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9 More Viral Photos That Are Completely Fake

The truth is out there. And by “out there” I mean anywhere but the internet. We see hundreds of images flash in front of our eyes every month. But these are the ones you might have seen recently that deserve a second look. Because they’re all fake.

Save Websites On Your Kindle To Catch Up On Reading

As entertaining as the internet can be, who has time to read all of it? Even employing the services of a read-it-later app such as Instapaper or Pocket can make catching up on articles difficult. What you need is a dedicated reading device, free from social media pings, email alerts, and other distractions — and that’s where Amazon’s Kindle comes in.

Playboy's First Nudity-Free Issue Targets Teens With A Snapchat Selfie

This is Sarah McDaniel, a 20-year-old Instagram celebrity. She’s on the cover of the newly nudity-free Playboy magazine, striking a very millennial pose. Notice anything odd about her eyes, though?

Secret Trick Turns Your Facebook Photos Into Awesome Text Art

We’re not exactly sure why they’re doing it yet, but a self-described ‘Web standards fanatic’ named Mathias Bynens has discovered that Facebook and Instagram are automatically making ASCII art versions of every photo you upload. And accessing the lo-fi versions of your images is super easy.

9 More Viral Photos That Are Totally Fake

Last year we debunked dozens of fake photos on the internet. So you might be wondering how 2016 might stack up in terms of volume. Well, it’s only January and this enormous fake-photo photocopying machine we like to call “the internet” shows no signs of depleting its pixelated toner anytime soon.

What Happens When A Popular Instagram Account With 8 Million Followers Posts A Picture

Video: As if you needed more proof that celebrities live in a different world than us: here’s what happens when an Instagram account with 8 million followers (this particular one shows the 433 soccer account) posts a picture and then gets deluged with likes, comments, emojis and whatever other notification. There’s no sad awkward moment before your first like from your mum, no social anxiety about social media, instead the phone becomes essentially unusable as it gets bombarded because of its popularity, like its being forced to run some sort of hacker script but it’s really just hundreds and thousands and millions of people across the world looking at their phone and double tapping on a dumb picture about nothing.

This Celebrity-Studded Instagram Petting Zoo Is A Disaster Waiting To Happen 

Instagram’s most famous animal rescue foundation is beloved by celebrities and millions of fans, and completely and utterly terrifying. Scrolling through the Black Jaguar-White Tiger™ feed is like seeing the beginning of Grizzly Man play out on social media.

Alton Brown's Cookbook 'For The Instagram Crowd' Will Be Photographed Exclusively With An iPhone

One might argue that perpetually documenting our meals with our handy camera phones has changed our relationship with eating. Now insufferable food personality Alton Brown is working on a new cookbook that will have only iPhone photography, in a crass attempt to capitalise on that trend. Yum?

Panty Thief Arrested After Using Instagram Geotagging To Hunt Women's Undies 

Here’s another reason to turn geotagging off: Police say a burglary suspect arrested in California last week used Instagram and Facebook’s geotagged posts to track his targets and steal their underwear.

Android Users Can Now Use Instagram's 3D Touch

Instragram has found a way for Android users to get the same functionality iPhone users enjoy with their 3D Touch feature. The solution? Just press longer.

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