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Not Even Honest Trailers Can Truly Fault Jaws The Movie

Jaws might not be as terrifying as it was when it was first released in 1975, but you have to give director Steven Spielberg and the rest of the movie’s cast and crew credit for what they collectively concocted without cutting-edge CG. Even this surprisingly informative clip from Honest Trailers admits the film’s strengths more than make up for its (few) weaknesses.

Friends Don't Let Friends Drive The Millennium Falcon Drunk

Video: Even if those friends are half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herders. Maybe especially then. This mash-up, from the talented and tasteful OneMinuteGalactica, reveals Han Solo’s secret, shameful life as one of the galaxy’s biggest lushes for an absolutely chilling (and very ’70s) drunk driving PSA. Sure, you may think it’s just a gag, but this makes far too much sense.

Watch Oscar Isaac Tear Up The Dance Floor To Any Song

The dance scene with Sonoya Mizuno and Oscar Isaac from Ex Machina is one of our favourites. Now, a new Twitter feed has popped up showing that the pair can dance to just about any song.

Even TJ Miller's Outtakes From Silicon Valley Are Hilarious

If you haven’t seen TJ Miller on Silicon Valley, you’ll almost certainly recognise him as the bar owner from Deadpool. Miller serves a similar purpose in both pieces of media — that of deadpan comedy relief. And while we get to see the very best lines and delivery from the actor, these are often curated from a much larger selection.

Working With Steven Seagal Sounds Both Surreal And Hilarious

Oh Steven Seagal. How the mighty fall. From the respectable heights of Under Siege to the deplorable depths of Half Past Dead. It’s no secret Seagal went, uh, off the path as his films transitioned from the silver screen to direct to video, but you don’t realise just how far until you listen to storyteller extraordinaire Stephen Tobolowsky explain how it was working with the guy.

Just 4 Minutes Of Matthew McConaughey Making Weird Noises

The same folks who realised Owen Wilson is contractually obligated to say “wow” in every film have stumbled upon something truly strange: Matthew McConaughey makes a lot of noises. Noises that are not words. Noises that do not convey almost any information other than “I am Matthew McConaughey and my mouth can make this sound.”

Marvel's Civil War Rivalries Spill Over Into The Real World In This Hilarious Short

Civil War reenacting is a thing, but what about reenacting Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War? Funny or Die goes behind the scenes with an entertaining mockumentary about one group of cosplayers.

Hilarious Short Animation Shows The Random Ways You Can Die In Space

Video: This short animation Death in Space by Thomas Lucas is a collection of two-second scenes that show people dying in space in the most random ways. It’s totally silly, but it’s funny because it pokes fun of the careless curiosity of human nature. Yes, we’re going to jab that creature that might swallow us alive. Sure, we’ll open up this box that might vaporise us. Of course, we’ll add another drop into a solution that might explode.

Louis CK Explains Why He's Quit The Internet

Louis CK has a long, complex and hilarious history of interacting with modern technology. But now he’s decided to quit the internet.

Pied Piper's Compression Code From HBO's Silicon Valley, Compiled

The third season of HBO’s Silicon Valley is now under way and if you caught the first episode, you would have noticed a snippet of Pied Piper’s valuable compression code towards the end of the show. Turns out this code actually compiles, though the output isn’t what you might expect.

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