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Stephen Colbert Imagines How We Could Remake All Movies With Emoji

Video: Sony plans to make a single movie out of emoji — but what if studios just remade every movie using the icons?

Rogue One VFX Team Lovingly Trolls The Internet By Filming Reaction Trailer Of Reaction Trailers

Video: It’s inevitable: when a new trailer for something like Star Wars hits the internet, fans will turn to the internet to broadcast their reactions. The team who assembled the trailer for Rogue One decided to do the same thing.

Why Superhero Movies Suck

Let’s be honest. These days, superhero movies have become two-hour long trailers for their next movie which in turn will be a two-hour long set up for a bigger movie and other movies in their universe. Which will then lead to another movie! It’s endless. And maddening!

Loki Drops In To Local Weather Update To Blame Thor For Tornadoes

Video: Chicago’s Fox 32 was reporting on some extreme weather that was headed their way, and had a guest stop by to lend them a hand: Tom Hiddleston.

Sterling Archer Reviewing Every James Bond Film Is As Delightful As You'd Expect

Archer‘s titular hero is either the greatest spy, or… the worst spy. Let’s be honest, it probably skews a little closer to the latter more often than not, much to our pleasure. But all that experience makes him the perfect person to review every James Bond film, in his own hilarious style.

This Is What Your Loud Upstairs Neighbours Are Really Doing

If you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid the curse of bizarrely loud upstairs neighbours, good for you, you non-existent entity you! For everyone else, please enjoy this accurate documentary that perfectly explains where all those strange and seemingly impossible noises come from.

A Comedic Summary Of Whatever The Hell Happens In Dune

Video: Be warned — if you have any intention of reading Dune (and please do read it, it’s very good) this hilarious video from exurb1a will spoil just about everything.

Donald Trump Tweet Generator Uses Smart Algorithms To Replicate The Real Deal

Alright, so no one asked for a website that creates Donald Trump-like tweets, but rarely is the internet’s best content spawned by popular demand. It takes enterprising (and perhaps, misguided) people to come up with top-shelf content. Or, in this case, you could leave it to computers and algorithms.

Don't Invite Melisandre To A Baby Shower

Video: Don’t invite Melisandre from Game Of Thrones to a baby shower. It just doesn’t go well. Remember, the night is dark and full of terrors. Especially with toddlers.

South Park Text Mining Reveals Show's Filthiest Character

To say South Park isn’t the most family friendly of TV shows is putting it lightly — it aims to offend as much as humanly possible. It has its fair share of swearing, but which character has the least control over their language? You might be surprised… or not, depending on how perceptive you are.

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