Storm-Proofing NYC Will Cost At Least $US11 Billion, But It's Worth It

Humans are almost universally bad at planning for the distant future — most of us would rather live in blissful, unprepared ignorance than think about our superannuation. The same goes for cities: Dealing with the next storm is way easier than spending many billions of dollars to protect us from storms 20 years down the road.

5 Radical Ideas To Protect Coastal Cities From The Next Big Storm

A bridge that deploys huge inflatable buoys to slow storm surges. A barrier reef grown from minerals harvested by electrical currents. An artificial island protecting the most surge-prone neighbourhoods. Most of us are bracing for a blizzard this week, but the winners of a recent design competition, Stormproof, are imagining how to protect cities for the next summer storm season.

How To Protect Cities From Massive Storms? It's All About Islands

One year ago, Hurricane Sandy tore a path of destruction up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Earlier this week, 10 architecture and planning teams revealed their solutions for rebuilding the city in a way that would promote resilience when the next hurricane comes along. One big takeaway? We need new islands.

A Tropical Storm Making Ripples In The Ocean Like A Pebble In A Pond

Normally, we see storms as clouds and rain, but there’s invisible power lurking inside. This amazing satellite shot shows that hidden chaos in the form of gravity waves, blasting out from a storm’s centre like ripples in a pond.

How New York Will Stop The Subway From Flooding Next Time

New York knew for a long time that a big storm could flood and collapse the subway system, which is exactly what happened with Sandy. Yet city officials did nothing about it. But now, after all the suffering, we’ll finally be prepared.

Hurricane Sandy: The Craziest Before And After Shots

Athena — the season’s first major winter storm — is just beginning to hit New York City. This is bad news — the situation is still pretty rough for many residents. Hurricane Sandy really wreaked havoc in the city; here’s a collection of the most astounding before and after comparisons.

This New York Tunnel Looks Like A Sci-Fi Disaster Movie Set

This is the subway tunnel that brings the L line under the East River, connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. It looks like a set from a movie, thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

Can New York Handle Another Big Storm Right Now?

Just a week after Hurricane Sandy plunged New York and New Jersey into a state of emergency from which they have yet to recover, another storm is on its way. A Nor’easter, and a big, nasty one by the looks of it.

Garbage Mountain And Armoured Cars: New York Still In Ruins

There was a sense when the lights came back on in Manhattan that the worst of Hurricane Sandy’s destruction was over. Sadly, that’s far from the truth. For thousands upon thousands of people, life is about as far away from getting back to normal as you can imagined.

The Ultimate Gallery Of Flooded New York

We saw it in countless movies, but the reality is grittier and more miserable than any overblown disaster flick. Smudge everywhere, small hills of dead rats, stairs that descent into tunnels full of filthy water… New York City flooded after Sandy is a dreadful place.