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E-Divorce Startup Wants To Make Splitting Up Painless

Divorce can be expensive, drawn-out and painful. But one startup is betting that it can make divorce proceedings in the US more amicable for everyone involved.

Google Rolls Out Free Gigabit Ethernet To Public Housing Locations

High-speed internet is improving across the US, but not everyone is experiencing the same level of improvement. Google wants to help solve that problem, albeit in a highly limited fashion.

Cuba Is Finally Getting Home Broadband

Cuba is one of the least-connected nations in the world. But yesterday its state telecommunications company announced that it was launching the first domestic broadband scheme in Havana.

Werner Herzog Is Right: Twitter Is Stupid

Whenever Werner Herzog says something, you should listen. Don’t just listen because the man speaks pure poetry with an alluring German accent. Listen because he’s usually smart, if a little grumpy. Case in point: he thinks Twitter is stupid.

Nest Thermostats Leaked User Data, But Don't Freak Out

It’s no secret that connected home devices are riddled with security concerns. A recent investigation into Nest thermostats leaking user data onto the internet seemed especially anxiety-inducing, given how incredibly popular the gadgets are. But the story’s not as scary as some reports might lead you to believe.

Chrome Is About To Load Web Pages Way Faster

If you like Chrome but don’t think it loads web pages fast enough, you might be in luck. Google has now readied a new compression algorithm for the browser which will squeeze web pages down by as much as 25 per cent more than it does right now.

NYC's New Public Wifi Is Obscenely Fast

Today, the first of New York City’s public, gigabit wifi hotspots opened to the public. I tried them, so take it from me: They’re insanely fast. How fast? Fast enough that Starbucks’ free internet is about to get killed.

A Single Facebook Tag Can Violate A Restraining Order, Says US Court

A New York judge has ruled that tagging someone in a Facebook post — and the subsequent notification that it generates — is enough to constitute a violation of a restraining order.

Netflix Just Bought Its Very First YouTuber

Following in the same vein as the PewDiePie announcement yesterday, today Netflix announced that it was ordering a series based on a YouTuber. This is the future of entertainment, everyone.

Disney Gave PewDiePie A Giant Pile Of Money To Give To Other YouTubers

In a flurry of buzzwords, YouTube star PewDiePie and Disney’s Maker Studios announced a partnership that brings us Revelmode. What is Revelmode? Well, that’s a little less clear.

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