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Toyota Has Sold Nine Million Hybrids, And Saved Over 25 Billion Litres Of Petrol

Toyota has sold nine million hybrids across the world since the Prius first became available in Japan almost 20 years ago. That’s a lot of batteries. The amount of fuel saved by those hybrids — with a bit of back-of-the-envelope math — is enough for each Toyota hybrid to drive around the entire planet, and then keep going.

Driving Volkswagen's 0.9L/100km Car Is Like Driving The Future

Volkswagen wanted to build a car that could go 100km on a litre of fuel. Now, 15 years after setting that challenge for itself, it has exceeded its goals in almost every way. The VW XL1 is built like a supercar, looks like a spacepod, feels like a production model and crosses the Autobahn while using barely 0.009 litres of fuel every kilometre. This is what it’s like to drive the future.

Your Hybrid Car Could Be A Portable Battery That Makes You Money

How you’re going to get your charge on is one of the big issues surrounding hybrid vehicles, and we’ve already seen technology to charge your car at home using cheaper off-peak rates. But what if you could actually sell the power already in your car back to the electricity company during periods of peak demand?

A Little Extra Engine Noise For Your Prius

Toyota is offering an optional $US148 speaker system for your Prius when it’s on battery mode that lets pedestrians – especially blind pedestrians – know that you’re coming. Great idea, but it’s strange that it’s optional.

The Bicycle That Is Also A Shopping Cart

The transforming Ville concept folding bicycle is no mere bike – it is a bike-slash-shopping trolley hybrid vehicle for the 21st century eco-friendly consumer. It is bicycle and grocery containment in one convenient form factor.

Mercedes F800 Will Run On Petrol, Electricity Or Hydrogen

We jumped inside a Mercedes F800 last week – the car that will offer three flavours of fuel as soon as 2012. Mercedes says that the future is a three-lane highway, with cars running on petrol, electricity and hydrogen.

Fuel-Injection System Might Increase Fuel Efficiency By Up To 50%

The most fuel efficient hybrid for sale in the US gets 22km/L, but a startup called Transonic Combustion claims they can improve that. They claim their fuel-injection system will get 27km/L.

Future Ford Hybrids Will Tell Energy Grid When To Power Up

Ford has come up with a smart new system that enables drivers to tell their hybrid car precisely when and how long to charge from the grid—potentially helping you to save money on electricity.

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