Wizard Juggler Tricks People's Minds With A Ring Of Illusions

French juggler Lindzee Poi is a wizard who basically turns a set of juggling rings into a mind warping finger dance. Poi is so fluid that your mind really thinks the rings are moving on their own. I love it when my brain can’t process what’s in front of it.

15 Faked Miniature Photographs

Tilt-shift photography wasn’t invented to transform real world scenes into small scale models, but who’s complaining? Here are 15 faked miniatures.

Watch An Arrow Change Directions In This Simple Water Optical Illusion

Here’s a fun old trick anyone can do: draw arrows on a piece of paper, put a glass in front of those arrows and pour water into the glass. Watch as the arrows you drew magically change directions right before your eyes.

Stare At This Illusion For 10 Seconds To Witness Pure Magic

Your eyes can paint colours onto blank objects. I swear! Just stare at the red dot in the optical illusion above for 10 seconds and you’ll see the black and white cityscape be transformed into a brand new colourful world. Each building will have its own nuanced colour. Magic!

Watch An Invisible Ghost Head Turn Its Head In This Illusion

Here’s a super clever art installation by artist Markus Raetz. As the two paper chandeliers spin, the light source from behind mimics a ghost head turning its head from side to side. The paper is specifically cut to create the illusion of motion from the invisible head.

These Obviously Irregular Rings Are Actually Perfectly Round Circles

Look at these grey circles. They look bent, right? Like somebody put a ring in a vice and squeezed it? Actually, it’s just an incredible optical illusion courtesy of @SciencePorn. Both circles are perfectly round. Really. No really.

Amazing T-Rex Illusion Is Somehow Moving Its Head To Follow You

As far as tyrannosaurus rex replicas go, this one seems pretty cheery. Sure, it has sharp teeth and claws but they look playfully toothy. One thing scary about it though: the head and eyes seems to follow you wherever you go. Like the paper T-Rex is watching your every move. What’s scarier? It’s not actually moving. How is this possible?

How Did A Toy Car Magically Appear Behind These Two Pieces Of Paper?

In this illusion, a toy car seemingly appears from no where. How is that possible? Well, the car was always there. Really. It’s a simple but masterful trick, the toy car is programmed to travel along a designated route while the red cards are shown off as a distraction. As one card is shown to reveal nothing behind it, the other card is covering the moving toy car. What you’re seeing is what you’re allowed to see.

Even Cats Get Fooled By These Optical Illusions That Appear To Move

It’s ok to be fooled by these ‘animated’ optical illusions. They totally look like they’re moving. Hell, the cat watching them was fooled too. But the truth is, they’re all just a masterful visual trick. The image isn’t actually moving, the special sheet in front of it just makes it seem that way.

The Different Shades In This Picture Are Actually Painted In Real Life

What’s going on in this picture? Did the photographer add some special lens? Is this some kooky Instagram filter? Is the camera defective? Was it photoshopped? Maybe folded over and over? Nope. The stripes inside the photograph are actually painted like that in real life.