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The 'Internet Room' In North Korea's New Airport Doesn't Have Any Internet

North Korea has recently made an effort to boost tourism in the authoritarian country. One tactic is the opening of a shiny new airport, complete with modern amenities like an “internet room.” The only problem? The internet room doesn’t seem to have any internet.

North Korea's Internet Is Basically That Town From The Truman Show

North Korea is one of the most isolated countries in the world. But a new interview with a telecommunications employee who worked inside the country is full of surprises about what kind of phone and internet access the average North Korean has.

The U.S. Won't Give Up Control Of The Internet Quite Yet

The world welcomed news that the United States would finally cede control of the internet address system this fall. You know… Because the American government was spying on everyone and stuff. However, Uncle Sam just announced that he needs a little more time. Like maybe three years.

Author Bruce Sterling Testified To Congress In 1993 As A Time Traveller From 2015

In 1993, sci-fi author Bruce Sterling testified in front of a House subcommittee about the future of the internet — specifically, what “the Net” would look like in 2015.

Surfing The Internet With A Laptop From 1983 Sounds Nightmarish

You think that monstrous hand-me-down Dell laptop you used in college was old? Kyocera’s TRS-80 Model 100 dates all the way back to 1983. It’s considered to be one of the first true laptops. So obviously someone resurrected and hacked one to surf the internet.

Tinder's Twitter Account Is Freaking The Hell Out

In a recent article, Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”, Vanity Fair writer Nancy Jo Sales threw seven kinds of shade on Tinder and everything it stands for. Rather than issue a tersely-worded statement upholding its belief in the sanctity of marriage, Tinder found the keys to the Twitter account, and let loose.


Language evolves at break neck speed on the internet; what’s cool one minute is lame by the next. Case in point: “LOL” is dying. A Facebook report claims that LOL is now one of the least popular ways to express laughter on the social network. Why? Probably because of mum.

Actually, Those 857 Porn Sites In India Are Essentially Still Banned

Today’s headlines are triumphantly declaring that India’s government walked back its sweeping ban of internet porn sites. But that’s not quite true — for all intents and purposes, online porn is still banned in India. Let’s take a look at the devil in the details.

Reddit Bans /r/Coontown For All The Wrong Reasons

Today the community site Reddit finally banned several controversial forums, including /r/Rapingwomen and the racist forums associated with /r/Coontown. The problem is that CEO Steve Huffman did it by putting a terrible set of policies in place.

Giz Explains: Why Are URLs Full Of Garbage Characters?

#?&%! Why do some URLs look like cuss words in comic books? We have the answer.

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