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This Beautiful Photo Spells Doom For The Sea

Photo: This photo looks innocent enough: a simple, breathtakingly beautiful long-exposure shot of algae along the Hong Kong shoreline. But under the surface, the blue luminescence, called “Sea Sparkle”, is bad news for the ocean.

No, This Isn't Scifi. It's An Actual Spaceplane, Getting Fuelled Up

The European Space Agency is about to launch its remote-controlled experimental spacecraft, IXV (Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle), on February 11, from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. What you see above is that craft being fuelled with hydrazine manoeuvring propellant.

This Telescope Is Shooting A Laser Right At The ISS

Who gave this telescope a lightsaber? Just kidding. This is, of course, the ESA’s Optical Ground Station telescope in Tenerife — in the process of laser tagging the ISS to establish a data connection.

This Greenland Glacier Flows Like Water Around Rock

Found in the northwest corner of Greenland, the Leidy Glacier faces a barrier as it meets the Olriks Fjord that it feeds into: rock. This image shows how, even for a giant, hulking slab of ice and rock, the path of least resistance is often the most favourable.

This Is What Seoul And Pyongyang Look Like At Night

North Korea and South Korea are very different places. But seeing their respective capital cities, Seoul and Pyongyang, next to each other at night makes that difference more stark than ever.

These Badass South Korean Soldiers Beat Any Nuclear Sub

Briefly: The cold weather training of South Korean army’s special warfare force is high level badassery of the level I have never seen before. It’s like when nuclear powered attack submarines break the Arctic sheet after surfacing through three feet of ice. But these are humans. Quite literally cool. [Republic of Korea Armed Forces]

The ISS' Work Station Puts Your Home Office To Shame

Photo: I like to think I have a pretty decent home office, but it’s nothing at all compared to where the Space Station’s astronauts get to work all day long. This shot, taken a few weeks ago, shows the interior of the Cupola module. The windows let the astronauts look out on the vacuum of space, but also the giant robotic arm they use during spacewalks.

This Is The Terrifying Beauty Of A Suffocated Sea

This is the shoreline of the northeastern Caspian Sea — the largest lake in the world — as seen by Korea Aerospace Research Institute’s Kompsat-2 satellite. But it’s suffocating.

These Interstellar Cannons Actually Hunt Exoplanets

The ESO’s new exoplanet-hunting telescopes on Paranal looks absolutely stunning in this long-exposure night-time shot. It shows the Next-Generation Transit Survey (NGTS) telescopes during testing.

This Is What Orion Looks Like Naked

It’s amazing how effective the thermal shield of NASA’s Orion spacecraft is. With all of the back shell panels removed for a viewing by Kennedy Space Center workers, you can hardly see any heat-related damage under the skin of the spacecraft.