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Researcher Can Hack Aeroplanes Through In-Flight Entertainment Systems

If you’re about to get on an aeroplane, you might want to wait until you land before you read this post. Because cyber security whiz Ruben Santamarta says he has devised a method that can give hackers access to a passenger jet’s satellite communications equipment through the passenger Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment systems.

Sex 'N Spas: The Future Of In-Flight Entertainment

Careening through the air 10,000m above the ground can be a brutal experience. To help us cope, airlines have evolved some pretty sophisticated on-demand entertainment in the form of games, movies, internet and the occasional backrub. Here’s a look at some of the ambitious ideas that got us there, the failures along the way, and concepts we might see in the future.

The New American Airlines And A Glimpse At Its Techie Future

American Airlines has today revealed its plans for a “New American” with a fresh redesign of its livery, which hasn’t been updated since 1968 and a handful of tidbits about its techie new future. The new paint job can be seen on its new Boeing 777-300 when it takes flight at the end of the month.

Swapping TVs For iPads Makes Planes 7% Lighter

What would happen if you ripped out all the TVs and associated wiring from a plane and gave everyone an iPad instead? Well, we just found out: the plane becomes 7 per cent lighter and saves a heap of fuel as a result.

First Look At Jetstar's iPad Entertainment System

It’s been talked about since June last year, but Jetstar has finally rolled out its in-flight entertainment system that utilises the iPad. The new service will begin rolling out on planes from tomorrow (November 9), and should be available across the Australia-based Jetstar fleet from December. So what do you get for your money? Lifehacker gives you a detailed tour of the system.

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner Uses Android For Entertainment

Boeing’s decided to stick a little green monster in its long-awaited, recently certified 787 Dreamliners. All 787s currently in production are being fitted with Android servers and touchscreens, which will be available in economy through first class.

American Airlines Adds Wireless Movies To All Its 767s

You can take that issue of SkyMall and choke yourself with it, because American Airlines flights are now a little more fun! TechCrunch reports AA is pushing its Gogo streaming video service to all 767s, offering 100 films and episodes.

Samsung Galaxy Tab For American Airlines' First-Class Bourgeoisie

Not only is American Airlines offering in-flight streaming on passengers’ devices, they’re also stocking the first class cabin with 6000 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets in total.

American Airlines To Offer In-Flight Streaming To Your Device

Indulging in in-flight entertainment on American Airlines is going to get much easier – you’ll never have to stare at a stupid little screen on the the back of the head rest of the passenger in front of you ever again.

The Future Of Gaming At 35,000 Feet

The future of airborne gaming may include a full-sized monitor, surround sound and plenty of legroom, if you’ve got the cash to drop on a plush, “Not For Wimps” airline seat.

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