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Can You Help CERN Identify What's Happening In These Archive Images?

As an institute full of scientists, you might think CERN was good at keeping records. But it’s happened upon a stash of archived images that seem to make no sense whatsoever — and it wants you to help it work out what they show.

A Look At How NASA Tests Its Craft For The Deep Freeze Of Space

You’re looking at the James Webb Space Telescope as it’s lowered into NASA’s Goddard Thermal Vacuum Chamber. Inside the dark cavern, it is subjected to the same hostile environments as it will experience in space.

The Thoughts Of Locked-In Patients, Visualised

These aren’t Second Life punks — they’re visualisations of what people with locked-in syndrome think, and they could help us communicate with people who can’t respond physically or verbally.

Comet C/2013 A1 Passed Mars Yesterday

Briefly: Comet C/2013 A1, known as Siding Spring, passes Mars, just yesterday. In fact, it passed closer to Mars than any comet has ever passed by Earth in recorded history — so scientists are excited to see what the craft orbiting Mars made of it. [SEN/Damian Peach]

Not Quite The Moon On A Stick, But Not Far Off

Briefly: This is Tethys, one of Saturn’s icy moons, from a perspective that makes it look like it’s stuck to the A and F rings of the planet. [NASA]

This Serene Snapshot Is Perhaps One Of The Most Beautiful Depictions Of Interdependence

Briefly: This serene snapshot is perhaps one of the most beautiful depictions of interdependence. That tiny aviation boatswain’s mate signals a giant MV-22B Osprey launching from the amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island; so different in scale, yet they can’t exist without each other. [US Navy]

This Is What A Dead Star Looks Like

Ever wondered what a dead star looks like? Then have a gander at the image above — you’re looking at “Kepler’s Supernova”. First spotted 410 years ago today, it’s the most recent supernova to have been observed without sky-gazing equipment within our own galaxy.

Making Stars With Lasers Looks Like Tron Made Real

Not how to destroy an entire planet, but how humans are able to create a star — with the help of a laser tuned to 589.2 nanometres wavelength. The fantastic superstructure you are staring at is the Unit Telescope of the Very Large Telescope in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile.

This Award-Winning Architecture Photo Looks Straight Out Of Sci-Fi

The focus with architecture is most often on the design of the building itself, but with most of us not able to jet around the world looking at pretty buildings, it’s photographs that build the vast majority of our impressions of design. That’s the (underappreciated) genre represented by the Arcaid Awards, which recognise the Architectural Photographer of the Year.

Engineers Install Orion Spacecraft's Launch Abort System

Briefly: Engineers at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida install one of the most important assemblies into its new Orion spacecraft: the launch abort system. Orion will carry astronauts to parts of the Solar System not yet explored by humans — like Mars. [NASA]

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