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An Aircraft Carrier Commander's Last Day In The 'Office'

Image Cache: This photo of Captain Christopher Bolt preparing for his last flight looks like a painting, bringing together Bolt’s monochrome profile and the ragged reflection of the carrier’s megastructure on the coating of plane window.

Awesome Photo Of A F-15 Being Refueled From The Air Fuel Tankers Perspective

Image Cache: What a view. Here’s a KC-135 Stratotanker refuelling a F-15 in the air from the perspective of the air tanker. Actually, it’s almost like seeing the whole process from the perspective of the boom, as we see the probe arm reach into the receptacle. It’s such an awesome angle.

Enjoy An Endless Day On Charon

As the New Horizons spacecraft approached Pluto this summer, it sent back photos from all angles, allowing us to reconstruct an entire day on the dwarf planet. Not one to play favorites, NASA has now gone and done the same for Charon, Pluto’s crater-ridden moon.

The Fingerprints Of Water On Sand Are Like A Living Organism

Image Cache: Nature is filled with repeating patterns. Take this image of dried-up riverbeds in Oman, which could just as easily be the subterranean root structure of a giant tree, or the threadlike tendrils of a fungal mycelia network, or a microscopic collection of neurons.

Enceladus And Dione Look Stunning In The Latest Cassini Image

Image Cache: Is anything more striking than this family portrait of Dione and Enceladus? The two Saturnian moons are night and day when you put them side by side, and yet they’re made from the exact same material.

These Paratroopers Look So Peaceful While They're In The Air

Image Cache: Heads up! If you were anywhere near San Gregorio in Spain on November 4, you could have seen a slew of American paratroopers emerge from the back of a C-17 Globemaster III and drift serenely down to Earth.

Pluto Shows Its Principal Colours In This Psychedelic Shot

Image Cache: Do not adjust your monitors. While this view of Pluto looks like it’s all screwed up, in fact it’s an image from New Horizons that brings out the subtle variations in colour on its surface.

Peace Never Hides For Long

Image Cache: In this gorgeous concept art, Karl Ellis gives us a peek at a world that is almost like Earth, but not quite. At the base of that gravity-defying rock column, you can see the glowing cave mouths where someone is settling in for a peaceful evening.

These Are The Best Architectural Images Of The Year

Image Cache: The winners of the 2015 Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards were announced last week as part of the the World Architecture Festival — and the results are predictably stunning.

This Is What The Orion Service Module's Propulsion System Looks Like

Image Cache: Now this is some engineering. You’re looking at a model — though sadly, not a working one — of the propulsion systems that will power the Orion European Service Module (ESM).

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