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Intel's 2nd-Gen Core Processors: Mega-Media Machines

Intel’s follow-up to last year’s Core processors hasn’t exactly been a closely guarded secret. But even though the specs leaked months ago, what’s clear now about Sandy Bridge is that Intel’s taking direct aim at content.

Rumour: Core i5/i7 MacBooks Coming This Month

I’ve got plenty of questions about this report (like, who the hell is Apple Daily?), but a lot of the pieces fit: rumour has it that Core i5 and i7 MacBooks are coming this month. This would be great news, for people who want MacBooks!

Intel Core i9 Benched: Six Cores Of Pure Joy

On paper, the Core i9 might not sound that exciting: It’s a lot like the Core i7, except built with a 32nm fabrication process and two extra cores, for a total of six. Early benchmarks, though, say it flies. Sometimes.

Alienware's M15x Now Has the World's Fastest Mobile Processor

Intel’s Core i7 processor kicks arse, as we already know. Alienware is busting out an update to its M15x laptop today with the new mobile version of i7, which is to be officially unveiled today at Intel’s Developer Conference.

Stop! Five Reasons To Wait On Buying That Laptop

As a rule, you could always wait to buy a laptop, and find a better, cheaper one later. But believe me, now is one of those times when you have to. Here’s why you should wait—just two months.

Intel's Next-Gen Mobile Platforms = Awesome Time To Buy A Laptop

Windows 7’s launch is going to be a hell of a busy time for laptops. Expect a slew of higher end Intel Core i7 mobile rigs and thin notebooks powered by new dual core ULV processors when the OS ships.

Intel Explains Simplified Core I3, I5, I7 Brand Structure

Wisely, Intel has decided to simplify their overly complex brand structure by boiling things down into three main categories: “entry-level (Intel Core i3), mid-level (Intel Core i5), and high-level (Intel Core i7).”

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