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The Dying Aral Sea Is Like An Abstract Depiction Of Human Stupidity

This beautiful satellite image shows one of the most saddening long-term natural disasters on Earth. The black patch in the upper left corner is the remaining body of the Aral Sea, located on the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in Central Asia — which has lost around 90 per cent of its water volume since 1960 because of Soviet-era irrigation schemes.

This Jet Engine Will Take A Car To 1600km/h

Briefly: This week, engineers working on the Bloodhound Supersonic Car installed its EJ200 jet engine into the chassis for the first time. Good news: It fits. Bad news: They now have to install kilometres of cabling into the small gaps that are left. [Bloodhound Project]

This Air Force Training Scene Could Be From A Dystopic Sci-Fi Future

This photo of an emergency management technician in his hazmat suit gives me goosebumps. It looks like he’s the last survivor of a derelict spaceship, preparing for the last clash with the hostile alien life form that killed all his crewmates. Or maybe just an actor in a movie where that happens.

Relax, This Is Just A Mini Supernova

This is an image of a ‘classical nova’. Sounds boring, right? Not when you describe it as “an outburst produced by a thermonuclear explosion on the surface of a white dwarf star”, it’s not.

Can You Tell What This Is?

This may look like finely crafted sculpture, but you’re actually looking at an award-winning photograph of a biological sample. The question is can you work out exactly what it depicts?

Look How Tiny Saturn's Moon Prometheus Is

This may just be another glorious picture of Saturn’s rings — but it also serves to show just how large the planet is. Can you make out its moon Prometheus in the image?

What It Looks Like To Receive A World-Record Snow Dump 

Capracotta, a charming town in Italy’s heartland, received a barely believable 256cm of snow over the course of 18 hours yesterday. That’s possibly a world record for snowfall, and it has unsurprisingly brought life in the town to a grinding halt.

The Dark Side Of Another Moon

Saturn’s moon Iapetus has both a light side and a dark side — but it’s nothing to do with sunlight. In fact, this moon takes on two distinct colours.

This Is How Venus Would Look Without Its Thick Layer Of Clouds 

We’ve never seen our closest planetary neighbour like this. The image above is a projection of the radar data of the surface of Venus, created by the astronomers of National Science Foundation’s Green Bank Telescope and Arecibo Observatory.

World's Largest Solar Plant Looks Like Someone Playing Tetris From Space

The Topaz Solar Farm in San Luis Obispo County, California, is the largest photovoltaic power station on the planet. In this image, it looks like someone aboard the International Space Station decided to power up a game of Tetris on planet Earth.