Some People See This Dress As White And Gold While Others See Black And Blue

This image is circulating around the internet right now, and it shows a picture of a dress that is so very clearly white and gold to me. But’s black and blue to so many other people. It’s black and blue to Google Image Search. Photoshop’s eyedropper tool says it’s black and blue. But I only see white and gold.

I Love These Optical Illusions That Appear To Move

I never get tired of Brusspup’s Amazing Animated Optical Illusions series because I love making my eyes feel dumb and in turn making myself feel even dumber. It’s always good to humble yourself with optical illusions. Especially optical illusions that seem to be animated to move but are actually just well designed images.

Artist Transforms Real People Into 2D Living Paintings

Video Artist and photographer Alexa Meade creates art and optical illusions that let people walk right into her work. She paints portraits onto her subjects’ bodies and transforms their very 3D presence into two-dimensional images.

Magician Can Guess The Card You're Thinking About Through This Video

Our eyes are too slow and our brains are too easily fooled. Just watch this video where Illusionist Eric Leclerc shows off by reading our minds through a simple YouTube video. He plays around with us in the beginning but at the end, he just jumped through the computer screen to peer into our wrinkled brain.

Watching This Video Makes You Hallucinate Without Any Drugs

The Illusion Lab created a fun illusion video that can cause some serious hallucinogenic effects just from watching the video. It only lasts for a little while, but you’ll definitely feel as if the world around you is alive like you’ve never seen it before.

The Beautiful Surreal Worlds Of Erik Johansson

Photographer and retouch artist Erik Johansson produces some remarkable illusions. If you are curious about how his latest image — entitled Landfall – was put together then this video has a lot of the answers as Erik takes us through the process from concept to completion.

Not Everyone Sees The Same Colour When They Stare At This Spinning Disk

The spinning disk below is a little seizure-inducing, but it’s a lot of fun because not everyone sees the same colour when it spins. Some people see green, others see yellow, a few see red, while some see no colour at all.

This Colourful Image Disappears Completely If You Keep Staring At It

It’s always fun to play a trick on your eyes. They’re so easily fooled! Take this illusion, for example. It’s an old favourite. If you stare at the image long enough, the colours in the picture start fading away and eventually disappear. The colourful blobs shrink like evaporating water puddles

Watch A Floating Pillow Somehow Support The Weight Of A Brick

How is this floating pillow supporting the weight of this brick? Magic? Some sort of invisible string? Maybe it’s an illusion to make it look like the pillow is floating and spinning but it really isn’t? CGI!? Nope.

Watch A Straight Rod Somehow Pass Through A Curved Hole Without Bending

It’s a magic trick! It’s sorcery! How else can you explain that stick being able to pass through that curved hole? If you showed me the two pieces separately, I would have never imagined them to actually fit one another so seamlessly.