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NASA Photos Show The Devastation Brought By The King Fire

The King Fire in California has been burning for just 12 days now, but that’s been long enough for the fire to eat up hundreds of thousands of acres and destroy a number of properties. This NASA photo of the area puts all that into perspective.

This Spectacular Shot Was Not Grabbed From Some New Movie

Briefly: It’s hard to believe, but this spectacular shot was not grabbed from some brand new Hollywood movie. This Army Air Corps Apache took part in this dramatic display at the Royal International Air Tattoo at Royal Air Force air base, Fairford, UK.

This Incredible Aurora Is 2014's Best Astronomy Photograph

Another year, and another set of winners of the Royal Observatory’s Best Astronomy Photographer. This year’s overall winner is this insane shot of an aurora captured over a glacier, which is so other-wordly it looks like it was made with special effects.

Now You Can Hang The Most Badass Aviation Photo Ever On Your Wall

Not long ago Lockheed Martin posted on its Instagram account the most badass aviation photograph ever. Just look at it.

This Magestic Mess Is Lake Gairdner National Park In Australia

Briefly: This majestic mess of curves and swirls isn’t modern art but Lake Gairdner National Park in Australia. Hot and dry in the summer but a flooded salt lake in the wet, it’s perhaps most majestic when seen from this angle. [ESA]

The Antonov An-124 Is A Bishop Of Aviation

Briefly: Here is the evidence that the Antonov An-124 — the world’s second heaviest operating cargo aircraft — is a bishop of aviation. Just look at its, err, mitre.

A Mastiff Armoured Vehicle Being Loaded Onto A C-17 Globemaster

When I first saw this photo of a Mastiff armoured vehicle being loaded onto a C-17 Globemaster, I thought: this is how a Transformer probably looks in its mother’s mechanical womb.

This Is A Swirling Thermal Tornado Rising From Iceland's Volcano

It may look cold in blue, but you’re looking at a swirling 1km-high tornado of hot gas, imaged using an infrared camera, as it rose from a fissure on Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano.

All Systems Are Go For This C-17 Pilot's Night Of Iraqi Relief Flights

Briefly: The US Air Force and its allies have been regularly dropping humanitarian aid packages in support of towns and communities besieged by ISIS. On August 31, a USAF photographer captured this stunning image of Capt. Erica Stooksbury, of the the 816th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron, prepping her C-17 Globemaster for a relief mission over Amirli, Iraq.

Space Ophthalmologists Inspect The Eye Of A Brand New Spacecraft

A group of space ophthalmologists inspect the eye of a brand new spacecraft, which is going to see farther, and going to take better images of our universe, than any of its predecessors. So what is going on in this photo taken in May 2014?

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