How We Can Use Light To See Inside The Human Body

Human flesh is opaque. As any good dictionary will tell you, that means it has the quality of “not transmitting light; being impenetrable to sight.” Well, forget that: scientists now can use light to see inside objects that were traditionally off-limits to the human eye — including our bodies.

How Tiny Microbubbles Can Reveal The Hidden Structures Within Us

Bubbles in the blood may sound like a bad idea — but if they’re small, they can actually prove useful instead of dangerous. This is image shows how they can be used to create images of our blood vessels with unprecedented detail.

Physicists Figure Out How To Take Photographs In Near-Total Darkness

Tens of thousands of photons go into making up each pixel in your standard cat photo. That’s because existing cameras — even infrared night-vision ones — rely on many, many photons of light to create an image. But now physicists have photographed in almost pitch blackness, where there on average is less than one photon of light per pixel.

Monster Machines: The Super-Imaging Satellite That Will Double Google Maps Resolution

The quality of commercial space-based imagery is about to take a quantum leap forward with yesterday’s successful launch of the Worldview-3 satellite. It’s powerful enough to count chickens from orbit. It’s a true monster machine.

First Satellite To Capture High-Res Public Images Is Ready For Launch

In mid-June, the U.S. government relaxed its previously strict rules on high-definition satellite imaging, allowing mapping services like Google Maps to scale up to a higher resolution. DigitalGlobe led the charge in changing the U.S. ruling in part because of its upcoming Worldview-3 satellite, which will provide the first public high-resolution photos of our planet.

Monster Machines: The World's Strongest MRI Will Be Able To Pick Up A Tank

The stronger an MRI machine’s magnetic field is, the better image resolution and refresh rates it is able to achieve. While most medical-grade MRIs today top out between 1.5 and 3 Tesla, the unit measure of magnetic field strength, GE has recently constructed a unit with the whopping power of 7 Tesla. But that’s nothing compared to the power of the INUMAC.

This Camera Films At The Speed Of Light

And you thought watching The Hobbit in 60fps was weird? At 15 billion fps, this camera from Heriot Watt University captures video so fast that you can actually watch individual photons move across a room and reconstruct the form of objects around corners based only on the light that they scatter.

Monster Machines: This Hyperspectral Eye In The Sky Gives Police Planes X-Ray Vision

Unless your home planet is Krypton, seeing through solid objects is a bit of a challenge. However, with these airborne infrared peepers, everyone from law enforcement to the military to energy production companies will soon be able to spot hidden dangers in real-time.

Every Neuron In A Brain Recorded In 3D On A Millisecond Timescale

To learn how the whole brain works, it doesn’t do to just record from one neuron — you want to know what every single neuron is doing every millisecond. Now scientists have invented a technique that can actually capture the 3D activity of an entire brain milliseconds at the time — possibly the most complete picture of brain activity we’ve ever had.

X-Ray Holographs Can See Moving Objects The Size Of A Virus

When it comes to imaging microscopic objects, you have to make a decision: do you want high resolution images of stationary objects, or coarse images of moving ones? Fortunately, X-ray holography means that may not be the case much longer.