The U.S. Government Would Save $US400 Million If It Just Switched Typefaces

Of the many schemes to make the government more efficient, this is probably the only one that involves typography. A middle schooler in Pittsburgh has calculated that by simply switching the typeface used in government documents from Times New Roman to Garamond, it would save taxpayers $US400 million in ink.

What's The Ink In A Standard Rollerball Pen Made Of?

You probably have no idea where the ink in your pen comes from, much less whether it’s a simple factory process or demanding of more expertise. Josh Velson, a chemical engineering consultant for bio and petrochemicals, has your answer.

Graphene Ink Will Let Us Print Circuits On Pretty Much Anything

Modern miracle stuff graphene has been used by developers to print circuits on clothing, creating a genuinely wearable form of tech that doesn’t rely on bulky watches, AR glasses or sewing computers into your flesh.

These Floating Globes Of Ink And Oil Look Completely Unreal

Oil and water don’t mix. It’s an idiom that feels as old as time. But photographer Alberto Seveso found a way to get oil and ink to play nice, and the results are stunning.

This Psychedelic Fever Dream Is Made Of Ink, Soap And Oil

You may not interact with ink as much as you used to, but you have to give it credit for powering millions of pens and a crap ton of printing. We still consume a lot of media that exists because of ink. And a good way to celebrate it might be to just let it flow and see what happens. Ruslan Khasanov, a Russian graphic designer, felt the same way so he mixed ink, oil and soap to make this trippy and awesome video called Pacific Light.

These Trippy Dripping Ink Portraits Are Face-Meltingly Creepy

When you’re painting, drips are usually bad. But, if you’re clever enough, you can put ‘em to good use. That’s what artist Ben Dehaan did with his project “Uncured”, by using a print loaded with some ultraviolet cured ink to create face-melting portraits worthy of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Scientists Build Incredible Supercapacitor Using...Pen Ink?

Standard pen ink is the surprise component in a flexible carbon fibre supercapacitor which can be bent in a full circle with barely any loss of performance.

Disappearing-Ink Books Motiviate Lazy Readers To Finish Fast

A new anthology of Latin authors, forthcoming from the Argentinean publishers Eterna Cadencia, is being printed in such a way that each book practically demands its readers full attention and investment.

Printer Cartridges Come Filled With Less Ink Every Year

It’s not really a surprise. We already know that replacement inkjet cartridges are ridiculously overpriced, but it turns out that since 2010 the amount of ink included in each HP cart has been dramatically shrinking.

How The Pen Evolved From A Humble Paintbrush Into A Precise Writing Instrument

Yeah, you can those blue Bic pens in bulk if you want — a boatload costs about as much as your morning coffee. And all pens are pretty much the same, right? Of course not. Cheapo pens are much more likely to leave ink smeared across your nose, bleeding through your pants pocket, or glopping up your page.