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The Raccoons Of Instagram -- You're Welcome 

Raccoons are the only good thing on Instagram. Feelin’ blue? Please direct yourself to the Instagram search bar and type in #RaccoonsofInstagram OR #MyPetRaccoon. Then sit back. You did it.

Apple Pulls Sketchy Password-Stealing Instagram App From App Store

The App Store is a pretty well-fenced garden, which means it’s big news when someone manages to pull off a heist. But that’s what InstaAgent, a third-party app that would let you see who was viewing your Instagram profile while skimming your password, seems to have done.

Somebody Found Wally And Put Him On Instagram

Remember Where’s Wally books? Since the 1980s, kids have spent countless hours scouring their pages for the lonely man in the red and white shirt. But in the internet age, nobody can remain lost for long. In hindsight, it was only a matter of time before someone found the elusive mime and stuck him on Instagram.

Get Ready For More Ads On Instagram

Facebook is looking down the barrel of a future advertising crisis, so it’s trying to think up new ways to put “buy now” links in front of your peepers. The company’s top brass believe the answers will come from Instagram, Whatsapp, and video.

CandyAnatomy Reveals The Sweet Complexity Of Human Reproductive Structures

University of Glasgow medical student Mike McCormick released diagrams of the female and male reproductive systems made out of all the kinds of lollies I hated as a kid.

Three Uses For Instagram That Don't Involve Photo Sharing

Instagram keeps on adding users and adding features, but there’s more to the app than sharing photos and wondering which filter is going to bring out the best in your latest collection of beach shots. Here are three alternative ways of using Instagram you may not have come across before.

My New Favourite Instagram Is Full Of The Saddest Places On Earth

Nothing soothes an aching soul like a little ennui with a dash of dark humour. That’s exactly what @sadtopographies, my new favourite Instagram account, does best. It’s literally just screenshots of the saddest places on Earth.

Instagram Has 80 Million More Users Than Twitter, Yay 

Instagram announced huge growth numbers that show more than 100 million people have joined the app in the last nine months. Twitter? Not so much.

Instagram Scenes Of The Longest-Distance Marriage Ever

You think that your long-distance relationship is hard to maintain? Then think about the marriage of Amiko Kauder NASA public affairs officer and her husband Astronaut Scott Kelly, who is halfway into his ‪‎Year In Space‬ mission.

Texts From Malcolm Reveals What Our New PM Does On His Phone All Day

Tony had his onions, but it seems like a smartphone is a far more fitting symbol for a former Communications Minister. At least that’s what Instagram account @textsfrommalcolm has gone with. It’s an account that captions photos of our new Prime Minister looking bored on his phone in Parliament, with imaginings of just who he is sending his important texts to. It seems like @textsfrommalcolm has been pro-Turnbull since day one — or at least from back in March when its first photo was posted — explaining their choice in politicians with the simple caption: ‘Because Tony Abbott doesn’t have opposable thumbs.’

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