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Mumbai's Garbage Fire Is So Huge You Can See It From Space

Image Cache: Here is a trash fire. This new image posted by the NASA Earth Observatory shows the devastating smoke cloud coming off the Deonar dumping ground in Mumbai, India. According to the report, the landfill handles 3700 metric tonnes of waste ever day, accounting for about a third of the city’s garbage.

10 Cool Travel Destinations You Need To Visit In 2016

With 2015 officially done (and its best destinations checked off your to-do list), it’s time for a brand new set of places to put your passport through its paces.

The top travel spots of 2016 offer something for everyone. There are countries celebrating major milestones, old favourites resurfacing for fresh reasons, and changes in travel restrictions that make some locations more accessible than ever. The big destinations are getting bigger. The up and coming destinations are dangling on the cusp of a tourism rush.

Mumbai Declares 15 Sites Selfie-Free After Tragic Selfie-Related Drowning

Mumbai police have established 15 “no selfie” zones around the Indian city after an 18-year-old girl drowned last week while taking a picture of herself.

China's Smog Makes Headlines But India's Is Much Worse

The red-alert issued by Beijing was lifted today as shifting weather patterns improved air quality for the first time in weeks. Although the world’s focus was on China’s skies, a dense smog is currently rendering India’s cities unrecognisable — and it’s way more dangerous.

Here's The First Airport To Run 100% On Solar Power

Cochin International in southern India is the world’s first airport to be run solely on power from the sun. It became totally energy self-sufficient in August. How’s it holding up?

Here's How New York City's Manhole Covers Are Made

There’s a certain ignored artistry to manhole covers. Millions of people walk over them every day and pay no attention to what they look like or where they’re from or how they’re made. They come from all over the world, with one of the largest exporters of manhole covers being in Howrah, India. The methods they use there to forge these street caps seem to come from a different era. It’s so fascinating to watch the process and the stamps and the molten metal and the design and the the literal leg work required to make them.

India Is Training 'Quacks' To Do Real Medicine -- Here's Why

Aditya Bandopadhyay has treated the sick for more than twenty years. He works in the village of Salbadra, in the state of West Bengal, India. He has no degree in medicine.

How To Desalinise Water Using Half The Energy Of Traditional Methods

In the next ten years, Earth’s population is expected to increase by one billion, and only three percent of our planet’s water is fit for drinking or farming. Most of that relatively small amount is trapped in frozen glaciers. But Egyptian researchers have developed a way of removing the salt out of sea water for our growing population in a way that’s super energy efficient.

A Huge Earthquake Has Just Hit Northern Afghanistan

A major earthquake has hit northern Afghanistan. It was also felt in Pakistan and northern India.

Indian Uber Driver Found Guilty Of Raping Female Passenger

A court in Delhi has found Uber driver Shiv Kumar Yadav guilty of raping a 25-year-old woman in his taxi.

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