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Briefly: A Radar Image Of Tokyo

This radar image of Tokyo was acquired by the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-1A satellite earlier this year. The data is so accurate that it can monitor ground movements down to a few millimetres — which helps urban planners know where they can and can’t build. [ESA]

A Spectral Sunset Over A Creepy War Plane

Briefly: A spectral sunset over a creepy war plane. Airmen from the 1st Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron work on an AC-130U Spooky Gunship at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in California on November 3. [Senior Airman Christopher Callaway/US Air Force]

Graphene Foam Sure Looks Stunning Up Close

This isn’t some tortured starfish or CGIed brain synapse. You’re looking at an extreme close-up of graphene foam, captured using an electron microscope.

These Are Real Monsters Of War

Briefly: These are real monsters of war. Members of 34 Regiment Squadron from RAF Leeming firing a .50 calibre heavy machine gun mounted on a Mastiff armoured vehicle, during a night time live firing exercise at Warcop Ranges in Cumbria, UK. [Cpl Babbs Robinson / RAF / MoD / Crown]

The Sahara Desert Sure Looks Unwelcoming

The Sahara desert, over southeastern Algeria, sure looks unwelcoming. With humans unwilling to spend weeks surveying such a space, satellites do the job for them. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they’re revealing evidence of soil degradation and overwhelming dehydration — a result of the area seeing less than 10 mm of rainfall per year. [ESA]

Galaxy ESO 137-001 Tears Through Its Neighbours

Briefly: Galaxy ESO 137-001 tears through its neighbours in the vast Norma cluster, in the process losing most of the gas it needed to make the its generation of stars. Stellar suicide, in other words. [ESO/M. Fumagalli via New Scientist]

An Aerial Photo Of The Western Antarctic Ice Sheet

Briefly: Newly formed sea ice in the Bellingshausen Sea next to an iceberg on November 5, 2014. NASA’s Operation IceBridge took this aerial photograph of a calving front of the Western Antarctic ice sheet on a science flight out of Punta Arenas, Chile. The flight plan was designed to collect data on changes in ice elevation along the coast. [NASA/Digital Mapping System]

NASA Captured The Lonely Last Journey Of An Aircraft Carrier

This is the loneliest funeral march I’ve ever seen. This photo from November 5 was taken during a NASA mission called Operation IceBridge, the goal of which is to survey polar ice. But it also captured the aircraft carrier USS Constellation (CV-64), a Kitty Hawk-class supercarrier being towed by comparatively tiny tugboats.

Sometimes Even Giants Need A Little Tenderness

Briefly: Just look at the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) transiting the Elizabeth River, at Portsmouth, Virginia, shepherded by four tiny tugboats. The huge vessel was photographed en route to Norfolk Naval Shipyard, on November 5.

Hubble's Latest Images Reveal A Rich Seam Of Galaxies

Hubble’s latest images reveal the detail of a super-rich galaxy cluster called Abell 1413. Isn’t it damn pretty?

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