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This Launch Of 20 Satellites At Once Is All The Space Porn You Need Today

India just sent 20 satellites into space at once, the most the country has ever launched in a single go. The record is certainly impressive. The photo documentation of the satellites blasting off to the heavens is simply incredible.

The Images From India's First Ever Space Shuttle Launch Are Astonishing

Yesterday, India launched its very first reusable space shuttle. These remarkable photos illustrate just how majestic the teensy shuttle looked as it took off.

India Just Launched An Adorable Mini Shuttle Into Space

India is joining the reusable space race. Its space agency has today launched a small space shuttle, that will be used to test the country’s plans for creating a spacecraft that can be used multiple times.

India Experienced Its Hottest Ever Recorded Temperature Of 51C

India is currently in the grips of severe heat wave and relentless drought, which shows little sign of abating. On Thursday, the country struggled through its hottest ever recorded day, with temperatures hitting 51C.

Stan Lee Conquers Bollywood As His Superhero 'Chakra The Invincible' Gets A Live-Action Movie

Even after Stan Lee left Marvel he never stopped creating superheroes, and now one of those newer creations is coming to the big-screen. The animated superhero Chakra the Invincible is turning into a live-action Bollywood movie.

Every Phone Sold In India Will Soon Have A Panic Button For Women's Safety

In an attempt to promote women’s safety, every single mobile phone sold in India from 2017 onward must include a panic button, the country’s Ministry of Communications and Technology announced on Monday.

For The First Time In A Century, Wild Tiger Populations Are Beginning To Rebound

Here’s some excellent news from conservationists: after decades of decline, wild tiger populations are beginning to rebound. That’s the consensus that will be unveiled this week at the Third Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation, held in New Dehli.

Delhi's Car Ban Experiment Didn't Improve Air Quality That Much, But It Should Still Be Permanent

Earlier this year Delhi’s air pollution was so bad that the government banned half its cars from streets for 15 days. The policymaker who came up with the idea says the ban should be 365 days a year — but not because it improved air quality all that much.

The World's Cheapest Smartphone Costs $5

This is the Freedom 251. It gets the name from its rather modest 251-rupee price tag, which equates to about $5. And you know what? Its specs aren’t too bad, either.

Marc Andreessen Did A Magnificently Bad Tweet 

Facebook board director, venture capitalist and proof-of-concept egg/human hybrid Marc Andreessen has carried out a most impressive feat — a tweet so bad he simultaneously destroyed Facebook’s party line about its Free Basics program and implied that India would be better off still ruled by England.

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