What Is This?

The first thing I thought when I saw this was “nice abstract painting”. So pretty and delicate. But it’s not. Like Steve Coogan says in The Trip: “You can’t paint this. I mean, you can, but it would be rubbish.” What is it?

Colour Printer With World's Highest Resolution Fits Images On A Human Hair

This image might look a little grainy to you, but you really should give it a chance. What you’re looking at is the output from the world’s highest resolution colour printer, and it’s actually an extreme close-up of an image that measures just 50 micrometers across — the same width as a human hair.

Aussie Team Captures Shadow Of A Single Atom

This isn’t a wallpaper design from the seventies, or a close-up picture of the sun. Though it might look a little garish in orange, what you’re actually looking at is the first ever recorded image of an atom’s shadow.

All Your Digital Comics Just Went HD

Reading comics on the new iPad’s retina screen is about to get a lot better. New comics from Marvel, DC, Image and other major comic publishers are all available in retina-level resolution, and back issues and indie comics should follow suit very shortly.

Aussie Solar Storm Pic Is Pretty And Informative

If I recall the saying correctly, “Red sky at night… mean that the sheep are on fire.”. This isn’t a case of burning quadrupeds, though, but a shot taken by NASA near Flinders of Last week’s Solar storm. And it’s not just a good looking shot.

Windows XP's Iconic Bliss Desktop Has Lost Some Of Its Bliss

A good desktop image is hard to find. Microsoft did very well with the default pretty “Bliss” Windows XP desktop, but that was years ago. The site where the photo was taken? It’s not quite as pretty as it once was.

Those Smiling Monkey Pictures Are Likely Public Domain

We can all breathe a sigh of relief as those macaque monkey pictures may belong in the public domain. Neither the photographer nor the news agency that published the images can claim a copyright because they did not create them.

The Entire Internet On A Floppy Disk

It really speaks to our youthful naivety when we could imagine ourselves shrilling, “ooh, the Internet is all in this awesome, pocketable floppy disk. We have arrived”! Though I guess some of our parents and even un-techsavvy friends would still believe such a thing. [Unplggd]

Holding An Exploded Water Balloon

Edward Horsford has taken a series of high-speed pictures that captures a water balloon…without the balloon. The shots are snapped at the point of explosion, when the balloon skin breaks open. It looks like he’s somehow holding a ball of water.