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Replica Of Syria's Arch Of Triumph Built In London From 3D Scans

The ancient Syrian city of Palmyra has been liberated, but many of its features have been destroyed by Islamic State. Now, a team of archaeologists has created a replica of the city’s Arch of Triumph in London, based on 3D scans of the structure.

Stunning Image Of The Arctic Is The First Back From Europe's Latest Satellite

Image Cache: The European Space Agency launched its latest satellite at the start of the week, and it’s already beaming back beautiful images like this one.

Every Metropolis Should Have A Wildlife Reserve Like This

Image Cache: This is the Woodberry Wetlands in the Borough of Hackney in London. Every city should have something like this: A quiet haven just moments from the bustle of city life in which nature can thrive.

Four Laser Beams Will Create The World's Most Powerful Fake Stars

Image Cache: Set lasers to star mode. The European Southern Observatory’s Paranal Observatory in Chile now has four powerful laser beams with which to create artificial stars in the night sky.

Why On Earth Are Saturn's Rings Crossing Each Other?

Image Cache: If this feels like an optical illusion, your Saturn sense is dead on. The gas giant’s rings don’t crisscross at 90 degree angles. They do, however, cast shadows, a fact which the latest shot from the Cassini spacecraft illustrates beautifully.

You've Never Seen Insect Portraits Like These

Image Cache: Does it come as any surprise that a portrait photographer’s hobby would still be photography? Given that Levon Biss didn’t have room for an entire portrait studio at home, he turned to shooting insects in his spare time. But his macro setup and skills have resulted in some of the most spectacular insect portraits you’ll ever see.

The Year's Best World Photography Is Out Of This World

Image Cache: Every year, the Sony World Photography Awards round up the best amateur and professional photographs from across the globe. This year, some of the winners look like they could have been taken on another planet altogether.

These 19th Century Drawings Of Planets Are Abstract Wonders

Image Cache: The New York Public Library is a treasure trove of public domain images. Among them are the Trouvelot Astronomical Drawings, which have images of space as observed throughout the late 1800s. Above is Mars from 1877, which looks less like we see in NASA images and more like an artist’s impression an octopus stuck in a fishbowl.

NASA's New Garage Looks Like The Inside Of The Death Star

Image Cache: This immense steel structure looks like the Death Star’s interior from Star Wars Episode VI. But you’re actually looking up and into High Bay 3 of the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

An Erupting Volcano Is Even Cooler When Seen From Space

Image Cache: ISS astronaut Tim Peake recently snapped a photo of an erupting volcano on Russia’s far east coast. It’s so clear you can even see how the snow has melted around its peak.

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