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Playboy Is Now PG-13 Because The Internet Has Enough Porn

It’s the end of an era, folks. Playboy, the magazine famous for its nude photos, will stop publishing nude photos because there are already plenty of those on the internet. Playboy will still feature sexy “PG-13” content, but you can kiss the nipples goodbye.

Where Do Major Tech Companies Stand On Encryption?

There’s a major battle brewing over encryption right now. So where do the tech companies stand?

Giz Explains: Why You Should Be Using A VPN

For as ubiquitous as connectivity has become and how reliant we’ve grown on it, the internet is still a digital jungle where hackers easily steal sensitive information from the ill-equipped and where the iron-fisted tactics of totalitarian regimes bent on controlling what their subjects can access are common. So instead of mucking around in public networks, just avoid them. Use a VPN instead.

Internet For All Is An Impossible Dream Right Now

From satellites, to autonomous solar-powered drones, or balloons, there have been plenty of ideas recently on how to connect up the world. Facebook, Google, large international organisations, national governments, even Bono, have laid out ideas of a near future in which we are all hooked into the network.

Don't Expect To Edit Your Tweets Any Time Soon

If you’ve always wanted to be able to edit your tweets after you’ve posted them, you’re in good — or at least famous — company. But there’s some bad news: you’re going to be waiting a long time.

TIO Complaints Are Down, Except For Disgruntled NBN Users

The Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman has released its annual report and while complaints are down overall, there are a lot more unhappy NBN customers.

Has Video Streaming Spiked Our Internet Traffic By 40 Per Cent?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released their latest internet data figures and downloads way up compared to last year, or even 6 months ago. Should we blame Netflix? Their official arrival down-under in March likely made a big contribution, but of course they are not the only player in the streaming game.

EU Ruling To Stop US Companies Moving Data Freely Across The Atlantic

A new court ruling from the European Court of Justice deems invalid a legal framework that has until now been used to justify the free transfer of data between the European Union and the U.S..

Reddit Is Launching A News Website Called Upvoted -- Without Comments

Reddit is launching a brand new website today to unearth news from its social aggregator. Called Upvoted, the site will surface pictures, videos and commentary from Reddit and present it as news — without the option to comment on a single thing.

Facebook Is Going To Send Free Internet Across Africa From Satellites

Facebook has announced that it’s teaming up with French-based satellite provider Eutelsat Communications to beam free internet to 14 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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