X-Ray Holographs Can See Moving Objects The Size Of A Virus

When it comes to imaging microscopic objects, you have to make a decision: do you want high resolution images of stationary objects, or coarse images of moving ones? Fortunately, X-ray holography means that may not be the case much longer.

CyArk Wants To Digitally Preserve 500 Heritage Sites In Just Five Years

Imagine creating a 3D digital archive of 500 of the world’s most at-risk heritage sites, preserved in virtual reality so that future generations can explore them in detail for centuries to come. That’s exactly what the CyArk 500 Challenge hopes to achieve — and it’s set itself the ambitious target of doing it in just five years.

Monitoring Gene Activity Across Thousands Of Cells Sure Is Pretty

Scientists have developed a new technique that allows them to visualise gene activity in thousands of cell, simultaneously. That will allow them to understand how our cells function like never before — and it looks damn pretty too.

Canon's Experimental Video Sensor Sees The World In Utter Darkness

Back in March, Canon showed off an in-development video sensor that could capture the details of a scene in almost no light. The results were primitive, but impressive. A new video clip of fireflies in a dark forest shows the progresses Canon is making, and it’s pretty amazing.

A Brief Tour Of Canon's Massive Showroom Of Wonders

Canon USA’s brand-new Long Island headquarters doesn’t just house boardrooms, cubicles, and water coolers. It’s also where the venerable camera company maintains its giant showroom, in which every current Canon product — plus a plethora of other imaging technology tidbits — is on prominent display. We took a trip out there last week; here’s a taste of what we found.

How Scientists Hacked A Normal Microscope Into A Gigapixel Superscope

Microscopes are a dime a dozen in universities, so there’s plenty of fun to be had hacking ‘em any way you can — like a team of researchers from Caltech, who have developed a cheap and easy way to increase their resolution by a factor of 100.

Taking X-Rays Of Women In Corsets Was A Haunting Use Of New Technology

Any tech that allows humans a new type of insight is inevitably turned on ourselves. We want to know what else we can find out from peering in on our bodies or minds in a new way. Of course, X-ray machines were pretty much used from the start for that purpose, but it’s amazing to see these 1908 photos examining how a fashion trend was impacting health.

Incredible Thermal Imaging Video Of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev In Hiding

We previously saw the stunning thermal images that helped police confirm that Boston Marathon bombing suspect was indeed hiding in a boat, under a tarp. Now, the raw video of the camera in action has been released. It’s absolutely mesmerising.

First Ever Cellular-Level Video Of A Whole Brain Working

This video is the first time scientists have ever been able to image the whole brain of a vertebrate creature in such a way that you can see individual cells and simultaneously how they’re firing and behaving in real time. This is how the brain really, really works — and it’s amazing.

Stunning First Images From The World's Most Powerful Digital Camera

Sitting on top of a mountain in Chile is the world’s most powerful digital camera. Known as the Dark Energy Camera, it has been fired up in an attempt to find the exotic stuff that gets all physicists excited. These are the first images it has produced.