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The Annual Return From The Dead Of The Commodore Brand

The Commodore name still just about lives on, even though the original owners have long since left the factory. The latest product to carry the once-great computing name is the PC64 — an all-in-one Atom PC in a C64 case.

Intel Atom Joins The Bloodhound Gang

Another piece of the rocket-powered Bloodhound 1609km/h car jigsaw has popped into place, with chip-maker Intel announcing it’ll be providing the car’s brain. But rather than using the company’s top-spec chips, Bloodhound will be powered using cheap Intel Atoms.

Are Nokia And Intel Working On A Chip Together?

Both companies are dropping clues that Nokia and Intel are working on a new mobile chip – a move that could solve serious problems for both. Intel and Nokia’s love affair, it seems, is bigger than Meego.

Next-Gen Intel Atom Processors: Not Much More Powerful

Intel revealed its new line of Atom processors today, including the “Pineview” nettop-centred ones we saw benchmarked earlier. What do they have to offer? A smaller footprint, better efficiency and not a lot more power.

Netbooks: What You Need To Know About The Next 6 Months

A bunch of great netbook upgrades are on the way—next-gen Intel processors in January; smooth HD video playback—but to spare you the brain hemorrhage of keeping track, we’ve laid it all out. Here’s what you need to know.

Atom Processor To Get The 32nm Treatment In 2011

Attention, people who like to maintain a complete mental taxonomy of every processor: Cedar Trail has been outed as the new Atom platform for 2011, with the name Cedarview going to the processor itself. Along with 32nm fabrication, some goodies:

Asus TS Mini NAS Windows Home Server Backs Up 10 PCs

Have you heard of that new service that allows you to connect to the internet at one gigabit per second to access your very own two terabytes of storage space? Me neither. That’s probably why you need the Asus TS Mini NAS.

Netbook Hackintosh Fix 10.6.2 Coming In "A Few Weeks"

When Apple killed Atom processor support in the Snow Leopard 10.6.2 update, it was one of the first times they’d actively tried to stop hobbyist hackintoshing. It was also sort of a dick move! Luckily, it’s not going to stick.

Rumour: Select Intel Atom CPU Netbooks To Be Allowed 2GB RAM

Leaks from the Pine Tree Pine Nut Pine Trail roadmap from Intel suggests that going forward, certain Atom processors will support 2GB of RAM, a jump from the previous 1GB max instituted by Intel as a measure to prevent cannibalisation between netbooks and processors in middle tiers.

VIA, ARM Still Trying To Beat Intel Atom, Get Inside Netbook Pants

Intel’s Atom processor is found in virtually every netbook, but others are still trying to get inside your mini-laptop. Independently, ARM and VIA are showing improved chips, but both most likely won’t touch what Intel has in store.

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