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Secret Army Bomb Jammers Stolen In Afghanistan

On January 7, someone strolled into a supply room at Camp Eggers, a coalition base near the U.S. embassy in downtown Kabul, pocketed two sets of car keys and walked out undetected. Sometime over the next 24 hours, the thieves drove away with two black-painted, armoured Toyota Land Cruisers belonging to the US Army’s 26th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, a unit that escorts coalition personnel around Kabul.

Pentagon: Future Of Homemade Bombs Is High-Tech

Most improvised bombs used by insurgents are decidedly low-tech, jury-rigged affairs. A couple of command wires, some fertiliser chemicals and wooden pressure plates in Afghanistan; in Iraq, leftover mines or plastic explosives often detonated remotely by mobile phone. But the Pentagon’s bomb squad sees “ever more sophisticated” bombs on the way.

How The US Army Trains Soldiers For IED Attacks

Not all of the US military’s simulators are designed for pilots. At the Camp Atterbury Joint manoeuvre Training centre combatants can now experience what it’s like when an improvised explosive device goes off, and how to deal with the aftermath.

The Sad Story Of A Real Life R2-D2 Who Saved Countless Human Lives And Died

Robots can’t have feelings. But humans develop feelings for them. You know, like R2-D2 in Star Wars. Or like Scooby Doo, a real life small robot that saved the day 19 times. This is his single-tear story.

The Time I Planted A Pipe Bomb Under A Truck

I almost crash into a truck, at first. I can turn on a dime and accelerate like a tiny nitrous-oxide-fueled bat out of hell — even though I’m holding a 10-pound pipe bomb, 30 per cent of my body weight. I don’t know what I’m doing, really. But by the time I get to the truck to plant the bomb, it’s easy. I know exactly what to do. Boom.

Yellow Jacket: The Unmanned Helicopter That Sniffs Out Bombs

Roadside bombs are a source of fear for both soldiers as well as their worried families at home. Thankfully the Pentagon is working on projects such as Yellow Jacket: unmanned helicopters which detect electromagnetic emissions from potential improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

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