Scientifically Accurate Sonic The Hedgehog Is So Funny Yet So Gross

Video: It’s always fun to realise that all your favourite childhood characters are completely disgusting creatures. Like Sonic the Hedgehog, who in real life can run really, really fast but would also create foam poo with its mouth to rub it on itself for no reason at all. In fact, hedgehogs love all kinds of poo. Plus, his best friend totally wants to eat him. Childhood memories are best ruined by hilariously gross scientific facts.

Sure, Your Job Might Suck, But At Least Your Boss Isn't Darth Vader

Video: Poor Conan Antonio Motti. The guy speaks up at a work meeting, and all of a sudden Lord Vader is trying to put his lights out from across the room. But the worst part isn’t the force-strangling or lack of faith. It’s having to work alongside the jerk and pretend like nothing ever happened.

This Week's Top Comedy Video: The Onion Reviews Planet Of The Apes (NSFW)

Video: Peter Rosenthal’s here this week to review the new Planet of the Apes movie. No, not the one from 2011. No, not the one from 2001. Nope, not 1973, 1972, 1971, 1970, or 1968. No, the other one.

This Girl's Facebook Cover Photos Are Just Fantastic

Facebook cover photos aren’t just a banner at the top of your profile page; they’re an art form. We were impressed when we saw these masterworks from Libby Cooper. And apparently so was Nikki, who took them as inspiration to make an awesome batch of her own.

'You'll See Stephen Hawking Pole Vaulting Before You See A Security Breach With Java'

There’s a Java conference in Norway called “JavaZone” that, as you might expect, is really into a certain programming language. The organisers have garnered a reputation for putting together sharply-edited promotional “trailers” evangelising their one, true love. The humour can be a bit hit and miss (which we’ll cover shortly), but when it does succeed, as it did last year with the teaser here, it’s well worth watching.

Fun With Kirk And Spock: A Kid's Book And Adult Parody Of Star Trek

“Kirk refuses the advances of a woman. This is a bad universe.” This is just one punch line — of many — from “Fun with Kirk and Spock”, a soon-to-be-released, 64-page book from Cedar Mill Press. It’s a humorous take on the first series of Star Trek that portrays James T Kirk and Spock as a pair of trouble-making adolescents.

That Time Some Of The Greatest Minds In Comedy Got To Talking

“Inside the Actor’s Studio” is, I think we can all agree, a major snooze-fest — what with James Lipton’s monotonous droning and all. But if you want to get inside the minds of Hollywood’s elite comedians without falling asleep, look no further than the Nantucket Film Festival’s Comedy Roundtable.

Monty Python's 'The Ministry Of Silly Walks' Is Now A Mobile Game

Back in 1970, I doubt John Cleese ever rubbed his hands in glee at the prospect of transforming the Monty Python sketch “The Ministry of Silly Walks” into a mobile game. Not that the concept of a smartphone was even a thing 40 years ago. Yet, here we are in 2014 and right now, for around 200 cents, you can download Boondoggle Studios’ side-scrolling platformer, based on the fictional organisation for absurd gaits. It’s even voiced by Cleese himself.

These Three Guys Watched All Three Transformers Movies At Once So You Don't Have To

Watching one Transformers movie is enough to fry your brain, but what happens when you line three screens up next to each other and watch all three at the same time? These three guys did exactly that, and amidst the explosive derp, they discovered something fascinating: all three movies run almost to exactly the same template.

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