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You Can Now Visit Ikea In Virtual Reality

Me: “Hey, Future, I want to check out kitchens at Ikea without leaving my couch.”

Future: “K”

I kid you not, this is an actual conversation I’ve had with myself. And now it has happened. The Ikea VR Experience released on Steam today, and my inherit laziness has been enabled in a whole new way.

IKEA Keeps Getting Weirder, Now Sells Hydroponic Gardens

The world mostly knows IKEA for its flatpack furniture and mediocre meatballs. In the past year, however, the company’s doubled down on a new category: gadgets. And you know what? They’re kind of awesome.

IKEA Is Growing New Eco-Friendly Mushroom Packaging

To stop all those $30 side tables from getting banged up, IKEA has to use a lot of polystyrene packaging every year. Unfortunately, polystyrene isn’t biodegradable, and people are bad at recycling, leaving IKEA looking for a better material to stick between sheets of ply.

Even IKEA Has Its Own Adult Colouring Book Now

The adult colouring book craze has swept across the world, with everything from TV shows to comic books getting the treatment lately. But now IKEA is joining in with a book that lets you therapeutically colour in minimalist Swedish furniture. It’s probably less stressful than trying to put it together, at least.

According To IKEA, We've Hit 'Peak Home Furnishings'

IKEA’s head of sustainability reckons that Western consumers are at the limit in terms of stuff they can actually buy, a situation he’s referred to as “peak home furnishings”.

Thermoelectric IKEA Furniture Could Charge Your Phone With Energy From Your Coffee

Your computer, your gaming console, even your cup of coffee — all of these objects in your house radiate heat, which promptly goes to waste. But what if your kitchen table or console cabinet contained the thermoelectric hardware to turn that heat into usable electricity?

Fake IKEA Price Tags In Canberra Call Out Tax Dodging

IKEA opened its first store in Canberra this week, welcoming in thousands of new customers. Like any other IKEA store there were thousands of products on offer. Maybe you’d like a Billy bookcase for $69, a Lack coffee table for $29.99 or perhaps a corporate tax avoidance of $269 million — wait, what? Not long after the opening of the anticipated Canberra store, one group placed these faked price tickets around the store, tallying up how much IKEA’s tax avoidance could be costing Australia.

Even Robots Suck At Building IKEA Furniture

Folks have been fantasizing for years about the possibility of an IKEA-savvy robot. If IKEA uses robots to flat pack its furniture, surely we humans could use robots to assemble it! But despite at least a decade of attempts, one thing remains clear: Robots are terrible at building IKEA furniture.

Everything About Social Determinants Of Health, You Can Learn From IKEA

When people move, a few things become mandatory. For example, pizza or some other reward for those who help you move.

But one of the most important things anyone will do is the annual trek to IKEA.

IKEA Is Stuffing New Cushions With Old Shredded Catalogues

Whether you embrace it with open arms or toss it in the trash as soon as it arrives, the IKEA catalogue is one of the most widely distributed publications on earth. But to help reduce the environmental impact of all that paper, the company is now recycling old copies into cushion stuffing.

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