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This R2-D2 Is Either Really Angry Or An Adorable Humidifier

If he can repair an intergalactic spaceship while it’s blasting through the cosmos, it only makes sense that turning water into steam would be child’s play for the world’s most multi-talented astromech droid. Although, if cartoons have taught us anything, steam blasting out of his head means that R2-D2 could also be absolutely furious at something; probably C-3PO again.

Dyson's Humidifier Uses UV Light To Kill Germs

The slow but steady approach of winter means that it’s almost time for many of us to fire up our heaters — also heralding the return of of chapped lips and dry skin. Dyson’s new humidifier is one solution to the problem, but it doesn’t only prevent dry air. It also ensures your home isn’t being filled with bacteria-ridden moisture thanks to a germ-killing UV light.

This Sweet Little House-Shaped Humidifier Keeps You Cosy Anywhere

Whether you like it or not, the dreadful dry skin of early winter mornings isn’t over yet. If you’ve been miserable, the Casamita humidifier is what you need.

This Replacement Cap Turns Any Water Bottle Into A Humidifier

When you name your product the ‘Amazing Humidifier’ it better be bringing something great to the table. After all, it’s pretty hard to get excited over something as mundane as a humidifier. But the fact that this compact version transforms any water bottle into a secret weapon to battle dry skin is, admittedly, pretty amazing.

This Elegant Passive Humidifier Blooms Like A Flower

Japanese designers have a knack for creating the most adorable humidifiers, and the Chokotto Oasis paper humidifier is no exception. It doesn’t need batteries — simply pour water into a small tank, and it blooms open like a tulip in spring.

It's Time To Stop With The Ridiculous Camera Lens Gadgets

If you hang with a tech-minded crew, a high-end DSLR with a giant telephoto lens is definitely an object of lust and envy you’re going to want to show off. And when Canon handed out those telephoto lens thermoses at the Olympics a few years ago, of course photographers and gadget aficionados went nuts over them. But enough is enough.

Tiny Tulip-Shaped Humidifier Is The Cutest Humidifier

This is the most adorable little humidifier I’ve ever seen. The Tulip Stick Ultrasonic Humidifier is shaped like a sweet flower stalk and plugs right into your USB port.

Tiny Doughnut Turns A Glass Of Water Into A Humidifier

The next time you travel to a particularly dry part of the world, you’ll wish you could bring along this tiny plastic Fogring doughnut to ensure your sinuses aren’t destroyed while you’re supposed to be relaxing. It floats on water and uses ultrasonic vibrations to turn liquids into refreshing vapours — humidifying a room with nothing but a full drinking glass and a USB connection.

Sleep With This Cute, Colourful Humidifier And You'll Breathe Easy

I can’t imagine why anyone would not sleep with a humidifier overhead. Until last winter I did not, but my life has changed since my teardrop-shaped Crane Cool Mist Humidifier ($US43) arrived. Changed for the better.

Stunning Humidifier Makes Me Forget How Much I Hate Winter

As an adult, I’ve grown to dislike the dry, cold winter months, but after gazing upon the serene beauty of this simple bottle-shaped humidifier, I no longer hate it. In fact, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to hate again.

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