IBM Sponsored A Major Hollywood Movie About Computers In 1957

In the sixth chapter of his 2010 book The Computer Boys Take Over, Nathan L. Ensmer looks back at the 1957 movie Desk Set within the context of 1950s computing and the fear that one day we’d all be replaced by machines.

Here Are Some Of The Crazy New Recipes IBM's Watson Has Invented

It’s a while since IBM’s Watson was put to work inventing recipes, but now the fruits of its labours are being cooked up and served out of IBM’s new food truck. And the results are… interesting.

A Tiny New Chip Promises Internet 400 Times Faster Than Google Fibre

Fast internet is fast. Google Fiber’s gigabit connections? That’s like driving a sports car compared to the go-cart-speed connection that’s probably in your house. But new technology from IBM opens the door for connections that are beyond fast. Comparatively, it’s like flying a fighter jet.

DARPA Has Commissioned IBM To Create Self-Destructing Chips

In true Inspector Gadget, self-destructing message fashion, military research organisation DARPA is keen to develop microchips that can “vanish” on command. Such devices would be useful in technology that risks being lost — and subsequently captured — in the field.

IBM's Graphene Circuit: A Genius Reminder Of How Far Graphene Has To Go

IBM’s mad scientists have created a graphene-based circuit that’s 10,000 times more powerful than existing alternatives. This radio receiver is so sophisticated and futuristic, in fact, that it can… send a text message to your friends.

IBM's Watson Is Now The Size Of Three Pizza Boxes -- It's Also A Billionaire

IBM just put the pedal to the metal on Watson’s crawl towards relevance. The company just announced a $US1 billion investment, giving the supercomputer its own business division as well as an office in New York City’s Astor Place.

IBM's Fractalizer Turns Any Tumblr Into A Trippy Fractal

IBM’s engineers must have been at a loose end, because they’ve just launched a new site called the IBMblr Fractalizer, which takes any Tumblr and spits it out as a series of fractals.

IBM Is Running A Brain Computer On 'Electronic Blood'

As part of what we can only assume is preparation for some very intense mad scientist Halloween costumes, IBM has announced a prototype computer that is both powered and cooled by an electrolyte liquid.

IBM's Watson Is Planning To Fix America's Healthcare System

While Barack Obama might be having a hell of a time trying to reform healthcare in the United States, Americans perhaps shouldn’t worry too much. IBM’s supercomputer Watson is now being used to fix America’s shortage of doctors.

Coke's 'Downtown In A Box' Delivers Clean Water And Wi-Fi To Africa

Coca-Cola’s global distribution channels are so well-developed that a Coke can get pretty much anywhere on the planet — even places where there’s no access to fresh water. But Coke is working on that too.