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Two Hours Of Thunderstorm Siege Made Budapest An Electrifying City

Hungarian photographer Zoltán Vanik captured this stunning panoramic image of Budapest, enlightened by dozens of lightning bolts during a severe thunderstorm a few days ago.

Hardcore Recycling: Using Old MRI Magnets In A Physics Lab

Dayshot: When magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners reach the end of their lifetime, hospitals have to deal with a large piece of electronic waste, stuffed with potentially dangerous parts. Unless a physics lab can make use of them.

This 200-Trillion Watt Laser Produces Plasma Hotter Than The Sun

It’s amazing that scientists can recreate natural phenomena in labs experiments, including plasma many times hotter than the center of our own sun. In the middle of the photo above you can see a little star, white hot plasma produced by a 200-trillion watt laser.

A Rodeo For Bomb Disposal Robots Looks Dangerous

During a five-day “robot rodeo” this week, police and military bomb squads challenge each other’s defusing routines by practicing complex and dangerous situations with their robots.

This Vacuum Chamber Looks Like Some Futuristic Spaceship Corridor

Huge vacuum chambers on Earth are crucial for building and testing spacecraft, so we explore further into space. The photo above is Vacuum Chamber 5, where electric propulsion and power systems are being tested at Glenn Research Center.

This Image Of Stars Forming Looks Just Like Van Gogh's Starry Night

The European Space Agency brings us this new image based on data from the Planck satellite. My first reaction? It looks just like Van Gogh’s best-known masterpiece, The Starry Night. And you know what? Even Google agrees with me.

Look At The Tiny Earthquakes Scientists Make To Predict Real Ones

This photo, captured through a polarising filter, shows the buildup of stress along a modelled fault line at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where a team of scientists is trying to figure out how to forecast earthquakes.

British Spy HQ Goes Rainbow To Celebrate Diversity

The famous ringed doughnut of secrecy that houses the UK’s GCHQ spy overlords has gone all rainbow coloured for a short while, as the agency wired up a few interestingly coloured bulbs to highlight the fact that yesterday was the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

World's First Medical Radioactive Isotope Was Handled In Shirt And Tie

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has just released in high resolution this amazing historical photo. According to ORNL, in this photograph you can see two scientists as they remove the world’s first radioactive isotope produced for medical use from Oak Ridge’s Graphite Reactor, on August 2, 1946. In compulsory collar and tie.

Say Hi To Pluto's Smallest Moons

After nine years and a 4.8 billion kilometre journey, NASA’s New Horizons probe is finally getting close to everyone’s favourite ex-planet, Pluto. And in doing so, she’s also captured the first ever family portrait of Pluto and all its little moons.