This Week's Top Comedy Video: Rust Cohle Explains Time

Rust Cohle from True Detective is a font of bleak, perplexing wisdom. Just listen to him explain time and dimensions. But man, he looks a little… different here, doesn’t he?

The Onion Explains Where All 'The Teens' Leaving Facebook Are Going

The wonderful thing about internet communities is that it’s very hard to artificially build them, but they arise organically in the strangest ways. And sometimes The Teens, those rapscallions, find the strangest places to commune online.

A Guide To Programming For Non-Programmers

Coding: how hard can it be? Take a few ideas, type a few lines of letters and numbers, sprinkle with some rarely used punctuation marks and — boom — you have software! Right?

This Week's Top Comedy Video: Veronica Mars

Although the Veronica Mars movie hit an unanticipated speed bump today, we’re still thrilled that it got made. We’re betting the Kickstarter backers who got speaking roles in the movie are even more excited. See if you can spot them in this clip!

Sterling Archer Narrates A Story Of Fixing Your Girlfriend's Grandparents' Wi-Fi

Knowing your way around a router has its perks, mainly that of knowing your way around a router, but it also means you’re recruited by less technically-inclined relatives to “repair the magic sky energy beams that deliver the Friendface”. This classic, ever-repeating tale was immortalised in words a few years ago by McSweeney’s Mike Lacher and now, that same tale has been rejigged into video form, with none other than H Jon Benjamin of Archer fame providing narration.

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Crush Stuff In His Tank

Arnie wants you to help him crush stuff with a tank, and to show you how fun it can be, he’s been crushing a few things in anticipation of your arrival.

Meet The Guys Who Want To Make 'The Daily Show' For Australia

Aussie comedian Dan Ilic is on set over at Network Ten appearing on their mid-morning show Studio 10. The whole time, he’s wondering how he can steer the conversation about the latest viral video or the conspiracy theories surrounding that missing plane to his latest project. You see, because he’s a comedian, and has a pathological desire to make you laugh your arse off at how insane Australia is these days — Afghanistralia as he calls it. So together with his band of merry writers, directors, videographers and web minions, he wants to make an Australian online comedy series reminiscent of The Daily Show or The Colbert Report. Welcome to A Rational Fear.

Someone Gave Arnold Schwarzenegger A Tank To Run Over Stuff With

Briefly: What do you do once you’ve starred in just about every conceivable action movie on the planet? You get a tank and spend your days obliterating stuff with it. At least that’s what Arnie is doing in his latest venture, called Will It Crush?.

If Only Fixing Your Parent's Wi-Fi Was Always This Epic

Every time I go to my parent’s place, there’s a tech support question. You probably know how I feel, dear reader. The next time you feel like you’d rather upturn every table in sight than fix the goddamn Wi-Fi again, just imagine that your task is being narrated like this amazing clip from Archer‘s H. Jon Benjamin.

John Oliver's HBO Show Looks Excellent

John Oliver of The Daily Show and The Bugle fame grows up into his own show next month. Called Last Week Tonight, it promises to give you a weekly round-up of all the best news on one day of the week. How’s that for not overpromising?!