This Week's Top Comedy Video: God's Crazy Monsters

Video: Hey kids, let’s go down to the museum where you can see how back in ancient times people used to ride around on dinosaurs! It will be fun and educational!

Funny Video Shows Movie Characters Taking Selfies In Movie Scenes

Video: This is silly in an I’m not exactly sure why this exists but it still made me giggle kind of way. TNT Russia stitched together movies to make famous movie characters look like they’re taking selfies as they go about the scene. It emphasises how awkward the act of taking a selfie is and laughs at our need to document every quasi-important moment.

Ghostbusters Meets Tarantino Meets... Clay Animation?

This month we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the release of Ghostbusters, the supernatural comedy penned by Dan Aykroyd and the late Harold Ramis. If you haven’t already, you should find a few hours to watch both movies — or at least the first one if you’re short on time. If that’s too much to ask, how about giving two minutes for this hilarious clay-mation adaptation?

Nobody Drops Insults Quite Like Cersei Lannister

Video: Cersei Lannister is cold in Game Of Thrones, and Lena Heady’s performance of the Lion-family matriarch is brilliant. Turns out all that sass can be replicated over goblets of wine as Jimmy Kimmel explored in a recent interview.

This Week's Top Comedy Video: Amazon's Mystery Product, Revealed

This week, Amazon put out a teaser video of people reacting to a mystery product the company will reveal on 18 June. The first version of the video never showed the product, but we got our hands on the uncut video. Now you can see exactly what those smiling people had their fingers in.

Confuse Your Friends With All The Hodor They Can Type

The software marketplaces for Google and Apple devices are filled with gimmick apps and arguably, most are not worth the digital space they occupy. Of course, it all depends on what your goals are… say if you want to leave a friend in a state of two-syllable bemusement, then you can clandestinely install Hodor Keyboard on their Android gadget and laugh. A lot.

Tony Abbott Roasted By John Oliver's 'Last Week Tonight'

Video Oh God. For the love of all that is Australian. Someone told John Oliver and the legends at Last Week Tonight about Tony Abbott, and now, our PM is getting roasted. Check it out.

John Oliver Brings Diversity To Nintendo

Video: John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight is HBO’s version of The Daily Show, and it’s so good. This week the British host takes on Nintendo for its decision not to include same-sex relationships in its latest simulation game, Tomodachi Life. The result is a diverse world of Nintendo.

You Couldn't Be More Wrong, My Dear Sherlock Holmes

I’ll admit you can figure out a lot from deduction, but the insanely accurate conclusions Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes manages? That’s stretching the old suspension-of-disbelief a tad.

The X-Men Try To Save Don Draper In This Funny Ad

Video: It’s probably my own anticipation for the upcoming X-Men movie and my enjoyment of Mad Men colouring the lens a little bit but this ad that combines the two worlds and characters together is actually pretty funny. Completely ridiculous but in an enjoyable way.