New Study Shows How Deeply Awful Those 'Get The App' Web Pages Are

Those web pages that stop you getting to the information you really want in favour of asking you to Download An App are deeply annoying. But now a study by Google shows just how counter-productive they actually are for the people that put them there in the first place.

Google Is Finally Divorcing Google+

The oft-mocked Google+ is getting stripped of features that will be incorporated elsewhere into the Googleverse. Google has decided to “move some features that aren’t essential to an interest-based social experience out of Google+,” according to a post on its official blog today.

Judges Revive Claim That AT&T Overcharged Schools For Internet Service

For seven years, a Wisconsin telecom consultant has waged an unsuccessful legal fight against AT&T, alleging that the company long defrauded a federal program by overcharging the nation’s schools and libraries for Internet and telephone services.

Instagram Allegedly Hijacks Account To Give It To Soccer Star

Andres Iniesta is a Spanish soccer star, captain of FC Barcelona and player on the national team. A different Andres Iniesta is a regular guy from Madrid, and owner of the @ainiesta Instagram account. Or at least, he was.

The Following Types Of Content Are Now Rightfully Banned On Reddit

Reddit is a total mess, but the new boss is laying down the law. The site’s CEO Steve Huffman opened a traditional Ask Me Anything session this afternoon with a fairly non-traditional type of announcement. Or at least it’s non-traditional for Reddit because CEO Steve is banning specific types of content.

Is This The Colour Of Cyberspace? 

What about the colour of software? Or the web in general?

On Friday, You Can Tell Reddit Exactly How You Feel

Think you can fix Reddit? Have you come up with an amazing way for the giant internet community to stay popular, make money, and yet somehow eject the filth? On Thursday, Reddit’s own founders are hosting a very special Ask Me Anything where you can help them decide just how much free speech to allow.

It Seems Reddit Ex-CEO Ellen Pao Isn't To Blame For Site's Meltdown

If you thought that the Reddit drama had ended with the ousting of Reddit CEO Ellen Pao, think again: according to a series of posts, Pao didn’t make the decision to fire anybody: Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanion did.

You Can Read The First Chapter Of Harper Lee's New Novel Online

It’s 55 years since To Kill a Mockingbird was published, but Harper Lee’s second book, Go Set A Watchman, is about to be released. Now you can read the first chapter online.

Why Is This Bizarre Illustration Taking Over The Internet?

Back in 2011, illustrator Erica Glasier created this artwork for a Forbes article titled ‘The Bank of Facebook: Currency, Identity, Reputation‘. For reasons that no-one can find out, that image now makes up one in every 120 images on Imgur, the internet’s leading photo repository.