Everything That Could Possibly Go Wrong With The Apple Car In One 'Leaked' Ad

Maps that take you off a bridge and into a river. No windows. Bad battery life. This is everything that could go wrong with the so-called Apple Car in one “leaked” ad.

Ease The Wait For Game Of Thrones Season 5 With This Blooper Video

Even with just over a month left until the premiere of season five of Game of Thrones, it still feels like an eternity away. You could spend the interim watching the whole series again, reading the books, or even staging mock meetings of the Small Council in your living room. It’s all old-hat though compared to this new blooper reel featuring Maisie Williams, Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage.

Watch John Oliver Give Australia A Big Pat On The Back For Its Plain Cigarette Packaging Laws

Video: Ever since Australia introduced its controversial plain packaging laws for cigarettes, it has been copping flak for it from big tobacco. Research has found that the move is working in Australia, but the fight is far from over, as John Oliver points out in the grand return of Last Week Tonight.

This Is The Only Review Of A Thermomix You Ever Need To See

Video: Meet Kate and Kate. They’re the stars of a new Aussie YouTube comedy series about cooking, and despite the fact that might sound boring, it’s actually one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched. The Katering Show’s take on the Thermomix is excellent, and will brighten your Friday afternoon. #thankgizitsfriday

Star Trek Versus Star Wars Is The Trailer We Had To Have

There’s not really much to the seemingly eternal Star Wars or Star Trek argument. Both are set in space but, really, they’re different styles of science fiction with their pros and cons. That said, we can still have a little fun setting them against each other — literally. You know, Star Destroyers blowing up the Enterprise and all that.

Penn And Teller Explain Why Anti-Vaccination Is Bullshit In 90 Seconds

If you’ve got any common sense, you’ll be rightly annoyed by the building wave of parents refusing to vaccinate their kids at the moment. So far it has caused an outbreak of measles at Disneyland and it’s likely to cause more outbreaks as rates of vaccination in kids continues to fall. Magicians, comedians and champions of common sense, Penn and Teller, decided enough was enough, and will now show you why the theories behind anti-vaccination are bullshit.

Watch Conan O'Brien Take Down Some Russians With Archer

Video: Being a talk show host can be a dangerous business. Especially when you have to interview the world’s greatest secret agent. In this very clever bit of animation, Conan O’Brien interviews Agent Sterling Archer.

Tony Abbott Is Perfect As The Black Knight In Monty Python's The Holy Grail

The state election in Victoria is done and dusted — with the exception of a few close seats — and the ALP has come out on top (with the Greens doing alright too). A blow for the Liberal Party, definitely, though recently it hasn’t done itself any favours on a federal level. But that was yesterday.

Watch Out For Cave Leprechauns, Or You Might Become Rainbow Man

If you’re anxious for a fight between good and evil, well, the new Star Wars trailer should keep you frosty until… December 2015? That’s way too long to wait! Nothing can truly replace the epicness of lightsabres, the force and midichlorians Jar-Jar Binks lightsabres (they’re worth mention twice), but maybe a fellow by the name of “Rainbow Man” can help. A little. A tiny little.

Listen To Neil Gaiman Read Out Terrible Fake Neil Gaiman Stories

As part of a oddball challenge to its listeners, live radio show Wits in the US asked for submission for bad short stories, written in the style of Neil Gaiman. Now, this in itself isn’t that fascinating, but Wits took the competition a step further by getting Gaiman himself to read out the best… well, worst, of the entries.

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