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The Weird, Sketchy History Of Internet Cafes

Internet cafes started as coffee shops where you could check email. But over the years, people turned them into dens for sharing pirated music, hotspots for video game addiction, and even temporary housing.

Web Trumps Pits Site Against Site in a Card Game That Doesn't Need Internet Access

Based on a popular card game called Top Trumps created back in 1968, Web Trumps pits popular websites against each other in a card game that lets you see how your favourite site stacks up to the competition.

A Rare Look Inside New York's Secretive Data Centres

The data centres that run the internet are kept pretty quiet, and for good reason: forget cyberattacks, a few well-placed hatchet swings could kill Snapchat worldwide. But photographer Peter Garritano recently gained access to some of the exchanges and colocation centres that underpin the internet, and brought back these photos.

No One Really Knew How Many Ghost Cities Existed In China... Until Now

China’s “ghost cities,” where towns are built at high-speed but struggle to find residents, are a well-known phenomenon. But while there are lots of pictures of these uncanny cities online, it’s really difficult to figure out how many actually exist.

Get Ready For More Ads On Instagram

Facebook is looking down the barrel of a future advertising crisis, so it’s trying to think up new ways to put “buy now” links in front of your peepers. The company’s top brass believe the answers will come from Instagram, Whatsapp, and video.

English Wikipedia Just Broke Five Million Posts

After fifteen years of providing 11th-hour copy+paste material for high schoolers, the English-language version of Wikipedia has just hit a milestone: five million articles.

The Best Creepypasta Stories To Give You Nightmares Forever

This story is completely true. It happened right here on the internet, on a night just like this.

97% Is A Short About Finding Love On Your Smartphone -- Wherever You May Be

Video: These days, you can find love anywhere — in a bar, up a mountain or sat alone on the toilet — thanks to your smartphone. This short film explores that idea: can a regular guy find his love match on a crowded commuter train?

Mark Zuckerberg Warns Of Too Much Net Neutrality

There is such a thing as too much freedom. If nothing was illegal, people would rob and kill each other! There’s no such thing as too much net neutrality, however. Unless you’re talking to the billionaire son of a dentist who’s trying to make every person on the planet sign up for his internet website.

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