Cuba's Illegal, Porn-Free Underground Internet Is Thriving

In Old Havana’s last remaining internet cafe, an hour online costs about almost a quarter of an average monthly salary. But armed with some piecemeal networking equipment and rebellious sensibilities, some Cuban youths have taken connectivity into their own hands.

You Can Try The So-Called YouTube Killer, Vessel, Right Now

Last week, former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar soft-launched his new subscription-based video website to content creators. Now, anyone can go and poke around and watch some video.

Who Will Win The Internet Space Race?

Up until a week ago, the crazy idea that a company would beam internet service around the entire planet from the sky was just that: a crazy idea. Then, in the span of a few days, we’ve heard details from not one but three tech behemoths that want to do just that. This fantasy is becoming a reality, and fast.

Report: Google's Finalising A $1 Billion Investment In SpaceX Internet

It looks like Google is going to throw a ten-figure sum into Elon Musk’s space internet dream. Both The Information and The Wall Street Journal report that the search giant is finalising a $US1 billion investment in SpaceX’s recently revealed effort to offer global internet service through small satellites. It’s a crazy idea that just might work.

This Is Elon Musk's Plan To Build A Space Internet

Elon Musk doesn’t dream small. That much is pretty clear from the hovering space rockets and the vacuum-tube mass transit system. But his latest brainwave, which involves covering both the Earth and Mars in a blanket of sweet, sweet internet, is downright ballsy.

Imagine If We Could Have The Internet Plan New York Just Announced...

Good news if you live in New York! Your internet is about to get faster and cheaper, and all it took was the shuffling of funds from big corporate banks to companies working hard to improve infrastructure for the good of the people — if you live in New York. Good job, New York. Your turn, everywhere else.

The White House Says Net Neutrality Laws Aren't Necessary

As the FCC prepares to finalise its net neutrality rules, the US President has become increasingly aggressive in its posture about how the process should work. On Thursday, the White House pushed back at the new Republican-led Congress by saying that net neutrality laws wouldn’t be necessary. It should be up to the FCC.

This New Website Lets You Hire A Hacker In Minutes

Need to do some digital breaking-and-entering but don’t have the skills? Don’t worry: Hacker’s List provides a space for you to find your dream hacker, ready to undertake your computer crimes for you.

Obama Wants America To Have Better Internet

In addition to laying out the framework for new cybersecurity laws, US President Barack Obama also did some dabbling in internet regulation today. Expect the FCC to get some very serious-sounding letters in the mail soon.

Can You Spot 20 Things That Happened On The Internet In 2014?

You need something fun to do. Why not stare at this rather lovely image and attempt to identify the 20 things that happened in 2014 on the internet that it depicts?

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