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ABS Says IBM Screwed Up The Census

More details about exactly what lead to the Census website shutdown on 9 August have come to light — with The Australian Bureau of Statistics stating in a Senate inquiry IBM “failed to properly implement” geoblocking, leaving it wide open to denial of service attacks.

'You Are Giving False Information': Malware Developer Sends Correction To IBM Blog

There might be no honour among thieves, but there’s certainly plenty of pride, as a disgruntled malware developer recently proved by reaching out to an IBM security adviser over a “completely out of date” blog post.

It's Happening. There's Finally An Ethics Committee For How We Handle AI

Though it might not be what you think. Representatives from Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and IBM have created a committee to tackle important ethical issues around the rise of AI — they just won’t be talking about Skynet anytime soon.

Australian Signals Directorate Says No Census Data Was Compromised

The Australian Signals Directorate, Australia’s digital intelligence agency, have confirmed that no data was compromised amidst the Census debacle of the past couple of days.

If You Don't Like The Idea Of Google Driving Your Car, Maybe You'll Trust IBM

IBM’s Watson can make drinks, detect sarcasm and kick arse at Jeopardy. The world’s most famous computer already acts so much more like a human than most people I know. Now transportation startup Local Motors is putting Watson behind the wheel.

There's Now A Real Quantum Computer That Anyone Can Use

For decades, quantum computing has been the preserve of research labs. But now IBM has made its working prototype quantum computer accessible via the internet — and literally anyone can use it.

Watson-Powered Taylor Swift Is The AI Robot From Your Nightmares

Watson Nao is a self-learning “concierge robot” powered by IBM’s question-answering computer system of the same name. During Nvidia’s GTU technology conference, we were shown a demo of Nao in action from IBM Watson’s chief technology officer Rob High. According to Hugh, one of the keys to endearing artificially intelligent robots to humans will be their ability to sing and dance authentically. We’ll let you be the judge…

This Supercomputer Mimics A Human Brain Using Just 2.5 Watts Of Power

IBM and the US government teamed up to develop a new supercomputer for use on national security missions. It makes decisions like a human brain, and uses less power than a hearing aid.

IBM's Watson Will Morph Polite Pepper Into An Ultra-Intelligent Evil Genius

Pepper is super cute and remarkably well-mannered… for now. Now that IBM has announced that the talking, emotion-reading robot will interface with Watson, lil Pep could turn into a smiling, evil robotic mastermind; adorable leader of the human-enslaving resistance.

Remember Massacred Female Engineers With A Hairdryer Hackathon

On 6 December 1989, Canadian women were targeted, shot, and killed for being engineering students. The Montreal Massacre is a national day of remembrance and action, which makes it the perfect time for IBM to push their pinkification of science campaign.

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