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A Coffee Shop That Will Disorient You More Than Any Dive Bar

Image Cache: D’Espresso was a neat coffee shop on 317 Madison Avenue, New York, that had its walls, ceiling, and floor turned 90 degrees. It makes me sightly dizzy when I look at the photo. Maybe that’s why it does not exist anymore.

This Abandoned Hospital Isn't From A Zombie Movie

Image Cache: Although this photo might look like a screengrab from a dystopian video game, or a made-for-TV zombie film, it’s actually taken in the middle of a bustling city in the UK.

You'd Never Guess That This Space-Age Gadget Was A Microscope

This beautiful piece of shiny scientific instrumentation is a brand new class X-ray microscope sitting inside a vacuum chamber at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Things have sure changed since we were at school.

This Impressive Marine Corps Light Show Is Almost As Good As Any Frame From The Movie Tron.

Briefly: This impressive Marine Corps light show is almost as good as any frame from the movie Tron. What you see is actually an AV-8B Harrier preparing to take off aboard the USS Essex (LHD 2) Wasp-class amphibious assault ship during training off the coast of San Diego, on February 24.

I Want To Play With This Tiny Air Force Base All Day Long

Look at this neat model of air base! Those perfectly executed aircraft models: an AWACS, B-52, KC-135, E-2, F-15, F-16, F-18 and even more. That regiment of lead soldiers! I wanna play with them for hours and hours. Wait, what, this is real?

This Is How To Test A Supersonic Car In A Wind Tunnel

When you’re in the process of building a supersonic car, you want to understand how it behaves at speed before you put a driver in it. So how, exactly, do you do that?

This Accidental Picture Of Comet Lovejoy Is Also The Best

Taken by the Dark Energy Camera of Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile, this accidental picture of Comet Lovejoy must be one of the most beautiful comet portraits we’ve ever seen.

Blood Vessel Cells Up Close Remind Us We Are Made Of Star Stuff 

This image of blood vessel cells stained for identification is a stunning reminder: We are made of star stuff.

Well, That's One Solution To The Parking Problem

Briefly: When technology fails to create more parking, just use magic. It’s the only way. This amazing piece of mind-bending photomashery was created by UK artist and designer Alex Chinneck.

Falconers In Abu Dhabi Train Their Raptors With Drones

In the United Arab Emirates, falconry is one of the oldest and most treasured traditions. The sport dates back to an age when falcons were used to hunt food. Today, it’s a social affair. Even the drones join in the fun.

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