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Mexico Braces Itself As Hurricane Newton Makes Landfall

Hurricane Newton is currently making landfall near Baja California in Mexico. The Category 1 tropical storm — the fifteenth of the season — is churning winds up to 185km/hr, and has already resulted in flooding along the Pacific west coast.

How Do You Pronounce Tropical Storm Hermine?

Hermine has an identity problem, shifting from hurricane to tropical storm to “post-tropical cyclone”. Whatever the heck it is, it’s already caused damage in Florida and power outages in Georgia and South and North Carolina, and is expected to produce life threatening storm surges in New Jersey and New York over the course of today.

How A Cyclone Is Going To Kill You

The good news is that a modern cyclone will probably not directly kill you. The bad news is that there are many ways you can kill yourself when a tropical system comes knocking on your door. Let’s talk about the way people die in cyclones/hurricanes so you can avoid becoming a tragic statistic.

Florida's Eleven Year Hurricane Drought Just Ended

Image: AP Photo/Joshua Replogle Until Hermine blew through the Florida Panhandle and up into Georgia, Florida had experienced a pleasant, hurricane-free few years. In fact, as The Weather Channel noted, Florida went nearly eleven years without a single hurricane making landfall.

The Largest Cyclone Ever Recorded In The Indian Ocean Is Scary Large

It’s been a wild six months for megastorms. In October 2015, Hurricane Patricia became the most powerful ever measured, with winds topping 322km/h before being downgraded near the coast of Mexico. In February 2016, there was Winston, the most potent cyclone recorded in the Southern Hemisphere, which made landfall on Fiji. Now meet Fantala, the strongest storm measured over the Indian Ocean.

Thanks To El Niño, Rare Tropical Storms Signal A Wacky Start To 2016

For the first time since records began, two tropical storms — one in the Atlantic and one in the Pacific — have appeared at the same time in January. Named Alex and Pali, these storms are being fuelled by unusually warm surface waters. On their own, these early storms are rare occurrences. This is first hurricane to form over the Atlantic since in January since 1938, according to NASA. But the fact that they’re appearing at the same time in January is altogether unprecedented. Normally, a converging event like this wouldn’t happen until July.

NASA Maps Show Just How Crazy The Storm Season Was In The Pacific

It was an uncharacteristically quiet hurricane season in the Atlantic, but the same cannot be said for the eastern Pacific and central Pacific basins, which got absolutely hammered this year. New maps by NASA and Unisys Weather show the extent of this year’s storm season.

We've Never Seen This Many Massive Storms On The Pacific At Once

It was a historic moment in meteorology late last week, when three Category 4 storms were simultaneously spotted marching across the Pacific. As if that wasn’t ominous enough, a tropical depression has just added itself to the mix.

Pruning The Mississippi River Could Protect New Orleans From The Next Katrina

When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans a decade ago, its destructive power was unprecedented. But these days, extreme weather events are becoming eerily common. How to prevent the next big storm from walloping the Big Easy? We might need to let the mouth of the Mississippi die.

The Way We Categorise Hurricanes Sucks, But Here's How We Can Fix It

Everybody wants a quick shorthand for a storm’s damage potential. But the index we hear used most often isn’t the best option.

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