Sketchy Israeli Company Uses Copyright Law As An Intimidation Tactic 

An Israeli company called Flash Network is fighting dirty against people who called it out for sneaky javascript injections. It’s a prime example how companies use copyright laws to threaten and intimidate anyone who criticises them.

India's Recent Heat Wave Was Brutal

India is known for becoming a sweltering furnace in May, but last month was exceptionally brutal, with temperatures hovering 5°C above normal for nearly two weeks. By 4 June, the heat wave had claimed over 2500 lives, making it the fifth deadliest in recorded history.

India's Air Pollution Is So Bad It's Causing Lung Damage In Kids

The deadly heatwave that swept through India this week has melted streets with its searing 47°C temperatures. But it’s also making life even worse for its cities’ most vulnerable residents — the millions of Indian children suffering from lung damage due to the toxic urban air.

Photos Of India's Deadly, Street-Melting Heat Wave

An extreme heat wave with temperatures reaching 48C has killed at least 1118 people over the past week in India, where hot air, molten asphalt, dust storms are making life almost unbearable.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Just Plain Bad At Net Neutrality

Mark Zuckerberg means well. Or at least the billionaire says he does in a recent blog post about net neutrality and the Facebook-backed nonprofit Long story short, publishers in India are pulling their content from the app over apparent net neutrality violations, and well, Zuck’s reaction is pretty much: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Police In India Will Use Weaponised Pepper Spray Drones On Protesters 

Indian police recently purchased five drones so they could dump pepper spray on protesters during political demonstrations. The police force in Lucknow, India (population two million) is prepping the drones to start releasing pepper spray as a form of crowd control, starting next month.

Monkeys Can't Stop Eating India's Delicious Fibre Optic Cables

Right now, India’s in the middle of launching a massive, $US18 billion plan to finally bring the country’s shoddy internet up to speed. There’s just one little problem: Adorable monkeys just can’t stop eating its delicious, delicious data cables.

Holi: India's Most Colourful Festival

The town of Pushkar in Rajasthan is supposed to have the most colourful celebration of Holi, the Hindu festival of colours. So, we packed up a trio of Royal Enfields and rode there from Mumbai.

India's Border Patrol Performs Incredible Feats On Motorbikes

I’m 99.9 per cent sure that I’m neither qualified nor eligible to join India’s Border Security Force, but if I could, I would demand to be assigned to the Daredevil Team. This week, the Daredevil Team dressed in fatigues and donned helmets — safety first! — to wow the crowds at the India Republic Day parade. And wow.

Awesome Kids Solve Maths Calculations Shaking Their Fingers In The Air

These Indian kids don’t need a calculator to solve mathematical operations in just seconds. They do it all in their heads using a mental abacus — an old Asian technique that allows them to visualise an imaginary abacus and operate it to perform the calculations.