All The Reasons Experts Are So Pissed About Facebook's

The idea sounds flat-out utopian: Free internet! For everyone! Starting in the least-connected countries! Of course, there’s a catch: Facebook’s is helping people get online, but their online experience is then controlled by Facebook.

The Internet's Physical Backbone Is Maxing Out

Last week, we heard reports that we’re on the verge of running out of internet, specifically, out of IPv4 addresses. Now, it seems, we may be hitting another, more serious internet wall: The cables.

Neuroscientists Are Still Confused About #TheDress

The dress is back — this time with peer-reviewed science. Months after the blue-and-black (OR IS IT white-and-gold?) dress provoked a bajillion arguments, scientists come armed with new studies. But they still can’t solve the fundamental mystery behind the dress.

Facebook Now Puts Full Articles From Big Publishers In Your News Feed

Facebook has just launched a new service called Instant Articles, which allows media organisations to create interactive pieces hosted on Facebook’s servers and embedded in your news feed.

We're Running Out Of Internet

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally going to run out of internet. Back in 2011, we warned that this web reckoning was upon us, and now we have a more substantial timeframe. According to The Wall Street Journal, we’ll be fresh out of IP addresses in the next few months.

Why More Technology Giants Are Paying To Lay Their Own Undersea Cables

Remember when Gizmodo’s Annalee Newitz declared this the Infrastructure Age? Well, here’s more proof: Microsoft is investing in its own undersea internet cables.

Netflix's Speed Ranking Shows Us How Broken Aussie Internet Really Is

After a long wait, Netflix has switched on its rankings for Australia’s internet service providers, and the outcome is pretty bleak. The world’s largest streaming video service’s speed index for Aussie ISPs throw into sharp relief the abysmal quality of our country’s internet.

Could A Medieval Law Help Govern The Internet?

Algorithms increasingly work together to help automate our digital lives — but not every result is perfect, positive or even predicted by their creators. Now, researchers are wondering if the revival of Medieval law could help work out who pays up when things go wrong.

Icelandic Has The Best Words For Technology

When the University of Iceland got its first computer in 1964, Icelandic did not have a word for “computer”. So the guardians of the language invented one: tölva – a fusion of tala (number) and völva (prophetess) that adds up to the wonderfully poetic “prophetess of numbers”.

Every Major US Airline's Wi-Fi Service, Explained And Ranked

You know that Louis CK joke about Wi-Fi on aeroplanes? He says, “It’s fast, and I’m watching YouTube clips. It’s amazing — I’m on an aeroplane! And then it breaks down.… And the guy next to me goes, ‘This is bullshit.'” It’s so true.