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Yes! Jar Jar Binks Finally Gets The 'Will It Blend?' Treatment

It’s been a while since we last heard from Tom Dickson — better known as the “Will It Blend?” guy. He’s still very much around though and like any sane human being, he’s pumped for the release of the next Star Wars film. And he’s celebrating the only way he knows how.

Here's The Cheap Arse Version Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Imagine, for a moment, that Star Wars: The Force Awakens wasn’t being made with a Hollywood war chest overflowing with Spanish doubloons. Instead, Lucasfilm has five bucks, a few mates and a lot of cardboard. You’d probably end up with something like this.

Derek Zoolander Is Bill Shorten In This Epic Re-Edit

Huw Parkinson is so hot right now. This time, Australian Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has been edited to appear as the star of Zoolander, duking it out against his new rival, Malcolm Hansel.

90 Seconds To Show All Three Matrix Films? Let's Give It A Shot

Last year someone had a go at summarising the Matrix films in three minutes, but surely we can do better? Apparently so — YouTube channel Burger Fiction has halved that time to 90 seconds, with the content “weighted in proportion to the quality of movie”.

Thanks To One Aussie Telco, David Hasselhoff Is Now Just 'David Hoff'

Hahaha. No. It’s just a marketing gag cooked up by amaysim — with the aid of the man himself. It comprises two parts: a YouTube clip / advert explaining the deal and Hasselhoff dropping the first part of his surname from his Twitter handle. That’s about it.

Captain Picard Will Do Anything For A Cup Of Earl Grey

The Star Trek TV shows have proven themselves healthy mash-up fodder for years, though locating quality edits that are worth watching is a tricky proposition. Well, you can now add these videos from YouTube user “gazorra” to your list of watchable cuts, with his latest creation focusing on Captain Picard’s obsession with Earl Grey tea.

This Is What A Trailer For A Michael Dell Biopic Would Be Like

You can forget your Steve Jobs movies. What if Hollywood were to make a feature-length study of someone really important — like the king of enterprise computing, Michael Dell?

Stephen Colbert On Hillary Clinton's Social Media Campaign

Many of America’s presidential candidates are doing the best they can to interact with millennials, especially on Twitter — but none of them seems to be working as hard on it as Hilary Clinton.

Hilarious Japanese Superhero Uses A Camera Flash To Defeat Bad Guys

Superheroes come with a variety of powers and abilities — some better than others. The protagonist of “The Last Sentoshi” may have drawn the short straw, being armed with a camera flash affixed to a (admittedly lovely) stave, but it in no way diminishes her ability to defeat the forces of evil.

Mr Bean's 25th Anniversary Sees Rowan Atkinson Riding Around London Atop His Famous Mini

It’s been a long time since we last saw Mr Bean, the hilarious character Atkinson himself described as a “a child in a grown man’s body”. But for the show’s 25th anniversary, the man himself brought Mr Bean — and his memorable Mini — out of retirement for a drive around London.

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