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Drone Footage Shows Massive New Border Fence Between Hungary And Serbia

Hungarian police are erecting a 175km razor wire fence along the border between Hungary and Serbia. This depressing video from Drone Media Studio shows how the beautiful countryside is being destroyed — literally and figuratively — by anti-immigration policies.

X-Ray Photos Reveal Child Being Smuggled Was Hidden Inside A Suitcase 

This is crazy. An eight-year-old boy from the Ivory Coast was being smuggled into Spain while being hidden inside a suitcase. Apparently, the boy’s father had paid a 19-year-old girl to carry the boy in the luggage from Morocco to neighbouring Ceuta, a Spanish city in Africa. This was a bad plan that could have ended horribly for everyone.

This Floating Barge City Is The Most Far-Flung Immigration Solution Yet

Immigration reform is a huge issue in countries like Australia and the United States. We’ve seen a bevy of realistic proposals for dealing with a system that many describe as “broken”. But Blueseed, a group of entrepreneurs aiming to build a floating city off the US west coast to house foreign tech workers who can’t obtain visas, is definitely the wildest.

Weddings Via Skype Are On The Rise -- Along With Questions Of Consent

You’ve been dreaming of this day your entire life. You and your one true love will be joining your eternal souls in the resplendent, holy matrimony of… a Google+ hangout. Scenes like this used to be pretty rare (and usually involved deployed military members), but as the New York Times points out, proxy weddings via internet have become increasingly common — and increasingly controversial with the questions of immigrant marriage fraud and legitimate consent at the forefront.

Australian Government Employees Are Pirating Movies And Porn Via BitTorrent

Stealing office supplies is one thing, but using the office internet connection to download pirated movies, music and porn is something entirely different, especially if you’re a member of the Australian Public Service. Here are just a few people we caught downloading copyrighted material using State and Federal government connections. There’s everything from movies to porn on this list.

UK Customs Confuses Wikipedia And WikiLeaks

Is it flattering to have people mistake you for Julian Assange? That’s what happened to Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, who confused UK border controls when they thought the Wikipedia man was notorious international man of mystery Assange.

A Soul-Crushing Computer Glitch

This is how the State Department informed 22,000 people they were not, in fact, eligible for a special US visa program after a computer glitch bungled the lottery:

Immigrant Smugglers Using SMS To Avoid Capture

The path across the border from Mexico is a treacherous, often deadly one. To avoid capture, many paid guides are giving groups of northbound illegal immigrants some tech-omniscience – SMS recon, aimed at helping avoid US patrols and other dangers.

The Immigration Con Man Who Built A Fake Army

What would you do to stay in the country you love? Would you trust a fellow foreigner – ;someone from your homeland – with your future, paying him up to $US450 to join his US Army unit and get a fast-track to citizenship? These desperate, deceived immigrants did just that.

Immigrants Caught Using Dive Scooters To Cross US Border

According to Reuters, US border patrol recently picked up two illegal immigrants who used dive scooters to cross from Mexico to California. This has to be the most thrilling personal sea scooter episode since that fight in Thunderball.

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