Research Shows Internet Shutdowns And State Violence In Syria Related

EFF has noted and protested when authorities deliberately cut off Internet access in times of unrest. As a restraint on the freedom of expression of those affected, communication blackouts during protests are unconscionable. But recent research by Anita Gohdes, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Mannheim, suggests that Internet shutdowns are becoming part of a toolkit for more violent repression.

How To Make Your Gmail Look Way, Way Better

The handful of themes offered by Gmail have let you make your inbox look less like a faceless, nameless sprawl of email and more like something you actually enjoy gazing at. And now Google has added hundreds of photos and new theme options that are going to make it look much better.

Mark Zuckerberg On VR, AI And Sending Thoughts Over The Internet

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg ran a Q&A on Facebook, answering questions about the future of the social network, its technology and the internet more generally. Here are some of the choice cuts.

Engineers Just Broke The Capacity Limit For Fibre Optic Transmission

So, that Internet apocalypse that’s going to befall us when the our fibre optic cables max out? Maybe not so much. On Thursday, engineers reported in Science that they’d broken the “capacity limit” for fibre optic transmission, opening the door to future networks that carry more data further at lower costs.

Now It's Europe's Turn To Fight For Net Neutrality

Americans won big on net neutrality in February, when the FCC voted to adopt new rules that would allow it to rein in the abusive and discriminatory practices of big telecommunications operators, such as blocking or throttling of internet data, and charging content providers for access to an internet “fast lane”.

Russia Is Banning The Internet Archive And Blaming It On Terrorism

Russian internet users can no longer time warp through internet history. This week, the Russian government blocked the Internet Archive domain — which makes the nonprofit’s popular and useful time-warping tool, the Wayback Machine, off limits.

ICANN's Tweaks To Domain Name Rules Could Put Your Privacy In Jeopardy

TG Storytime is a free community website for transgender authors, operated by Joe Six-Pack, himself a transgender author and publisher. If you look up the registration details of Joe’s domain using the WHOIS application, you get this result:

Google Has Its Own Alternative To GitHub: Cloud Source Repositories

If you work with code every day, you’re likely used to GitHub — a place to store code with all the revision history you ever need. Now, though, Google has its own take on the service, open as a beta release for you to use for free.

Meanwhile In The Future: We Banned The Internet, And Here's Why

If you’re reading this, you have access to the Internet. But what would happen if the Internet suddenly went away? And what would it take to make that happen? This week’s episode peers into the dark fantasy of many of us who work for the Internet: a world without it.

The Internets Just Exploded With Pope Francis' Climate Change Encyclical

Today Pope Francis unleashed a mighty call-to-action over climate change and other catastrophes caused by humans. This coalescence of faith and science is rare enough, but judging by the excited buzzing of social media, the Dope Pope has struck a major nerve.