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The Movie You Really Want To See This Weekend

Briefly: In the mood for a futuristic film this weekend? Something with a lot of explosions and a little bit of sexy stuff? Something randy? Here’s the latest summer blockbuster you didn’t know you wanted.

The World's Largest Floating Prison Is In New York City

Docked off the Bronx in Long Island Sound, the Vernon C. Bain Correctional Center prison barge is recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest operational prison ship in the world. Yet many people might be surprised to find out it exists.

Not A Jellyfish. Nor A Sperm.

Briefly: This is a cloud formed by a Russian Soyuz rocket as it rose through the thin air of near space on the morning of Tuesday 8 July. The cross, right at the top of the formation, was made by the Soyuz’s four boosters, as their plumes ballooned out in the thin air. [Roscosmos via New Scientist]

Did You See The Meteor Over Melbourne Last Night? Twitter Did [Video!]

There must have been some eager stargazers out tonight in Melbourne and parts of Sydney! A bright meteorite with a long tail reportedly streaked across the sky at 9:45pm AEST. Did you see it? Update: now with awesome video!

You Get Three For One In This Striking Image Of Saturn

Briefly: You get three-for-one in this striking image of Saturn: its north polar vortex and hexagon along with its expansive rings. It was captured by Cassini’s wide-angle camera earlier this year. [NASA]

Nope, This Isn't An Oil Painting

Briefly: It’s the windswept valleys of Northern Africa as photographed by Flight Engineer Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency. Pretty, huh? [NASA]

Japan's Super Typhoon Neoguri Looks Terrifying From Space

This is the super typhoon, dubbed Neoguri, that’s currently threatening Japan. It looks intimidating, even from the comfort of the International Space Station.

This Is What Telstra CEO David Thodey Does In An Average Day

Image Cache: Ever wonder what the head of a major telco gets up to in a day? Telstra followed its dear leader, David Thodey, around with a camera on one such day and documented his various movements. Surprise, surprise: he’s a busy guy.

Look At The Aurora Borealis Lighting Up A Frozen Icelandic Cave

It looks like something out of a movie, but it’s very much real life. You’re looking at the Aurora Borealis as they illuminate a huge cave in Iceland. It’s pretty humbling.

Think Unboxing Your New Phone Or Tablet Is Cool?

Briefly: Think unboxing your new phone or tablet is cool? How about a space plane? This is the moment that European Space Agency scientists saw their IXV Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle for the first time after it arrived in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, last week. That’s quite a package to open. [ESA]