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Record Companies To Be Dragged Before IT Pricing Inquiry

At Friday’s hearings into IT price gouging in Australia, Apple’s local MD, Tony King, tried to absolve the gadget giant of responsibility for local iTunes mark-ups by throwing the blame directly at record companies. As a result, those record companies are about to be given an opportunity to explain themselves before the Committee at yet another hearing.

Australia Tax Inquiry Live Blog: Unbelievable Testimony As It Happened

Apple, Microsoft and Adobe are all facing the music on IT Pricing. We have all the action for you right here.

How To Watch The IT Pricing Inquiry Live

Apple, Adobe and Microsoft are set to appear before the Parliamentary Inquiry into IT Pricing today to face a drilling from the Government on why they charge so much for gadgets and software in Australia. Here’s how you can watch every minute live.

Don't Believe The Adobe Price Cut Hype, It's Still Gouging You Silly

Late yesterday, we brought you the news that Adobe had buckled under the pressure of the Australia Tax inquiry brought on by the government and lowered local pricing to bring it more in line with US counterparts. You might thank benevolent Adobe for finally coming around to our way of thinking, but I’m here to tell you why you should be as angry with them as ever.

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