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What The Oval Office Looks Like Empty

The Oval Office has a very pretty floor! You’d never know it based on most photos of the White House’s most famous non-square-shaped room, but the president spends his days walking on a Reagan-era design. It’s a heck of an improvement over the wood-grain linoleum of the Johnson years.

This Is Probably My Favourite New Aurora Video

Astronaut Scott Kelly, on board the ISS for a full year, has been bombarding the internet with countless stunning images of the aurora borealis. But his latest video of the Lights just before sunrise blows the rest away.

A Fan Stitched Together The Best Selfie Of Curiosity Yet  

Behold Kevin Gill’s mosaic image of NASA’s Mars rover, which is just as good as the official selfies of Curiosity. The Nashua, NH, software engineer stitched together dozens of high-resolution photos taken by the MAHLI (Mars Hand Lens Imager) camera of the rover, and the result is a stunning self portrait of the car-sized robotic explorer.

Mimas And Dione Beam Up At Saturn In A Stunning Portrait

The Moon feels like Earth’s kid brother, but Saturn’s moons are more like gnats on an elephant, as illustrated in this incredible image captured by the Cassini probe.

Look At This Gorgeous Ghost Of A Dying Star

This giant cosmic bubble may seem an unusual sight, but in fact it’s pretty common across the Universe — because its the remnants of a dying star, otherwise known as a planetary nebula.

This Air Force Workshop Is Like An Engineering Operating Theatre

At home, you might be content with a wrench and an oily rag to fix up your car. But that doesn’t cut it for Air Force mechanics.

Enjoy This Gorgeous Image Of The Lagoon Nebula

Image Cache: At this very instant, five thousand light years from Earth, near the center of our galaxy, new stars are forming in a region of interstellar gas and dust called the Lagoon Nebula.

This Earth-Like View Is Actually On Mars

Rugged rock, naturally carved gullies and even a dusting of frost. This could almost be a satellite of a particularly remote part of Earth — but in fact you’re looking at the surface of Mars.

Algal Bloom Is Turning The Great Lakes Green

Image Cache: The algal bloom in Lake Erie is particularly bad this year, thanks to a combination of agricultural runoff, sunlight, and warm water. The result, as seen by NASA’s Landsat 8, is the Great Lakes turning slowly green.

Facebook's Internet Drone Looks Like An Angry Boomerang

After years of teasing, Facebook has finally revealed an air-ready, solar-powered drone designed to beam internet to Earth’s surface. It looks like a really expensive and sort of pissed off boomerang. All it lacks is the data-delivering laser that will deliver websites to remote African villages. Facebook says that part’s almost ready.

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