A Giant Bow Suspended Over A Ship

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. — of South Korea — is one of the largest ship manufacturers in the world. Along with Samsung, they build the largest ships in the world too. It just seems amazing to me humans can build vehicles at this scale. Imagine when we start building interstellar ships in space.

Google Is Taking Android To The Car With Audi, GM, Honda And Hyundai

Google has just announced that it’s joining forces with Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai and Nvidia to create the Open Automotive Alliance. In other words, it’s planning to take Android to the automobile.

Win A Hyundai To The Value Of Up To $55,000

Hyundai wants to know how you and your mates seek out adventure. Where would you drive? What would you do? How would you share your trip with your world? Up for grabs: 10 brilliant road trip prize packs and the chance to win a new Hyundai of your choice!

Hyundai Builds Zombie-Proof Concept Car

If you’ve ever watched an episode of The Walking Dead, you’ll know that the mint green Hyundai Tuscon is the soft-roader of choice for outrunning the undead. Hyundai has now taken its product responsibilities one step further, working with Robert Kirkman to design a new “zombie-proof” Elantra Coupé to celebrate the comic’s 100th issue.

Three Door Hyundai Veloster Coming To Australia This Year

When you think about it, the design for the humble automobile hasn’t changed much over the past few decades. Sure, you have different classes of cars, but they all conform to a fairly standard formula. The three door Hyundai Veloster is a bit different, a coupe/hatchback design with a single rear door on one side.

Hyundai Slaps Oversized iPhone 4 On Table, Calls It A Day

You can see their inspiration for this table monitor, can’t you? I do prefer Hyundai’s stand to the box that Microsoft used on its Surface, though. And there’s no denying what they were thinking of when designing the touch surface, either.

World's Largest Vuvuzela Blows A Mighty BZZZZZZZ

This is the world’s largest vuvuzela. While it may look like a fun prop it’s actually – terrifyingly – fully functional. And if you thought a stadium full of these was annoying, just listen to gigantor here can do:

Hyundai BLUE-WILL Would Clearly Like to Eat the Prius

Sure, plenty of car companies have already stepped up to manufacture hybrids. But Hyundai’s BLUE-WILL concept is the only one that resembles some sort of carnivorous, aquatic beast.

A Hyundai Gets Pimped with Apples

It’s as if an Apple store were in a terrible car accident. This Hyundai Genesis has been stuffed the the brim with various Jobsonian tokens, including a three Apple computers (a MacBook Air and two Mac minis), an iPod touch, an iPhone (do these guys realise that an iPhone is basically an iPod touch?) and a 20″ Cinema Display in the trunk. In other words, the place looks just like Brian Lam’s living room. (We kid! We kid! Brian has way more Apple gear than this crappy car.) Here’s a bonus shot of the trunk:

Microsoft Making Ford Sync-like Music, Info System for Hyundai in 2010

Hyundai and Microsoft have just agreed for the latter to develop software for the former’s cars, shoving in a “music and information system” by the year 2010. No details yet, but from the sound of things it seems like Microsoft’s taking advantage of their experience with the Ford Sync system and making voice-control systems to manage stereos and mobile phones. The new system is also interesting because it’s software-updatable, allowing nerds to bring up that old joke about what would happen if Microsoft built cars. The whole thing is aimed at bringing more young people into Hyundais, something Ford Sync was surprisingly good at doing. [Reuters]

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