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Transparent, Glow-In-The-Dark Mice Are A Scientist's Dream Come True

Generally, if scientists want to see how a living thing functions in high resolution, they need to slice it into tiny pieces first. Now, there’s a powerful and bizarre new tool in researchers’ arsenals. Warning: Graphic.

Radar Scans Beamed To Earth Via Laser Can See Ships In Almost Real-Time

This grainy black-and-white image may not look like much, but it’s a record-breaker. A radar scan acquired by satellite and beamed back to Earth by laser, it allowed the European Space Agency (ESA) to identify ships off the coast of Brazil in less than 18 minutes — without any satellite ground stations nearby.

This Is What You See When You Scan A Forest With Lasers

Do not adjust your monitor. This is a perfectly normal forest, but it happens to be the view that’s seen through the eyes of a 3D laser scanning system developed by a company called Treemetrics.

Tiny Bubbles Can Help Ultrasound See Blood Vessels In Amazing Detail

A new ultrasound technique that uses tiny micro-bubbles to help improve the contrast of its images is capable of producing highly detailed pictures of blood vessels inside living animals.

This Artificial Neural Network Will Tell You If Your Selfies Suck

Ever wondered how your own selfies compare against the internet’s vast amount of artistically crafted narcissism-laden self portraits? Turns out, there’s an AI for that.

How Neurosurgeons Can Now Look At Your Brain Through Your Eyes

For many years scientists have been trying to find a way to measure the pressure in a patient’s brain without having to drill a hole in the person’s skull. Although this remains the most reliable way to measure pressure in the brain it is invasive, expensive and comes with the risk of infection and bleeding.

Here's An Anatomical Structure We've Never Seen In The Penis Before

You already know that a penis has arteries to bring blood to its erectile tissues, and veins that take the blood away again when it returns to its normal flaccid state. You may not know that there’s another set of vessels tucked under its skin. We just got our first good look at them.

Left In The Brain: The Potentially Toxic Residue From MRI Drugs

Researchers raise alarms about unknown health risks of GE’s Omniscan and Bayer’s Magnevist, drugs injected to get better MRI pictures that contain the heavy metal gadolinium.

Watch Doctors Jam This Tiny Camera Inside My Knee Joint

Diagnosis is hard. Especially when it comes to joint injuries. Doctors can make educated guesses based on your symptoms, to be really sure, they have got to look inside. While MRI is the most popular option, it’s expensive, time-consuming, and not particularly accurate. That’s why this new, miniaturized camera that can be stuck inside your joint is such a big deal.

How We Can Use Light To See Inside The Human Body

Human flesh is opaque. As any good dictionary will tell you, that means it has the quality of “not transmitting light; being impenetrable to sight.” Well, forget that: scientists now can use light to see inside objects that were traditionally off-limits to the human eye — including our bodies.

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