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The Best View Of The New Bosporus Bridge Is From A US Destroyer

The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be the third bridge over the Bosporus connecting Europe and Asia. This foggy early morning view of its two pylons was captured from the USS Jason Dunham guided-missile destroyer when it was leaving the Black Sea on April 14, 2015.

I Really Want To Hike Across This Landscape, But It's On Mars

This aerial view shows all kinds of exposed geological features that are waiting to be explored: long rugged ridges, plunging great craters and even the occasional wide flat plain. Sadly, it’s at least 54 million kilometres away.

Just Read The Instructions Is Waiting For Another SpaceX Landing Attempt

Floating in the Atlantic, Just Read the Instructions — SpaceX’s refurbished barge autonomous spaceport drone ship — is ready for today’s controlled reentry and targeted touchdown attempt of a Falcon 9 first stage, planned for 4.33pm EDT (6.33am AEST).

A Face Transplant Removed This Deadly Bundle Of Blood Vessels

This 3D scan shows a tangle of abnormal blood vessels beneath a patient’s skin. Their presence caused speech and vision problems, and were in danger of rupturing — which could have ended his life. Now, they have been removed during the course of a full face transplant.

NASA's Latest Astronaut Is Pretty Good With A Camera

During Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield’s tenure on the International Space Station, he became the space-geek heartthrob, mostly thanks to his extensive series of YouTube insights into life on the ISS (plus the ‘stache, of course). The newest occupants of the ISS have some big moon boots to fill, but they’re starting out the right way.

NASA Has Some Scary Images Of Super-Typhoon Maysak

Maysak, a charmingly-named Cat-5 super typhoon that only sounds a bit like the Norse god of destruction, is churning its way through the Pacific at the moment. And, as always, mankind is keeping a very careful eye on things from space.

These Pretty Vortices Make This Super Hercules A Magical Aircraft

Feeling dizzy? These amazing vortices were formed by the MC-130J Commando II Special Operations tanker aircraft as it took off from the Kadena Air Base in Japan on March 19th.

Check Out Three Amazing Rocket Launches That All Happened On One Day

What a busy weekend for space exploration. There were three successful lift offs around the world, including two Soyuz launches from opposite sides of the Earth.

The Dying Aral Sea Is Like An Abstract Depiction Of Human Stupidity

This beautiful satellite image shows one of the most saddening long-term natural disasters on Earth. The black patch in the upper left corner is the remaining body of the Aral Sea, located on the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in Central Asia — which has lost around 90 per cent of its water volume since 1960 because of Soviet-era irrigation schemes.

This Jet Engine Will Take A Car To 1600km/h

Briefly: This week, engineers working on the Bloodhound Supersonic Car installed its EJ200 jet engine into the chassis for the first time. Good news: It fits. Bad news: They now have to install kilometres of cabling into the small gaps that are left. [Bloodhound Project]