IKEA Buys Wind Farm Big Enough To Power All Its US Stores

It takes a lot of energy to keep the lights on as you greedily pile 99c kitchen dongles and weird cookies into that blue bag, which is why IKEA is making a push to offset its total energy consumption by 2020. This week, it took a big step towards doing so by buying a wind farm in Illinois.

An Early Look At IKEA's Light, Cheap And Portable 2014 Collection

IKEA is already the gold standard for furniture that moves well, but this year its designers are pushing the art of nomadism even further. Images of IKEA’s new PS collection have arrived, and its name — On the Move — says it all.

You'll Never Trip Over This In-Ground Solar Light

They’re the perfect accent to a well-manicured backyard, but the solar-powered lights dotting your gardens and walkways are just one misstep away from being accidentally destroyed. So IKEA has come up with the perfect solution, LED lights that you press into your lawn so that they’re flush to the ground while still providing plenty of light.

Coloured Lights Let This Tiny IKEA Billboard Display Three Messages

Let’s be honest with ourselves here for a moment. If you’re heading to IKEA to furnish your home, you probably don’t live in a sprawling million-dollar mansion. Instead, you’re probably furnishing a cosy apartment. And not only is IKEA aware of this, it’s also taken it to heart with a tiny billboard that still manages to maximise ad space with three different messages.

Here's Why IKEA Is Discontinuing Everyone's Favourite Shelf

Expedit, we hardly knew ye. IKEA recently announced that the popular shelving system is not long for this world, and the internet responded with rage. But there’s a really good reason for IKEA to get rid of Expedit. In fact, it’s not really going away at all.

Ikea Is More Terrifying Than Space As This Re-Cut Gravity Trailer Shows

Gravity was a great film about a human being attempting to survive in the unforgiving, inhospitable wasteland of space, but you don’t have to step into a space suit to identify with Alfonso Cuaron’s characters. You just need to go to Ikea.

Why It Takes IKEA Five Years To Design One Kitchen

I’ve always daydreamed about what working at IKEA must be like: Creating whimsical reindeer-shaped furniture, testing new meatball recipes and dreaming up adorable product names. But as the Wall Street Journal reveals today, the process of developing products at the world’s largest furniture retailer is an epic, efficiency-driven numbers game.

Can You Tell These IKEA Products And Death Metal Bands Apart?

IKEA furniture names are often full of umlauts and improbable double consonants. I’ve been told that the names are Swedish — and I have no choice but to believe this, because I don’t speak Swedish. Come to think of it, they sort of resemble the names of another fantastical Scandinavian export: Death Metal.

IKEA's Going To Sell Solar Panels Now (No Assembly Required)

Get excited, Earthlings who like the Earth: IKEA just announced a new program to sell energy-saving solar panels in each of its 17 UK stores. This means that with a little bit more effort than it takes to purchase a set of Billy bookcases, Brits can be doing their part to bring the world a little closer to sustainable energy.

IKEA's New App Transports Furniture Right Into Your Living Room

IKEA has messed around with augmented reality before, but this year it has really outdone itself. With just a phone and a copy of the catalogue, you can now call up a digital version of any piece of furniture and put it anywhere in your home.