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Lunchtime Deal: Budget Gadget Special

Got less than $100 in the Gadget kitty right now? You’ve got your choice of gadgets today and tomorrow. First up, Kogan’s selling off its USB recording set digital set top box for $29 as a Friday special. You could plug that set box into the tiny but inexpensive Dick Smith 15-inch $99 TV. If mobile’s more your thing, Gus over at Lifehacker notes that Aldi’s got the Huawei Ideos U8150 on sale tomorrow for $59.99, including $35 worth of call credit. [Kogan and Dick Smith (via Buckscoop) and Lifehacker]

Huawei X5 Is The Cheapest High-End Android Phone Available

Maybe it’s just the whiskey in the image, but there’s something exceptionally appealing about the new IDEOS X5 smartphone from Huawei. It could be the 3.8-inch 800×480 screen, the 5MP camera or the fact it runs Froyo, but I think it might be the relatively tiny $349 pricetag.

Unsurprisingly, Huawei Launches New Android Smartphones And Tablets At MWC

It would be kind of surprising if an up and coming mobile brand like Huawei didn’t make a new product announcement at MWC. Fortunately, the company has launched a few new devices, including a new IDEOS Android handset and an updated 7-inch tablet.

Huawei To Launch Cheap Froyo Powered IDEOS Smartphone

Most budget-minded Android handsets are super-affordable, but also super-frustrating in the fact they tend to run older versions of Android (a problem some premium handsets suffer as well). That’s why it’s nice to see Huawei step up to the plate and offer a decently specced, affordable smartphone under their new IDEOS brand.

Ideos: The Future Of Towel Warmers Is Here...Today

I can’t say that I’m all that into radiators—but if I ever needed a cool looking towel warmer, the Ideos from Kermi would definitely fit the bill. [Kermi via Trendir]

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