go next.

The Blair Witch Sequel Was Born Out Of A Teenage Obsession

We’ve all fantasised about making sequels to our favourite movies. That’s why when they actually happen, they’re usually a letdown. Nothing can live up to our expectations. However, for Adam Wingard, he actually got to make his teenage dream happen. He got to make Blair Witch.

Real Stories About Real People Show Complexity Of Mental Illness

A Hungarian-born man is found ranting in the street that he is “king of the Puerto Ricans”. A perfectly healthy woman feels compelled to undergo over a dozen operations. A man in a straightjacket somehow manages to commit suicide while inside a locked psychiatric ward.

Why The New Blair Witch Movie Had To Be Kept Secret

The internet hates just about everything, but it especially hates movie reboots and remakes. But the new Blair Witch movie has cleverly managed to use that venom in a positive way, and it began with keeping the movie a secret for years.

Read An Exclusive Excerpt From Andy Weir's New Sci-Fi Short Story Anthology

Ever since he began publishing sci-fi stories to his website, The Martian author Andy Weir has been using unorthodox approaches to deliver his stories to audiences. His latest collection is not found online or on a bookshelf, but in a new app named Tapas, and we’ve got an exclusive excerpt from one of its stories.

Why The New Version Of The Tick Is Going To Be So Different

Ben Edlund has a great laugh. Several of them, actually. One of them sounds like the sarcastic giggle of a skinny kid who used to insult his tormentors in ways that they wouldn’t even understand. There’s another kind of tittering that rings with nostalgia, as he thinks about elements from previous adaptations of The Tick. The laughter I heard the most was the excited cackle that came up when he discussed his new plans for his signature creation.

Chadwick Boseman Explains Why The Black Panther Is Not The Magical Negro Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Chadwick Boseman thought he already had a sense of how significant the Black Panther is to the fans who love him. But it wasn’t until Saturday afternoon, while he was on stage at the Marvel Studios panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, that he got hit with the full weight of the love and enthusiasm surrounding T’Challa. Those same fans are trying to help Boseman embody the role in the best way possible.

The Director Of The Shallows Talks Shark Sex And Moving On From Akira

Since The Shallows is a shark movie, director Jaume Collet-Serra researched the crap out of sharks in preparation — the result of which is a film that explores aspects of the creatures we’ve rarely seen before. The weird thing is that the director himself doesn’t see The Shallows as a shark movie.

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