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Sports Cameras Are Now Being Disguised As Model Aeroplanes

Image Cache: The so-called spidercam has changed the way we watch sports, allowing camera operators to shoot footage while moving vertically and horizontally above where the action happens. And now they’re being disguised as… aeroplanes?

This Incredibly Hostile Desert Looks Beautiful From Above

Image Cache: This colourful image may look like a work of modern art, but it’s actually a false-colour satellite image of Rub’ al Khali — the largest contiguous sand desert in the world, and home to insanely hostile conditions.

Stunning 7000-Image Satellite Mosaic Of Africa Doesn't Have A Single Cloud

Image Cache: If you like jigsaws, you’d love to be on the team at the European Space Agency that created this image. Made up of 7000 separate files — totalling 32 TB of data — the picture provides a completely cloud-free view of the whole of Africa.

Yep, SpaceX Is Running Out Of Room For Its Landed Rockets

Image Cache: When SpaceX managed to safely land its third Falcon 9 rocket a week and a half ago, Elon Musk tweeted that the company “may need to increase [the] size of [its] rocket storage hangar”. He wasn’t kidding.

This Huge Art Installation Is Inspired By The LHC

The Amer­ican artist Peter Halley has taken over 460m² of the Schirn Kunsthalle exhibition hall in Frank­furt, turning its huge rotunda into a futuristic exploration of architecture and space that’s inspired in part by the LHC.

This Nighttime Shooting Drill Looks Like A Plasma Gun

Image Cache: Long exposure shots always make nighttime scenes look futuristic. This isn’t a frame from a science fiction movie, then, but rather US Coast Guard members shooting a 50 calibre machine gun at night aboard Coast Guard Cutter Stratton.

Inside Afghanistan's Prosthetics Centre

Image Cache: Last week, bioengineering’s most advanced prosthetics were shown off at the world’s largest orthopaedics event in Germany. But in Afghanistan, things are a little different.

Take An Uncanny Tour Of The World's Largest Prosthetics Fair

Image Cache: The world’s largest orthopedics event is happening right now in Leipzig, Germany. From prosthetic legs that enable people to run faster to exoskeletons that can make the disabled walk again, OT World 2016 is showcasing some of the most futuristic inventions you’ve ever seen. They’re also creepy as hell.

Bad Arse Photo Of A Fighter Jet Against Fire

Image Cache: Just a great photo. Here’s the wall of fire display at the 2016 Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina. The silhouette of the plane against the giant dark orange and black flames makes it look more like art from some comic book than a real life shot.

Inside The Toxic Sulphur Quarries That Keep Your Tyres Rolling

Image Cache: You can thank the guys toiling in this pictures for the fact that you don’t have to change your tyres very often: They’re mining sulphur, which is mainly used to vulcanise rubber and make it more durable.

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