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Radiohead Has Erased Itself From The Internet 

Radiohead has left the internet. The band seems to have removed its online presence, replacing its home page with a plain white screen, deleting its Twitter and Facebook history — and sending out hard copy leaflets in the post.

Instagram Does Not Want This Garbage-Reporting App To Be Called Littergram

There’s a small British app that allows people to take pictures of trash on the street then report it to local authorities so they can do something about it. But Instagram thinks that its name — Littergram — is garbage.

Amazon Is Taking More Fake Reviewers To Court

Amazon takes its reviews seriously. That much is clear from the multiple lawsuits the company has already filed against websites offering fake Amazon reviews. The latest round of legal action just reinforces that you probably shouldn’t mess with Amazon’s reviews system.

One Of Google's Loon Balloons Crashed In Chile

The internet is down in part of Chile, quite literally. One of Google’s data-spewing Loon balloons appears to have crashed in the South American country over the weekend.

Child Porn Is Being Hidden In Legal Porn Sites And It Could Land You In Trouble

Your favourite porn sites may not be quite what they appear. A report by the Internet Watch Foundation reveals that there’s been a rise in the practice of storing child abuse images within otherwise legal porn sites — and it warns that it could put regular porn viewers at risk of prosecution.

Here Are 10 Original Movie Scenes That Became Popular Memes

Ever wondered what exact scene condescending Willy Wonka came from or what Buzz and Woody were talking about in that Toy Story everywhere meme? Wonder no more. Here are 10 original movie scenes that became memes thanks to the power of the Internet and the curious filtration system it uses to transform ordinary scenes into forever bits of culture stamped with words in Impact font.

This Website Is Using Maths To Create Every Possible Patent

It’s widely accepted that the United States patent system is broken. Alexander Reben agrees, and his response has been to create a website that aims to make it harder for people to patent new ideas.

Google Fibre Is Killing Its Free Internet In Kansas City

When Google Fibre first popped up in Kansas City, it was the $US70-a-month gigabit internet package that grabbed headlines, not the 5Mbps tier that Fibre also offered for free. Hopefully, anyone who wanted free internet got on board early, because Google is now discontinuing the program.

North Korea Announces Ban On Facebook, YouTube And Twitter 

North Korea’s Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has officially announced that it’s now blocking Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and South Korean websites.

Reddit Has Subtly Said That The Government Secretly Requested User Data Last Year

Every year, Reddit publishes a transparency report detailing how many requests for information it received, along with more mundane things like copyright takedowns. What Reddit can’t say, by law, is if it’s been sent any US National Security Letters, AKA secret subpoenas. Nod nod wink wink.

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