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This Fully Bespoke Aston Martin Vantage GT12 Roadster Is A Work Of Art

Image Cache: This is Aston Martin’s most over-the-top open-top ever built. This one-off Vantage GT12 Roadster is the work of Q By Aston Martin, the James Bond-esque design studio that creates unique, hand-made vehicles for (insanely wealthy) customers around the world.

The Curiosity Rover Sure Looks Lonely When Seen From Space

Image Cache: A remarkable new image captured by a satellite in orbit around Mars shows the Curiosity rover as it explores the barren landscape.

These Photos Of World's Largest Rocket Launch Are Incredible 

Image Cache: The world’s most powerful rocket launched this weekend carrying… well, we’re still not quite sure what it was carrying (although speculation suggests a super secret spy satellite). What we do know is this: It launched, and it looked incredible.

Look Behind The Scenes At Intel's Vivid Sydney 100-Drone Acrobatic Performance

Image Cache: Can’t make it into the middle of Sydney for Intel’s acrobatic drone light show? We’ve got a look behind the scenes at the 100-drone setup, created by Intel and Ars Electronica, on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

Watch This Australian Air Force Plane Dump Flares North Of Sydney

Image Cache: Australia has 12 C-130J Hercules turboprop medium-duty tactical airlift aircraft in its fleet, operated out of RAAF Base Richmond. The C-130J can carry 20 tonnes of cargo or 120 passengers, but it can also move when it needs to — as this video demonstrates.

The Beautiful Birth Of A New Star

Image Cache: Welcome to the Universe, IRAS 14568-6304. There’s no catchy name for this particular stellar object, because it’s too new to have been given one.

The 188-Year Evolution Of The Electric Car In One GIF

Image Cache: Electric cars have been around for a long time — just as long or longer than the internal combustion engine. Sure, some of them look a little funky, but the last 188 years have been pretty kind.

The Largest Reservoir In The United States Just Hit An 80 Year Low

Image Cache: Years of drought have not been kind to Lake Mead, the largest man-made reservoir in the United States formed by the Hoover Dam in the 1930s. The lake, which hit its lowest level since 1937 this week, is a shadow of its former self in a dramatic new satellite image captured by NASA.

This Is The Best Look At Pluto's Surface We're Going To Get

New Horizons may be millions of kilometres beyond Pluto in the Kuiper Belt right now, but that hasn’t stopped the spacecraft from continuing to beam back glorious imagery of its encounter with our solar system’s weirdest little ice world. A new NASA video reveals the most detailed images of Pluto’s surface yet — and they’re spellbinding.

Inside Sydney's New Cathedral Of Light

Image Cache: The annual “light, music and ideas” festival Vivid Sydney kicks off in Circular Quay today. This year, it’s constructed a giant tunnel, known as the Cathedral of Light, which runs along the edge of the Royal Botanic Gardens — and there’s a rather large surprise waiting at the end.

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